Dark Noble 8

Chapter 8 The Student Council President And I Get Together☆

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 Our private parts touched and kissed softly. A warm, almost melting sensation made my head tingle. Gently, I guided my penis along her labia.

 Lana’s expression after reaching climax was amazing. Her usually pure white skin now had a hint of pink from desire.

 ”President, it’s going in now, okay?”

 ”Ah… it’s big… oh, ah, don’t rub there…”

 Compared to my age, my penis is quite large. But since she’s so wet, it should be okay. Enjoying the soft kisses with our private parts, I slowly inserted a little bit into Lana.

 ”Ah! It’s hot, it’s going in…”

 Moving back and forth, I explored Lana’s vagina with my penis. When I moved my hips, I could feel Lana’s vagina clinging to me. It felt good just like that.

 ”President, it’s really sticking to me…”

 ”Ah, that’s because Alba is pressing against it, ah…”

 ”President, don’t you want this too?”

 ”…No, not really…”

 But Lana’s vagina is yearning for more stimulation. Without a doubt, Lana desires it too. I can’t hold back anymore. I slowly prepared to fully enter her.

 ”I’m… it’s my first time… so, please be gentle…”

 ”…I’ll be as gentle as I can.”

 Lana nodded slightly. Her gesture was so cute. I leaned in, slowly pushing my penis inside.

 In this Manor of the Black Rose, there’s a contraceptive magic in place. There’s no risk of pregnancy. Doing it raw with a virgin――that’s just a dirty desire of men.

 ”It’s entering… ah…”

 Lana’s eyes widened. Tears were no longer falling. I could sense her suppressing her fear. I felt a slight resistance at the tip of my penis.

 And then I pushed through in one go.

 ”Ah, it’s tight…!”

 While Lana gritted her teeth, I continued to savor her virginity. Her warm walls clung to me, pulling me in.

 It felt so good inside Lana… even better than I imagined. It was wet and hot, almost scalding. Her movements stimulated my penis, she truly was skilled. It’s been four days since I last relieved myself, so I might not last long.

 ”My penis feels like it’s melting…”

 ”Oh, it’s… ah, it’s in…!”

 Having knowledge of the magic, my physical strength increased. Lana’s pain didn’t seem too severe. I covered her eyes that were wide open and kissed her slowly.

 Lana accepted my deep kiss passively. Kissing while violating her felt great. But I also wanted to focus on other things.

 Otherwise, I might climax too soon. Lana’s insides felt so good that my penis was being sucked in.

 I continued to push my penis in, parting her tight flesh and moving deeper. Her soft walls massaged me. Oh no, I could feel my testicles producing a hot lump of pleasure.

 ”Ah, ah, it’s coming, Alba…!”

 ”Your insides feel amazing, president…!”

 ”Mm, mm, ah, ah…!”

 I slowly pulled out my penis. But her walls clung tightly, not letting go easily. The folds massaged the tip. Just one thrust and I felt like I was going to collapse.

 By the way, she’s an elf, but what about her ears?

 I pinned down Lana’s bouncing body and blew air on her long, pointed ears.

 ”Eek, no, stop that!”

 ”Your ears are sensitive, huh?”

 ”Don’t talk, ah, ah, ah!”

 It was the best reaction today.

 But maybe the stimulation was too much; she was shaking her head vigorously. Her insides tightened even more. For a moment, I felt like I was going to climax.

 This is bad. If I tease Lana’s ears too much, I’ll be at a disadvantage.

 Let’s focus on the lower body movements. I had no technique, just moved my hips back and forth like a beast.

 ”Ah, ah, it’s intense… ah, ah, no…!”

 ”President, does it feel good for you too?”

 ”Mm, it’s not like that… ah, it’s embarrassing…”

 When I use words to tease, her insides tremble. Because of that, I want to tease her even more. Of course, I don’t forget to occasionally suck on her chest. It’s a blissful time.

 But I’m out of control now. A thick mass is gathering at the tip. I fervently thrust my hips towards that final moment. It creates a pleasure that melts my whole body, driving me further towards mating.

 ”I can’t hold it anymore…”

 ”No… inside, ah, no, ah!”

 Embracing Lana, who is sweating, I thrust my hips vigorously. I must release inside her. I must impregnate her. That’s the only thing I can think of.

 My flesh rod tightens, and the tip of my glans is sucked. Lana is also seeking my seed and pleasure – I was convinced of that. In that moment, pleasure bursts from my flesh rod and flies out.

 Bush, splurtttt, splurttt…!!

 An immense amount of semen passes through the rod. I drool at the ejaculation I’ve never experienced before. I press my flesh rod tightly against Lana’s depths and pour everything inside her.

 ”Oh, no, it’s coming out… inside, it’s coming out!”

 Lana’s vaginal walls ripple, trying to squeeze out the semen from my flesh rod. I let the remaining semen flow into Lana as her insides move.

 A rich and long ejaculation continues, incomparable to masturbation.

 ”Oh, ah, like this, ah…”

 ”President, it’s okay… the contraceptive magic is working here.”

 ”Uh… but…”

 By the way, my flesh rod remained hard and erect. A teenager’s libido couldn’t be satisfied in just one go.

 ”Oh, ah… if I pull out now, ah”

 I pull my flesh rod out of Lana’s vagina and take a look. Checking for a creampie is a man’s dream.

 A warm heat emanates from where we were connected. Milky semen spills from Lana’s secret place onto the sheets.

 Lana’s secret place twitches, continuously expelling semen. I’m surprised at how much came out.

 Looking down at Lana, who has been creampied, I feel a sense of conquest. There’s still time. I have a few more shots left.

 I attach my penis to Lana’s secret place once again.

 ”Are you… still going to do it?”

 ”Even you seemed to be enjoying it, President.”

 ”That’s not… ah! Suddenly, ah!”

 I thrust my penis deep inside Lana, cutting off her words. Ah, it feels really good. It’s looser and slicker than before. I’ll be able to enjoy the second round even longer.

 ”Oh, ah, ah…! Don’t move so much…”

 Lana’s voice seems to be getting more alluring. Maybe our bodies are a good match. While rubbing her vaginal walls with my flesh rod, I suck on her trembling nipples.

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