Dark Noble 51

Chapter 51 Doubt

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 Happy times always end too soon. I was lying on the bed, holding Claire. Claire was also trembling and limp. She was whimpering, her head leaning towards me.

 ”Haah, fuu… uu…”

 Claire looked a bit frustrated. It seemed she had underestimated me. But a girl who’s drunk on pleasure is just too cute. I gently stroked Claire’s head.

 ”It was beyond my calculations. I never thought you had this kind of technique…”

 ”That’s right, isn’t it?”

 I felt a bit proud of myself. Making an experienced woman moan is a great feeling. It’s a confirmation of my superiority as a man.

 ”Does Manor of the Black Rose also have this kind of play?”

 ”No… not at all.”

 I picked up the toy that was lying on the bed. The part that was inserted was still throbbing… but when I used magic, it cleaned itself. The cleaning magic is really convenient.

 ”Honestly, I’m surprised. It’s really moving…”

 ”…I was supposed to teach you how to use it, but you figured it out right away.”

 Claire pouted, looking adorable. I guess that’s what happens when it’s the first time. I quickly understood how to use it, so I was able to use it on Claire without any problems.

 Still, I learned a lot this time. Maid play is really great. Claire’s acting skills are top-notch, and this vibrator is something I could make myself if I wanted to….

 Claire, who was leaning her head on me, started moving and looked up at me.

 ”We still have time, what do you want to do?”

 ”That’s right… how about we take a shower and have some tea?”

 ”Understood, Master.”

* * *

 After my second orgasm, I had calmed down a bit. So, I took a shower, got dressed, and felt refreshed. As a detective, I had a mission to complete, and there were many things I wanted to discuss. I was a little sad that we didn’t have s*x for the third time, but Manor of the Black Rose was more important.

 I drink the rebrewed black tea. Mmm, it’s got berries in it and is pretty sweet. After a romantic encounter, I always crave sweet things and water. It’s like my taste buds are begging for mercy.

 Claire, now fully in maid mode, elegantly brings over a plate.

 ”Master, I have some excellent sweets for you.”

 ”I’ll take them.”

 Claire smoothly places the plate of sweets on the table. I widen my eyes in surprise. What Claire has prepared is a bunch of small, square-shaped and round chocolates. They’re topped with gold dust and truffle powder…

 ”These chocolates…”

 ”Aren’t they beautiful? I got them from a popular patisserie that’s all the rage right now. It’s a new shop, but they have really great products.”

 Claire proudly puffs out her chest. She seems to be really into sweets.

 …These chocolates are from the shop I run, by the way. I eat them every day. This new release has been tested over 50 times, and I’ve been eating them nonstop.

 I glance at Claire, and her eyes are fixed on the sweets. She doesn’t say anything, but I can sense her eagerness to dig in.

 ”Do you want to eat some, Claire?”

 ”Is it okay? Thank you very much.”

 ”Ah, yeah…go ahead.”

 Without hesitation, Claire takes a seat. She’s clearly a huge sweet tooth. Well, it’s not like I mind, but it’s a bit awkward between us.

 Claire starts munching on the sweets with gusto. I won’t explain the shop, but it’s great to have fans.

 However, I need to get to the main topic soon. Claire mentioned the crisis at White Lily Cafe and the reason she needs my connection with the police. She said it could wait till later, but I want to know sooner rather than later.

 ”So, you have something you want to ask me, right?”

 ”Yes, that’s right…”

 Claire stops eating and stares at me intensely. Her eyes are strong.

 ”Do you know about the epidemic that’s been going around among the northern nobles and merchants?”

 ”No…I haven’t heard about it.”

 ”That’s right. It hasn’t caused a stir in the capital yet, but the numbers are clearly abnormal.”

 This conversation is getting weird. But I’m guessing it’s related to the epidemic and Claire’s deceased father.

 ”Did your father also lose his life to that epidemic?”

 ”Yes. I took him to see a doctor, but in the end, he didn’t recover.”

 Claire gazed around the white room.

 ”This White Lily Cafe was renovated after my father passed away. Fortunately, I was able to take the lead in the renovation and it’s been doing well.”

 ”Hmm… you have a talent for business, don’t you?”

 ”My father didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving it to me, though.”

 She laughed with a hint of self-deprecation. I caught a glimpse of her true feelings. Well, it’s not surprising that a parent would be reluctant to leave a brōtḥel to their child. Especially if it’s a daughter.

 But that wasn’t the main topic, it seemed. Claire quickly regained her composure.

 ”Let’s set aside my personal matters for now… I have doubts.”


 ”I think my father was murdered.”

 The light in her eyes was unwavering. Her gaze was firm and convinced.

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