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Chapter 108 Master and Slave ★※

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 Although he couldn’t check the external media or the cloud… anyway, he doesn’t care if it’s still there or not. After all, it is not something that can be used as a proof of expulsion, more like an insurance or a warning

 Since the media itself was not stolen, there is no way to identify the culprit

 So, the question, how long he will pay attention to Chihiro after what happened to Yotsuba?

 Hopefully Principal Ootori will get the message, “Don’t bother me any more”

 ”…this is a complete villain…”

 ”Yes. Including me, I guess”

 Yotsuba is somewhat proud of herself even as she says this

 She seems to have completely blown her mind. She has changed tremendously, but if anything, this is her true self

 Or perhaps, her repressed life until now may have brought her up to the present state

 ”By the way, Yotsuba, I know it’s a little late to start this, but aren’t you tired of using honorifics for someone younger than you? If you don’t like it, you can change it”

 ”No, I don’t mind. Please let me do so to show myself that you are the only man I respect”

 ”Well, that’s nice to hear”

 Yotsuba pledged her allegiance to Chihiro, who expressed affirmation of her desire. Perhaps the decisive factor was that Suzu followed him and mercilessly beat Yotsuba

 [It hurts. I can’t help but be happy in spite of the pain]

 The proof of her [Domination] is shown by the carving on her stomach

 [I swear. I will be yours. From now on, I will love only you]

 And so, Yotsuba accepted Chihiro with a single vow

 She proclaims somewhat proudly, and carves the proof of Chihiro’s [Domination] in her belly

 After that, it’s a scheme

 In order to control Principal Ootori, they discussed what they needed to do to satisfy Yotsuba’s desires and put it into action, interspersed with preparations for the school festival

 As a result, it turned out to be better than expected, much better than they had expected. It may be that Yotsuba’s desire was that strong…

 It was also proved that the [Desire Exposure] that created the opportunity was extremely dangerous

 ――This ability can easily distort a person if the time and place are right

 ”Yotsuba, I’ll take responsibility for what happened”

 Chihiro mutter to himself

 But the girl in front of him interprets it in her own way and her mouth breaks into a smile

 ”Then, Master, please give me a reward”



 Yotsuba then rolls up her skirt in reply

 She reveals her modestly thickened crotch. The panties, which were supposed to cover it, are not there because it was used for the blame to Principal Ootori earlier

 The area, which was still wet enough at that moment, is now overflowing with moisture

 ”Please hold me”

 Her moist eyes look at Chihiro

 There is no hesitation in her heart. He could see that she was asking him to break her heart

 Still, he asks her one more time as a ritual

 ”You’ll only be a virgin once in your life”

 ”That’s why I’m offering it to you right here, right now”

 Chihiro nodded in agreement

 Suzu, who giggles at their exchange, opens the sliding door on the wall of the room. Among the tools placed in a messy manner are two mats for practicing various throwing techniques

 These mats can serve as makeshift beds if these mats are spread out quickly enough

 After Suzu puts it down, she leans her back against the wall

 To this, Chihiro expresses his gratitude to her with his eyes and turns to face Yotsuba

 He saw Yotsuba had a graceful demeanor

 Looking at her again, Yotsuba is not just a girl. Even a single gesture or a simple standing posture makes her look like a lady, and the way she wears her school uniform shows her cleanliness

 In her clear and clear eyes, instead of the rational light of the past, he can feel the light of a challenging will, which brings out a different dignified atmosphere



 He reached out with his right hand and combed her hair

 Short hair with an amber headband. The texture was smooth and shiny, as if she had taken good care of it

 Yotsuba was accepting it entrancingly, but suddenly she looked at Suzu as if something was on her mind. She then asked a question to Chihiro

 ”…Do you like long hair?”

 ”Hmm… I guess you could say so”

 ”I see. Then, I’ll grow it out, too”

 While he hears her teasing words, he withdraws his hand from her hair

 He then held her shoulders with both hands, and she shivered


 ”Are you okay?”

 ”Yes. …I mean, I think my body is too sensitive”

 There is no disgust on her face as she was with Principal Ootori

 So, Chihiro hugs Yotsuba and puts his lips to hers. She does not seem to be upset by the first kiss and puts her hands on Chihiro’s chest and leans her weight on him. This reaction is very submissive

 In response to the innocent girl’s lewd reaction, he does not hesitate to insert his tongue into her mouth

 Chihiro guessed that she would be more pleased if he was a little rough with her. So, he devours her lips and mouth hungrily

 It was a kiss that left Yotsuba no time to catch her breath

 Because of this, Yotsuba’s breathing was ragged when they parted their lips. But at the same time, her eyes were filled with endless sensuality

 Seeing her eyes like that, Chihiro lifted her body in a princess-like hug and pushed her down to the mat


 As he hears her lovely squeal, he reaches into her school uniform and quickly pull off her jacket and blouse, taking care not to damage the fabric or buttons

 Behind them, there appears a black bra elegantly decorated with lace

 In terms of design and size, it is probably similar to Maria’s. Although it can be said that these are both a little more mature than Maria

 ”Oh, you’re the kind of person who wears this type of thing, huh…”

 ”…because of my sister (Ane)…”

 ”If I think about it, that’s true”

 After that, Chihiro unhooks her bra, slips it up, and rubs her breasts directly. As expected, although he tried to be rough with his hands, Yotsuba’s reaction showed no sign of pain

 Instead, she showed pleasure of masochism

 Apparently, although Yotsuba has accepted her nature as a sadist, she would like to be tortured by Chihiro, her master. By doing so, she can affirm her own preference for a dominant-submissive relationship

 While thinking this, he pinches her nipples hard and rubs her vaginal parts by putting his fingers directly between her legs


 Yotsuba let out a loud moan again

 It seems that Yotsuba is similar to her sister in this way. Thinking so, he glanced at Suzu, and she was looking at him with a somewhat wry smile

 ――Please take good care of Yotsuba

 ――Yes, of course

 It seemed to be true that Yotsuba was too sensitive. After all, she appeared to be so excited as he teased her with his fingers and tongue

 ”I don’t want to make you wait any longer, so I’m going to insert it”

 ”*Pant* *Pant…* yes. Please do”

 With that, Chihiro pulled down his pants to expose his lower half, and thrust his cock into Yotsuba’s vagina, which still had a membrane inside

 The rod of flesh penetrated deep into her vagina, breaking through her faint resistance


 Yotsuba screamed inaudibly, but Chihiro immediately pulled out his p*nis and inserted it again. He then started pistoning as hard as he could

 While doing this, there was the sound of lewd mucus, then flesh-on-flesh rubbing, then the faint rustling of clothing

 The sounds of their breaths also mingle with each other, creating a lewd world

 After a while, he ejaculates into her vagina without restraint

 But after pouring his sperm into Yotsuba, who was barely able to give herself over to him, they went for a second round

 Without pulling out his p*nis, he ejaculated three times in her vagina and then forced her to suck his cock by forcibly thrusting it into her vaguely opened mouth

 Finally, Yotsuba also climaxed at the third penetration

 On the fourth ejaculation, Chihiro ejaculated onto her face. His cum is so thick, and it stained her face mercilessly

 But it was to impress upon her mind which of them was the master and which of them was the slave

 ”…Thank you, very much”

 After the deed was done, Yotsuba thanked Chihiro, leaving Suzu to wipe her body with wet wipes and such

 ”I look forward to working with you in the future, Master”

 ”Yeah. Keep up the good work, Yotsuba”

 …And so, the turmoil over Suzu, Principal Ootori, and Yotsuba was settled for the time being

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