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Chapter 107 Yotsuba’s Fall – Kurohane Yotsuba, Part Two

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 Principal Ootori does not move. He is probably just casually watching her movement

 ”I understand very well. Words alone are useless…”

 Taking advantage of Principal Ootori’s opportunity, Yotsuba swung her right leg up with a momentum

 As she swung her right leg out almost without any preliminary movement, it is a kick with a half-hearted effort. Still, Yotsuba has been trained for nearly three years at this school

 And sure enough, the instep of her upper shoe kicked the vital point of Principal Ootori

 At this moment, she felt a strangely soft texture through his suit pants. This is the first time that she has tasted such a sensation, since vital point attacks are basically forbidden in the class

 Unfortunately, this kick did not end up in crushing him

 Though it is a vital point, it seems that it is not so easy to destroy. Perhaps, it would be difficult to crush “it” without kicking “it” as hard as possible

 While Yotsuba was thinking about such a long time


 Principal Ootori’s face was distorted by the intense pain, tears were streaming down his face, and his body was shaking unsteadily. However, he managed to stay where he was, and tried to adjust his body position while enduring the pain. But――

 ”There are a lot of openings”

 She lands a second successful foot strike

 And so, Principal Ootori’s dominant right foot was swatted away, and he fell awkwardly. He falls on his buttocks and looks up at Yotsuba

 Thus, the hierarchical relationship is reversed


 Yotsuba looks down at her fiancee and lets out a gasp of ecstasy

 She felt so good looking down on the person she usually looks up at


 ”Yes, Yuuji-san?”

 She asked back while lifting her leg and slowly lowering it between Principal Ootori’s legs

 She was careful not to put too much pressure on it, and as she squeezed it, a moan escaped from his adult male mouth

 Principal Ootori stared at Yotsuba while enduring the continuing pain in his groin

 ”What do you think you’re doing?”

 ”As you can see. If you don’t listen to me when I ask you, I’ll force you to do what I say”

 ”…Don’t be stupid. What’s the point of this?”

 ”It’s fun for me. What more do I need?”


 Despite Principal Ootori’s exclamation, Yotsuba pulled out her smartphone from her uniform pocket

 She then activates the camera and presses the shutter button, capturing her feet and Principal Ootori on the screen

 *Takes picture*

 The camera takes a number of pictures in continuous mode. At this moment, Principal Ootori started to move to raise himself up, but Yotsuba held him at her will by squeezing between his legs

 Yotsuba then further manipulated the photos she had just saved and put away the smartphone

 ”I sent it to you by e-mail, so it’s useless to take it away from me, right?”

 ”…Are you serious?”

 ”Oh, my. I thought you already understood how serious I was”

 He is easily silenced when she says this while putting her weight on her leg between his legs

 And with a giggle and a smile of superiority, Yotsuba decides to make further preparations

 She pulls out another pair of metal handcuffs – this time from her uniform pocket – and restrains Principal Ootori with his hands behind his back

 ”Please don’t be violent if you don’t want your picture to be leaked”

 ”If I scream now, you’ll be the one in trouble”

 ”Do what you want. Luckily for me, I don’t think I’ll be in too much trouble”

 ”…are you using [Luck]?”

 ”Yes. After all, I was pleasuring myself the night before yesterday and last night, and I didn’t sleep well. So, I wasn’t confident that I wouldn’t have an accident if I didn’t activate [Luck]”

 Yotsuba answered clearly with her cheeks stained with embarrassment, but without showing any sense of apology

 …That’s right. After her desire was released by Chihiro, she spent one more night pleasuring herself

 In fact, her excitement was higher on the second day

 Partly because she had been shown harder visions, and partly because she had not slept well enough to use her rational mind. And most of all, Yotsuba’s desire was something that could not be replaced by self-pleasuring

 After all, the more she tried to resist, the more her desire increased

 Feeling guilty of doing something immodest and wrong. And the common sense thought that if she doesn’t sleep early, she will not be able to sleep tomorrow has accelerated her stress, and she has fallen deeper and deeper into it

