Dark Noble 52

Chapter 52 A Day Of Leisure

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 ”If that’s the case, it’s the police’s jurisdiction.”

 I calmly spoke so as not to provoke anyone.

 ”I don’t know how you understand us, but investigating murder cases is not our job. We don’t lend a hand in personal revenge.”

 This is an important principle in Midnight Fangs. In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to receive requests for revenge. However, we don’t assist in such matters.

 The essence of Midnight Fangs is business and keeping the promise with our ancestors and the king. We don’t want to get involved in personal disputes or revenge dramas.

 ”…I have no intention of seeking revenge. I just want to know the truth.”

 ”Everyone who seeks revenge says the same thing.”

 I replied nonchalantly. People who honestly say they seek revenge are foolish. Most of them bring up seeking the truth as an excuse to recover their losses.

 ”Of course, I have prepared a suitable reward.”

 ”…Go on, tell me.”

 ”If you cooperate, I will give you this White Lily Cafe.”


 I instinctively stopped drinking my tea. It seemed like an extraordinary condition, but my rational side applied the brakes. Earlier, Claire said that White Lily Cafe was in danger.

 ”You’re not going to mention any debts, right?”

 ”I have them.”

 ”…You do?”

 She said it so casually. She’s quite a cunning woman.

 ”I do have the prospect of repayment, but the payment situation is tough, to be honest. However, if you can help me overcome it…it should be a good deal.”

 ”That may be true, but…”

 What a troublesome situation. I’m not enthusiastic about it. Investigating someone who may have been killed and ending up with a struggling brōtḥel. It’s a time-consuming matter. So, I decided to politely end the conversation.

 ”I can’t make an immediate decision. Bring the documents with you.”

 ”So, you’ll consider it?”

 Just a little, Claire’s expression brightened. I didn’t say I would do it.

 ”Don’t expect an answer.”

 Saying that, I popped a chocolate into my mouth. Delicious. Even though I produced it myself, sweet things are always good.

 As I left the room, I met up with Jonathan. Jonathan looked very satisfied. We were accompanied by the maids and left White Lily Cafe.

 After walking a short distance away from the busy street, we stopped at a public eatery to grab a bite to eat. The place was crowded and noisy, but it was just right for us.

 ”Ah, that was great…”

 ”Yeah, it was a bit unusual, though.”

 We talked while eating, discussing the play content. It seemed that the service course was just what we expected, and we enjoyed it immensely. Claire couldn’t do some of the suggestive stuff because it required too much breast movement… since we were all guys, we could be a bit rude and say whatever we wanted.

 ”Thanks, Alba. I had a great time.”

 Jonathan was eating steak with a carefree smile.

 ”Ah, that’s good.”

 After satisfying our hunger and desires, we returned home. The only thing left was my desire for sleep. Of course, I fell asleep. I thought that I could deal with Claire’s stuff tomorrow… and then I went back to the mansion and fell asleep.

* * *

 The next day, Wednesday…

 After s*x, I slept well. I felt refreshed and woke up with a clear mind.

 I’ll discuss White Lily Cafe with Jonathan tonight. During the day, I’ll be calm and head to school. Since it’s almost summer, there won’t be many events. Instead, our homework and studies will become more serious.

 In the afternoon, after finishing my lecture, I headed to the student council room. What will happen today?

 I looked into the room and saw Lana sitting alone, looking at documents.

 ”Hi, are you alone today?”

 ”Yeah, I guess so.”

 It’s rare for Lana and I to be alone together. But recently, I’ve been busy with spring festivals and events, so…

 ”Can I help you with something?”

 ”…hmm, there’s nothing special today.”

 ”Ah, I see…”

 Since she was surrounded by documents, I was about to leave, but since we’re alone together, I didn’t want to go back yet.

 ”I’ll just quickly check my papers to make sure everything is okay, and if it’s all good, I’ll head home.”

 Since Lana always stays until the end, I thought today would be a completely ordinary day. But then I suddenly realized that this might be a good opportunity to get closer to Lana.

 ”Hey, want to grab some food or something?”


 Lana glanced at me from the papers she was looking at. Ah, this is going to be bad. I think I got a bit too carried away. Lana nodded slightly and returned to her papers.

 ”There are things we can talk about when we’re alone, so let’s do that.”

 Good, it seems like Lana wants to talk to me too. Or rather, I somehow sensed that from the way she said it. If we can’t talk about it in the student council room, it must be about my family or the Lizaro incident.

 Neither of those topics is particularly fun to discuss, but if we can eat outside the school, that’s different. I thought about the developments that might follow in my head. Even if my luck is bad, I’ll try to make it so that I can get close to Lana.

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