Dark Noble 6

Chapter 6 Enjoying The Student Council President’S Big Breasts☆, Part 1

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[Part 1/2]

 A few days later, Meer seemed to be actively progressing with the Lana securing plan. My threats seemed to have quite an impact.

 Belzeda also praised me, “Young master, you managed to have a ‘proper conversation’ with that rude moneylender!” It seems like she believes I’m scolding the rude moneylender and making her work hard. In reality, I made her suck my d*ck.

 Thanks to that, rather than lowering my status, it actually increased. In Midnight Fangs, no matter how crazy things get, making the other person submit is justice.

 Unfortunately, I didn’t have another chance to be alone with Lana in my daytime student life. Since that day, there was always someone else with the student council. I couldn’t find a good opportunity to make contact. Oh well, there’s nothing I can do about it…

 While desperately holding back from mast***ing, I anxiously awaited the upcoming day of union.

 And finally, six days after making Meer give me a fellatio, Lana was coming to the Manor of the Black Rose.

 ”…Have you thoroughly reviewed the script?”

 ”Yes, of course. I wouldn’t want to cause any trouble for you.”

 I have carefully written out the flow of tonight for Belzeda. Threatening is a no-go, and it’s not good to run into other pr**titutes.

 It’s troublesome if she talks about me more than necessary. I reluctantly play the role of the brōtḥel owner due to family circumstances, and it’s important for the flow that I reluctantly embrace Lana. If it were to be revealed that I’m actually excited to play the role of a mafia boss, my credibility would plummet.

 To successfully surround Lana, I have to be careful about many things. Elegant maids, beautiful furnishings, the finest tea and sweets… and finally, I make my appearance.

 (If I can pull this off, everything should be fine.)

 What to do after that? Honestly, I want to thoroughly violate Lana. My d*ck is on the verge of bursting due to abstaining from mast***ion. But on the other hand, gaining Lana’s trust is also important for long-term enjoyment.

 If I weren’t a reincarnator, I would have likely violated Lana according to my desires and ended up being hated. That would be dangerous. Let others enjoy that kind of thing.

 ”Young master, Miss Lana has finished bathing and changing and entered the room.”


 My mental age as a reincarnator, along with the work of Midnight Fangs, has brought me a sense of calm. Yet, I’m feeling quite nervous now.

 I head towards a room on the top floor of the Manor of the Black Rose, the so-called VIP room, where Lana is waiting. The scent of blooming rose perfume tickles my nose. My d*ck is already painfully er*ct.

 I knock on the door of the room where Lana is. After a moment, Lana’s voice comes from inside.

 ”…Please come in.”

 There’s no trembling in her voice. She’s behaving bravely. But having spent time together in the student council, I can tell that Lana’s voice holds a slight hint of fear.

 The VIP room is functionally similar to a love hotel in Japan. There’s a shower, a canopy bed, and maybe some tea utensils. The room is dimly lit. From the angle of the entrance, Lana shouldn’t be able to see me yet.

 I take a step closer to Lana. She’s sitting on the edge of the bed, facing the entrance. She’s wearing a very thin see-through outfit.

 It’s so thin that not only can I see the lines of her body, but I can also see the color of her n**ples and areolas. Of course, this outfit was my choice.

 Furthermore, she’s wearing black string panties. If she were standing, I might be able to see her panties, as they are thin and daring. Lana is covering her chest with both arms and tightly closing her legs. It’s perfect. Soon, Lana will notice my presence. That’s where it gets crucial.

 And finally, Lana notices. She realizes that the person entering through the door is me.

 ”Eh… Alba, is that you?”

 ”…President Lana.”

 With a sad expression, I sit on the bed where Lana is sitting. Lana asks me with a trembling voice.

 ”Why… why are you here, Alba?”

 ”We talked about my family situation a little while ago…”

 With that hint, Lana seems to have figured it out.

 ”Could it be that Alba’s family is managing this place…?”

 ”…Yes. Did you look down on me?”

 ”No, not at all… Oh, meeting Alba in a place like this…”

 Lana is terribly confused. Now, it’s time for me to showcase my acting skills.

 ”But, I can’t help it――it’s my parents’ orders.”

 I slid over and sat right next to Lana, wrapping my arm around her slender waist. It was an intimate act that would never happen in the student council room.

 Lana reacted with a start but didn’t pull away. She was prepared for this.

 ”I’m sorry, President. There’s no turning back for me. Neither for me nor for the President…”

 ”Yeah, maybe… Alba, you can’t go against it either, right?”

 ”If I could go against it, I wouldn’t be doing this with the President. But when you’re born into nobility, there are things you can’t avoid, right?”

 I tried to convey a sense of desperation. I thought I knew Lana’s personality well. If I did this, Lana wouldn’t reject me. After all, she had already agreed to become a pr**titute.

 ”…I see. Yeah. There’s no other way, right?”

 ”We’ll keep it a secret from the academy and the student council. But… please let me have you.”


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