Dark Noble 53

Chapter 53 The Patient From The North

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 It turned out that no one came to the student council room, even after waiting a bit. So, we decided to close the student council room and leave the academy.

 ”Is there a specific store you’re looking for, Alba?”

 ”Yes, there’s a private store that won’t be bothered, so let’s go there.”

 That store is not far from the academy, apparently. So, we walked towards the store from the academy. Slowly but surely, we approached a bustling street-like area. The streets were small and narrow, with many small shops. Since it was still early evening, there were not many people around.

 The capital has many bustling streets. Of course, there are areas with brōtḥels, but I’ve never been to this part of town before. After all, it’s impossible for a magic academy to be near a bustling street with brōtḥels.

 ”Alba, have you ever been around here?”

 ”Honestly, not very often.”

 ”I come here often. This bustling street is popular among people from the northern regions.”

 ”Ah, I see…”

 As we walked deeper into the bustling street, we soon arrived at the store Lana was looking for. It seemed like a small, quiet restaurant. There were many private rooms, perfect for secret meetings.

 I was led to a private room separated by a brown partition. It was a bit cramped, but it was nice to be close to Lana. We sat on a sofa and ate and drank while chatting.

 The menu wasn’t too expensive. The decorations and dish names all had a homely feel to them.

 ”What’s the recommended dish here?”

 ”Pickled fish or deer meat. Ah, nostalgic.”

 It felt like a Scandinavian-style restaurant from Earth. So, I ordered something suitable while asking Lana for recommendations. What surprised me was that Lana ordered brandy.

 ”Does the president drink a lot?”

 ”It’s normal to drink in the north when it’s cold.”

 …It’s already summer, though. I didn’t say that. In this world, there is no law regulating the drinking age. Of course, it’s not good to overindulge, but the wealthy and nobles can drink freely.

 Why is that?

 ”Because there’s magic that can break down alcohol, so it’s okay.”

 ”That’s true, I suppose…”

 In this world, there are many convenient magic that can get rid of the alcohol in one’s body. According to my understanding, it’s just amplifying liver function. Anyway, there are plenty of mundane magic in this world, such as washing magic and alcohol countermeasure magic.

 As a result, drinking has become a popular hobby. I’m not drinking much because of my past experiences, but… there’s no magic to cure gout.

 ”I’ll have a weak one, though.”

 Lana is drinking, but I’ll just join her for a bit. So, I order and finish my drink. The brandy arrives, and I toast. The salad and ham also arrive, so I focus on that.

 The saltiness is a bit strong, and it might go well with the brandy. I eat a bit and continue drinking, and Lana suddenly opens her mouth.

 ”…Alba, thank you as always.”

 ”What’s up, suddenly?”

 ”You’re always helping out my family with your money. You pay quickly, and Ms. Meer is also willing to lend a hand…”

 ”Is that so?”

 I didn’t know Meer was doing favors for Lana. I don’t have any memories of being instructed by her either.

 ”It’s just a recommendation for an affordable place, or helping with my debt. It’s nothing to Alba, but I’m very grateful.”

 I have no idea what’s going on… but it seems like Meer is voluntarily helping out Lana’s family. Maybe she did that because of the Lizaro incident, and it’s a good thing.

 If that’s the case, it’s not a bad thing for me. Lana’s favorability towards me will automatically increase, and that’s something I don’t have to worry about. Next time I see Meer, I’ll make sure to chat with her a bit.

 ”If the president is pleased, there’s nothing more I can do.”

 I say that while doing a bit of an act to hide my embarrassment. Ah, I’m getting used to the saltiness of the ham now.


 Lana’s eyes sparkle. We haven’t had a chance to talk calmly since that night at the welcoming party.

 ”Then, is there something else going on?”

 ”…Yeah. You know that my father and older brother are sick, right?”

 ”I’ve heard that before, I think.”

 Ah, yes, I remember that from the first time we met. Lana’s father and older brother were sick in the north and were struggling to manage their territory.

 Hmm? Claire also mentioned something about the north, didn’t she? Now, Lana’s situation and Claire’s words are connected…

 ”The doctor didn’t help much, and…I thought about it a bit.”

 ”…I see.”

 ”That person in the black coat, did they heal you with healing magic? And… they also showed me incredible magic power and magic after that.”

 She’s confident in her words. Well, I was pretty excited when I blew the black-suited men. The wound from the Basilisk also healed instantly, leaving no trace (although I didn’t get hurt in the first place).

 I, the one wearing a black coat, must be an extremely skilled magician, even in Lana’s eyes. She might think that I am able to save her sick family, which would be amazing.

 ”Ah… so?”

 I expected that, so I encouraged Lana to continue. Lana looks at me with a strong gaze.

 ”Can we really borrow that person’s power… for my father and older brother?”

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