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Chapter 1 Jet Black Girl

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 After lunch, in the afternoon is training class

 The day’s menu consisted of training in the form of actual combat

 Although [Lost Item] are not meant for combat, it is true that their supernatural powers are needed in the extraordinary world

 Since many of them are employed in jobs that require physical abilities, such as activities in war zones, disaster relief, or police activities to maintain public order, combat training is included in the curriculum of Shibahou Academy and many other institutions

 The training clothes are not only gym clothes and jerseys, but also special suits made of elastic material like swimming suits. It is strongly recommended by the school to wear these suits, which cover the entire body from hands and feet to the neck

 The suits are made of materials that are fire-resistant, waterproof, and have low electrostatic charge, and they protect the wearer’s body from various phenomena, which is why the students wear them almost 100% of the time

 Many people wear ordinary athletic wear on top of this suit. Chihiro, too, likes to wear the school jersey on top of this full-body suit

 ”Your body looks as good as ever…”

 ”Haha, sankyuu”

 While Chihiro is changing, he hears a conversation between Kamishiro and another boy

 As their conversation shows, Kamishiro’s body is particularly toned among the boys in the class. Although there are students who are taller than Kamishiro in some aspects, such as height and muscle mass in their arms, Kamishiro is the best in terms of overall performance

 On the other hand, Chihiro’s physical ability is quite ordinary

 His chest is thin and his muscle mass is inferior to that of other athletes of his generation. In the first place, he has not been blessed with a good physique, and it is said that he is physically unable to build muscle

 Not surprisingly, his grades are not good


 Chihiro sighed, but no one heard her sigh because it was drowned out by the bustle of the locker room

 ”Well. Let’s do this without bitterness”

 The training took place in the indoor training area

 Under the guidance of the instructor in charge, the students performed careful preparatory exercises and then teamed up one-on-one for a mock battle. The duration is five minutes, after which there is a five-minute break and the pairings are changed and repeated for the full duration

 The rules are basically whatever they want them to be, although severe bodily harm is prohibited. But, some weapons, such as wooden swords, are allowed

 ”…Please take care of me”

 Chihiro’s first opponent is Riko

 She wore a light red jersey, and faced Chihiro with a deliberate smile

 On the other hand, Chihiro stood with his face facing her, his gaze slightly averted


 With that order, fighting began all over the training grounds

 Chihiro also ran towards Riko, who stood a few meters away. And since his ability is not offensive, he had no choice but to close the distance and attack

 However, Riko smiled and made no move


 While Chihiro is wondering, something suddenly appeared in the way of Chihiro’s path

 It’s a huge bear, nearly three meters long, standing up with its fangs bared fiercely, threatening Chihiro

 The bear’s arms are as thick as a baby’s body, and even if it is not a direct hit, Chihiro’s movements will be greatly hindered… if the bear is real, of course that will happen

 Nishizaki Riko’s ability is to create three-dimensional illusions by manipulating light and other factors. The illusion can be shaped into various shapes depending on Riko’s imagination, but it has no direct killing power

 Of course, Chihiro and her classmate are aware of this

 So, Chihiro kept moving forward

 And he muttering to himself, “Don’t be afraid”

 However, even though he knew it’s just an illusion, he struggled to move his trembled legs but still ran head-on into the big bear

 When he made contact, there is no shock

 He passed through the illusion as if he were ducking under a rug, revealing the scene ahead

 ”Okay, welcome–“

 Just as he expected to see her, a fist from Riko slammed into Chihiro’s face

 It wasn’t a heavy blow, but the unintentional impact didn’t give Chihiro time to defend himself, and he blew away lightly

 He then slammed into the floor on his back

 As he exhaled and looked up, he saw Riko walking up to him and lifting her legs

 The soles of her shoes then kicked mercilessly at his face but he quickly covered his face with his hands



 Chihiro screamed, and Riko made a happy sound

 And once that happens, there’s no stopping her

 She continued to kick, stomp, and torture Chihiro’s body. The shallow pain is constantly coming on, and it’s slowly ravaging Chihiro’s thoughts

 He can’t go on like this

 But when he tries to get up, the soles of her shoes fall on his face. And once he got into a bad position, it was hard to recover

 ”Hey, Izumi?”

 Unexpectedly, Riko comes up to Chihiro with one foot on his stomach

 He looked up and met her eyes from the front

 ”You were getting a little carried away today, weren’t you? Trying to ignore me, smirking when Takatsuki-san talked to you, and staring at Fukami-san”

 Her words made him want to vomit

 And he could feel the lecherous pleasure Riko was having, and it hit him like a chill

 ”Hey, how do I feel now?”

 Chihiro’s ability is mind-reading

 However, it only works while he is making eye contact with the target

 Chihiro can only read the emotions and thoughts that the person is feeling most strongly at the time, but the person will know that their mind has been read

 If the opponent looks away, it is useless to begin with, and even if he wants to use it in battle, the information it can read is too limited to be effective. Especially in the case of opponents who look down on Chihiro, such as Riko, it is almost certain that Chihiro will read their superiority and it will be meaningless

 Even if he is able to read his opponent’s intentions, if the opponent is an experienced fighter, the opponent will switch his actions on the assumption that their mind has been read

 And because of that, his rank is E, the lowest

 It’s the lowest level of ability, and he’s also very unpopular because he can look into the privacy of his opponent

 ”I think it’s a little too much bullying, and I feel sorry for you. Well? Did you get it right?”

 Riko’s antagonism towards Chihiro started when he first “read” her mind. And the inside of her mind–

 –It’s really disgusting. But it’s perfect object for bullying


 And now too, Chihiro clenched his teeth as he received a feeling of pleasure without a trace of pity

 It’s so frustrating

 It hurts

 But Chihiro didn’t have the strength to resist

 And as Chihiro held back the renewed attack, tears welled up in his eyes

 ”Ugh, you’re crying. That’s disgusting, that’s really disgusting. Gross, gross, gross, gross!”

 While he is tormented, he reminded while Aika spoke to her that he shouldn’t talk to her. He also reminded when he made eye contact with the beautiful new student that he shouldn’t have expected so much

 But is it wrong to try to resist Riko, thinking that he can resist her?

 Is it wrong to call himself a [Lost Item] with such abilities in the first place?

 For five minutes until the end of the match, Chihiro is tormented by Riko

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