 She wants to do it. She wants to bring a man to her knees

 A grown man, if possible. A serious and sincere man, like Principal Ootori

 So, as she thought this, she climaxed more times than she could count, and the next thing she knew, morning had arrived. She was so tired from this and lack of sleep for two days in a row that she just fell into bed and thought…

 …she doesn’t want to go to school

 It’s something she usually don’t think about. And yet she thought it on the day of “the preparation for the day before the school festival”. The thought was not immediately shaken off, but it continued to flutter in Yotsuba’s mind for a few minutes

 Finally, Yotsuba understood

 …She’s weak

 She can’t even control her own desires. She’s trying to escape with the comfort of self-indulgence, abandoning her responsibility. And she is not qualified to laugh at or condemn her sister, Suzu

 […fufu. Ahahaha~]

 Yotsuba kept laughing until a servant came to see what was going on

 She felt her heart was falling fast. She had taught herself to be strictly disciplined, but once she had tasted the taste of depravity, she could not resist it. And――

 ――She also turned off the ability of [Luck Sharing] and regained the [Luck] that she had been sharing

 At that moment, for the first time in a long time, her body was filled with a sense of omnipotence and her mind was at peace. She’s still tired and sleepy, but in this state, [Luck] protects her even if she’s distracted

 And she thought to herself, “I have to see him”

 She takes a shower, put on her uniform, and after stuffing her stomach with breakfast, she leaves for the school. For some reason, she was so excited in the car that she couldn’t sleep

 [Yotsuba, let’s hear your answer. Will you be mine or not?]

 Izumi Chihiro’s question seemed completely different from the previous ones

 [Fufu. …Izumi-kun, why do I have to become your “property”?

 [You’ve gone over the edge again, huh…? I don’t mind if you do, but I won’t forgive you if you hurt Chihiro-kun]

 [Ah. Nee-san, what can you do?]

 Yotsuba’s inability to think, the excitement of depravity, and the omnipotence of her abilities have made her insanely arrogant

 Wealth, power, and strength of ability… what can Chihiro and the others who are inferior to him in all of these areas do? Whenever she thought so and acted condescendingly, Suzu, who hid her presence by [Cognitive Obstruction], beat her down mercilessly

 Especially in the battle with flesh and blood, Suzu’s ability is extremely strong

 But for better or worse, she had forgotten about Suzu because of the lack of association between Suzu and the image of combat

 […It’s pathetic to be protected by a woman]

 Chihiro’s eyes narrowed as he advanced


 With a wide step, Yotsuba defended herself with both arms against a right fist. The impact was much heavier than she had imagined, as if their bones creaked against each other. And she involuntarily takes a step or two backward

 If Chihiro had aimed at her face, he might have hurt her cheek

 To return the blow, she threw a backward kick with all her might, which Chihiro evaded with a light step

 [I don’t want to hit girls as much as possible]

 [Even if I attack you, is that okay?]

 [Of course]

 Yotsuba was at a loss for words when he nodded at her as a matter of course, in an attempt to provoke him

 Then Suzu quietly said

 [Yotsuba, what do you think you can do by yourself?]

 [Yes, although I like Yotsuba much more now than before…you’ll be ruined if you keep that attitude up. No one will understand your desires. You’ll be abandoned by everyone, isolated, and you’ll die unfulfilled]

 […you’re being very, very realistic]

 [Well, I know a girl who went through something similar]

 Chihiro then asked again

 [So, I approve of Yotsuba… So, Yotsuba, are you willing to be mine?]

 …Hearing so, she didn’t have a choice anymore

 No. Maybe this is what Yotsuba really wanted

 Someone who would accept her for who she is even if she reveals her ugly truth. Someone who would allow her to be herself. Beside him, there is her sister, and they can accept each other

 And now back to the current situation, Yotsuba smiles and puts her hand on her stomach

 ”Right now, I’m feeling very good, even though I haven’t slept much. I’m doing great… Then, I’m going to ask you again. Yuuji-san, will you be my servant?”

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