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Chapter 1 Jet Black Girl

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 All the while, the tears never dried up

 Aika and Kamishiro are the only ones who looked at him with concern, but no one else in the class spoke to him

 Maria just stared at Chihiro in silence

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 Chihiro, who had been drained of his energy from the first battle and had to face the following battles, didn’t have time to pay attention to his surroundings, but Maria had been very active in the actual training

 She won all the battles on the first day, thanks to her ability and the match format

 She didn’t seem to have any luck against Aika or Kamishiro, but she still showed her C-rank ability to the fullest

 Chihiro, on the other hand, lost all his games

 He tried to fight as hard as he could, but was beaten, kicked, and thrown around in every match. In the end, his classmates sighed at him

 ”You’re amazing, Fukami-san”

 ”I was no match for you at all!”

 After the homeroom, Chihiro bypassed the noisy students and left the classroom straight away

 As he closed the door, Riko looked back at him and smiled, but he no longer had the energy to react

 He then walked alone down the corridor and exited the school building down the stairs

 When he looked up at the sky, black clouds are covering the whole area. It looked like it was about to start raining, but he didn’t have an umbrella

 And having no choice, he walked on

 Soon, the rain began to fall

 Even though his hair, skin, and uniform absorbed the water and clung to his body, Chihiro did not start running but continued walking along the path to the dormitory

 However, his pace slowed down and he eventually stopped in an empty alley

 For several minutes, Chihiro just stood there, and then muttered

 ”… Maybe I should quit”

 It was something he had been thinking about for a while

 He didn’t think he would learn anything if he continued. As long as Chihiro is in the class, Riko’s attitude will not change

 Then, it would be better for him to quit and work, or to transfer to a normal school

 He’s sure that none of his classmates would care if he did


 ”…You’re giving up?”

 There is a voice behind him, calling out to Chihiro

 The voice is not drowned out by the sound of the rain, but sounds strangely clear

 And when he turned around

 Chihiro saw Maria staring at him, holding a large black umbrella

 She should have been surrounded by everyone in the classroom

 But she’s chasing him. However, is she really catching him?

 ”Do you feel annoyed at being abused, ridiculed, and treated like a nobody? Don’t you want to fight back? Don’t you want to look back and laugh at them?”

 She asks Chihiro quietly

 She asks the question that Chihiro has asked himself many, many times before


 ”…I can’t”

 Chihiro’s answer is the same as before

 ”My abilities are useless. I’m not very athletic, and to be honest, I’m not very courageous either. Even if I’m lucky enough to win once, if I get carried away, I’ll be retaliated against all over again”

 Chihiro tell her while looking away from Maria

 Training is basically done by class. It’s called friendly competition, but that means the relationship doesn’t end once and for all

 Even if the weaker person gets the upper hand once through hard work, it is not the goal

 After all, it’s the start of the day when the strong will attack the weak again, harder

 But Maria shakes her head in boredom

 She slowly walks up to Chihiro and tells him

 ”It doesn’t matter. I’m asking if you have any desire, jealousy, or hatred”

 ”Why would you say that…”

 He asked Maria, who had stopped right beside him, and she looked up at Chihiro, making eye contact as she said

 ”Because if you want it, I can make it happen”

 When Chihiro saw her eyes, an endless passion flowed into his heart

 It’s hot, it’s sad, and it’s dense. It was something that Chihiro could not name, but if he had to, he would say that it was a kind of intense passion

 It swallowed up and swept away the depression inside Chihiro, and then invaded Chihiro

 But it didn’t make sense

 For some reason, the talented transfer student cared about him and followed him, making strange provocations. She even acted as if she was trying to make him read her mind, but what she was giving him was something he couldn’t imagine giving to someone he’d never met before

 ”Fukami-san, what are you…”

 ”Maria. Call me that”

 Maria whispered, interrupting Chihiro’s stunned opening of her mouth

 Then, she stretched lightly and kissed Chihiro’s lips


 Chihiro stiffened in surprise

 Maria, on the other hand, looked at him with eyes that flickered invitingly

 And because of that, the feelings conveyed by the mind reading became stronger and stronger. Chihiro begins to lose sight of whether it’s his own feelings or those of the other person


 Their lips touch each other, and the tip of Maria’s tongue is about to enter Chihiro’s mouth. But–


 Chihiro came to his senses, closed his eyes, and pushed Maria away

 After a few seconds of breathing, he opened his eyes and found Maria falling on her butt next to him. She seemed unhurt, but her bag and umbrella had been thrown away and her beautiful body is soaked in the rain

 Chihiro hurriedly helped her up, as she looked up at him as if she had lost her mind

 ”…I’m sorry. Are you okay?”

 He threw away his own bag and gently put his hands on Maria’s back and shoulders to lift her up

 But then Maria’s giggling voice came to Chihiro’s ears

 ”Oh, you can do it. That’s good. I think you need to be more honest”


 Chihiro’s head had cooled down but he didn’t know what to say

 Maria, on the other hand, stood up, picked up the umbrella and the bags for both of them, and said this while protecting herself and Chihiro with the black umbrella

 ”Well. Anyway, since you’re the one who got me wet, will you take responsibility?”

 Chihiro did not have the right to refuse

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