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Chapter 109 The Beginning of the Festival

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 ”From now on, the 13th Shibahou Academy School Festival will begin”

 Immediately after the head of the executive committee made his announcement on the stage, the gymnasium was filled with the cheers of the students

 The students were all cheering; some were applauding, and some were cheerfully exchanging words with their friends. As for Chihiro, he looked down on the scene from the catwalk with the members of the student council

 Their chatter is completed without being transmitted to the others, thanks to Hazuki Marika’s [Telepathy]

 [Really? I can’t understand why the head of the executive committee takes the best part]

 [Ahaha… indeed you’re right]

 [But I don’t think that’s an acceptable]

 [Still, he is the head of the school festival committee]

 Chihiro laughs at Lucille’s frustration at not standing out

 Marika nods her head without changing her expression, and Ayase leisurely added calmly

 Then their leader, Yotsuba, the student council president, looked at the group with a smile and gave a thoughtful comment in their voice

 [It’s all right. We, the student council, are the student representatives, but at the same time, we are the backstage workers. It’s best if the festival goes smoothly and smoothly]

 The dark circles in her eyes, which were quite dark when she prepared the day before yesterday, have faded considerably today. Thanks to the makeup, it is hardly noticeable

 Lucille sighs as she looks at her pale face and relaxed expression

 […Geez. Yotsuba, you really don’t have any greed, do you?]

 As she said this, a smile appeared under her mouth

 Yesterday, she was the most worried about Yotsuba among the members, telling her to “just go home early”, “at least take a nap when you can”, “go to bed as soon as you get home” and etc. If anyone was nagging Yotsuba, it was her. So, when the girl who was her partner and friend got back on track, she was probably happier than anyone else

 Yotsuba nodded her head at Lucille,

 [Oh, my (Ara). I’m going to be very greedy]

 [Heh? What do you mean?]

 [Because all I want is for this school festival to be a great success. How can you call that not greed?]


 The members all burst out laughing at the student council president’s boastful words

 It’s a greedless word, just like Yotsuba

 [Well… Shall we work hard behind the scenes at best so that the school festival will go well?]

* * *

 Yesterday, Yotsuba fell into Chihiro’s hands

 However, she didn’t visit the apartment after that

 [I would love to visit Master’s house, but…]

 She’s afraid she’s going to lose too much sleep over this

 Since she is a young lady and not a girl who can easily stay out overnight, he let her go home

 Chihiro also went back to the apartment with Suzu and reported the situation to Maria and the others

 The girls gave various reactions to the fact that the situation was settled

 [I wonder if it was a good thing]

 [Well, that’s good, isn’t it? I wish we could have met and talked]

 [President of the student council, huh? Izumi kun’s lack of discipline is troubling, but it’s a superb card, isn’t it?]

 [Yeah. Thank you for your hard work, Chihiro-sama. This is undoubtedly the result of your efforts]

 Suzu and Yotsuba

 Both sisters whom Principal Ootori holds dear are now in his possession. This is more than enough advantage against him, and works as a trump card to check him

 If he does anything bad, his brother’s love and his own fiancée – both of them – will break off from him decisively. Not only that, he may also lose the trust of the Kurohane family, which is the family of both of them. Even though it was Chihiro who seduced the sisters, it was Principal Ootori who failed to prevent it

 In addition, the photograph taken by Yotsuba is also an important weapon for the strategy

 The fact that Yotsuba is the performer, the photographer, and the possessor – it shows that Principal Ootori cannot do nothing except “just possessing” them. Unless this is not a s*xual act between two fiancé(e)s, it is just a private image, and it cannot be evidence of assault, even if the content is a little extreme

 Therefore, the police will not take action unless the person seriously distributes the pictures

 As for the loss of audio data, there is no way to identify the culprit or pursue the case

 In the first place, Principal Ootori cannot understand the reason why Yotsuba suddenly changed. It is possible to assume that Chihiro is responsible, but there is no evidence for this either

 If he accuses Chihiro or expel him from the school under the circumstances, the suspicion will fall on Principal Ootori as well

 …This is a silent message to the principal Ootori to stay out of the situation

 After all, it is his fault for invading Chihiro’s territory, although it is totally the villain’s way

 And Principal Ootori has no right to complain about the counterattacks since he has been trying to force his way to get what he wants

 And, it is fortunate that the talks were settled before the day of the school festival

 Prolonging the problem would have been a burden for Yotsuba, and it would have been the student council members and the general students who would have suffered the consequences

 ”Then, we should go back, too”


 Looking down below, students are leaving the gymnasium in droves

 And now, following the opening ceremony, the public is asked to wait until the doors open. On this time, it is spent on final checks of their own programs, preparation of food, and preparations for the invitations

 Although the student council’s events are already prepared and do not require much manpower, it is still necessary for them to take turns to be in the student council room

 If Chihiro have nothing to do, he will have to help with the class

 And so, the group leaves the catwalk in the order of Marika, Ayase, Chihiro, and Yotsuba, with Lucille in the lead. On the way, Yotsuba’s hand gently pushes Chihiro’s shoulder

 When Chihiro turn around in surprise, he sees a gentle smile on her face

 ”What’s wrong, Izumi-kun?”

 ”Oh, nothing”

 Yotsuba looks completely normal. He was a little seriously worried that she might call him “Master” in public, but there was no need for that

 She is a smart girl. It seems, she knows what she is doing

 On the contrary, she was so normal that Chihiro almost thought yesterday’s event was a dream

 ”…I’m fine. Behaving like an honor student doesn’t bother me anymore. Thanks to you”

 Suddenly, a sweet voice whispered to him, sending a shiver down his spine

 At Chihiro’s over-action, the walking Ayase turns around and tilts “her” head

 ”Is something wrong? …Hmm? Senpai, your hand…”

 [Are you two become close?]

 Marika follows Ayase’s mutterings without looking back

 She seems to be asking when they became close rather than being uncomfortable with Yotsuba’s behavior

 ”Yes. Izumi kun dropped me off the day before yesterday, didn’t he? We talked a lot and got to know each other”

 Yotsuba gave a perfectly safe answer

 Lucille, who had been listening to the exchange of ideas behind her back, turned around at the end and sniffed. She looked at Chihiro a little sharply

 ”Servant. Don’t get carried away just because Yotsuba likes you a little. If you touch her by mistake, you’ll get into trouble with her man”

 ”Ahaha… I’ll keep that in mind”

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