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Chapter 108 Master and Slave ★※

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 ”I refuse”

 Even though he had lost the freedom of his hands and had his picture taken, the principal of the school remained resolute

 He is not a [Lost Item], but an ordinary person, and from his background, he is an artist – he must have little experience in battles and rough times, but he still stares at Yotsuba not as his “fiancee” but as his “enemy”

 Yotsuba, on the other hand, smiles unconcernedly

 ”Then, I guess I have no choice but to publish the photo”

 ”Do what you want. If you do, I’ll just report you to the police”

 One with the other

 Principal Ootori is faced with prejudice and loss of trust. At worst, Yotsuba will be arrested and lose her bright future

 If anything, Yotsuba is more at risk

 The student council president, who has an air of an empress, nodded her head calmly without losing her composure

 ”I see. If you report me, it will certainly be settled. Yuuji-san will also have to resign from the position of the principal… although I feel sorry for the students and staff who lost the student council president and the principal at the same time”


 Threats that are not carried out are meaningless

 By showing the definite risk to the people around him, not to himself, sincere and good Principal Ootori will not be able to make a move

 For example, if a photo of “a man in a suit having an illicit s*xual intercourse with a girl in a school uniform in the principal’s office” with his face blurred out is circulated, how much guilt will be incurred? At the same time, Principal Ootori’s own authority will surely be damaged, so it may be a question of whether it is worth it or not

 ”…Even so, I will not become your slave…”


 Yotsuba let out a breath, looking really bored

 ”It can’t be helped. Well then, let’s teach your body a lesson”

 She withdrew her right shoe and lightly kicked Principal Ootori’s body and rolled him on the carpet. Then she brought her sock-covered toe close to his mouth

 … with her eyes blazing with excitement

 ”Lick it”


 ”You stupid dog”

 Suddenly, her toe is pushed in

 Still Principal Ootori did not seem to want to lick her feet, but Yotsuba did not care. Whenever he tried to push the foot out of his mouth, body, or jaw, she would push it in again and continue to push the foot into his mouth

 ”Oh… it’s far from ideal, but it feels good”

 Principal Ootori is breathing through his nose, as if he is unaware that he is doing so desperately

 When she finally took out her feet after a few minutes had passed, her socks were covered with Principal Ootori’s saliva

 Regardless of how much he tried to resist, it seems that he could not keep from licking them completely

 And when she asks, “How is the taste of your fiancée’s socks after a day of wearing them?”, it brings back his thoughts and feelings

 The eyes of the school principal also somewhat stunned and no longer reflect the scenery

 But for Yotsuba, this does not seem to matter at all. And to her question, Principal Ootori answer it with the following words

 ”It’s sticky and disgusting”

 Still, she ignores his answer and she takes off her sock, trying not to touch the wet part, and pushes it into Principal Ootori’s half-open mouth again


 ”Don’t spit it out, okay?”

 She tells the squirming Principal Ootori, and her gaze falls on his lower half of his body

 She unbuckles his belt and pulls down his zipper. She then took off his pants and pulled out his p*nis with her left foot

 At this act, Principal Ootori spits out a sock and shouts in a panic

 ”Hey, what are you doing!?”

 ”You can’t even keep a simple promise, huh? You’re such a stupid man”

 Yotsuba’s reply was not a response

 She just took off her left sock and stuffed it into Principal Ootori’s mouth. Ignoring his moaning again, she now pulls up her skirt and puts her hand on her panties

 Seeing this, Principal Ootori’s eyes widen in surprise

 While he is transfixed by what he has never seen before, Yotsuba removes her panties from her legs completely. The panties, which were wet and visible from a distance, were placed on Principal Ootori’s semi-erect p*nis, mainly on the inner part of the crotch

 ”Why are you growing so big? Hentai-san”


 With a sneer, Yotsuba then takes out a handkerchief

 She puts it over her panties and mutters

 ”I wouldn’t want to touch you directly with my hand, by any chance”

 The girl’s slender hand then grips the p*nis through the fabric

 The girl’s hand begins to make love to the p*nis with a faltering but surprisingly gentle touch


 ”How is it, Yuuji-san? How does it feel to be rubbed by my panties and handkerchief? It feels good, doesn’t it?”

 Her cuss words come out of her mouth one after another

 ”Of course, it feels good, right? Because… you have a harder erection than before”


 Principal Ootori shakes his head with an indefinite scream

 He wants to say she was wrong, however, he was not convincing at this moment

 Yotsuba also continued her hand movements without taking any action. She sends pleasure to his p*nis gently

 ”It’s called “shiko-shiko…”, isn’t it? How is it? Does it feel good? Do you want me to do it more?”

 The lewd words are repeated, and the hand becomes faster and faster

 Principal Ootori shook his head, but his facial expression and breathing indicated that he was becoming more and more absorbed in the pleasure

 ”Come on, come on, shiko-shiko, shiko-shiko…. doppyu-doppyu….”

 At last, Principal Ootori’s p*nis bounces with a sound of laughter

 Yotsuba quickly removes her hand, and under her eyes, the semen overflowing from his glans soaks through her panties and handkerchief, exposing it to the air


 Yotsuba’s body trembled

 She shivered, though she doubts that Principal Ootori understood what she meant by that

 ”*Pant* *Pant…*”

 ”Fufu. You’ve cum. You spewed your white thing on a younger girl, a student, your fiancée’s panties. You poor thing”

 Yotsuba whispers with a hearty and amused smile, then takes a key out of her pocket and removes the handcuffs. She then puts it back in her pocket and leaves Principal Ootori

 ”Yuuji-san. Now, why don’t we do this? Let’s end our engagement. Of course, the reason for the termination will be for your own reasons”


 Slowly, Principal Ootori lifts his hand

 He takes out a sock from his mouth and throws it down on the carpet

 His eyes were vacant, and his voice was full of regret

 ”No. …that would be a shame for your parents”


 ”So, I’m gonna get you back on your feet. I promise”


 Yotsuba sighs for the umpteenth time

 ”Do what you want. But I won’t go back to the way I was. I promise”

 She leaves the room with a spitting sound

 She does not pay attention to her socks lying on the carpet, her handkerchief and panties still covering the p*nis, and Principal Ootori himself lying there in a daze

 She then leaves the principal’s office and goes to another part of the school building

 She goes to the rented room in the private training room, locked the door, and turned her euphoric voice to the void

 ”…It’s over, Master”

 She now can see. She now can see Suzu and Chihiro, who have hidden from the public eye by the ability of [Cognitive Obstruction]

 Because she is already under the influence of Chihiro’s [Domination]

 ”Thank you, Yotsuba”

 Chihiro pulls himself away from Suzu and smiles at her

 It seems that this is the only thing that makes Yotsuba happy, and she walks up to him with an innocent, childlike smile on her face

 However, she does so with a lewd glaze in her voice

 ”Master, is everything all right?”

 ”Yes. I’ve erased the recorded data”

 Chihiro means the audio of his swearing to Principal Ootori that he would stay away from Suzu

 While Yotsuba make a commotion, he has deleted the audio in the IC recorder and the backups on Principal Ootori’s PC with Suzu

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