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Chapter 109 The Beginning of the Festival

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 He could not say that he had already made a move on her

* * *

 Once everyone returned to the student council room, they had a brief meeting and then disbanded

 Compared to the Executive Committee and the Discipline Committee, the Student Council have less work to do on the day of the festival. Even the job that Chihiro was assigned to do was to wait in the student council room for about one hour

 ”Are you sure that’s all I have to do? Maybe there’s something I can do to help out at events…”

 ”If you have free time, you should participate in the point rally. I told you that we need as much data as possible for the year, and we need some excitement, didn’t I tell you?”

 ”Oh, I see”

 And by the way, just going around the school while playing can serve as a kind of patrol. The student council will have a hotline through Marika’s [Telepathy] that will be connected at all times during the period, so they can contact each other in no time if there is any problem

 ”If that’s the case, I’ll enjoy the school festival without hesitation”

 [Enjoy yourselves, boys!]

 ”I’ll find time to visit the classrooms in 1-C as well”

 ”Thank you. Though it’s a bit complicated…”

 When Chihiro left the student council office and returned to the classroom, the time was almost the opening of the school

 ――Yesterday, the familiar classroom of 1-C was decorated by the classmates, mainly male students, and it was beautifully transformed

 The interior is chic, with black and white as its base color

 Two sides of the walls, one on the side of the lectern and the other on the opposite side, are covered with blackout curtains for a sense of massiveness and sound deadening performance. The other two walls, the one with the window and the entrance, are covered with lace curtains. The light is not blocked and the curtains are used to create a luxurious atmosphere

 To prevent the room from becoming too dark, the walls, which are covered with blackout curtains, are decorated with colored tapes. Of course, consideration has also been taken not to destroy the atmosphere

 The chairs and tables are reused from the ones used in daily life, but the impression would be drastically different if the tables were covered with black cloths and fancy menus were placed on the tables with the heads attached to each other

 Overall, there are five tables and twenty seats

 The kitchen is located near the wall with the entrance. The inner part of the entrance, which exists in front of and behind the classroom, is partitioned off with a partition and a curtain, on which are placed cooler boxes, hot plates, cutting boards, kitchen knives, and so on

 ”How is it, Izumi?”

 ”Yeah, it’s great. I mean, I have already told you that yesterday”

 Maisaka responds with a wry smile, puffing out his chest

 However, as Chihiro was not able to help much because of the student council work, a couple of compliments are probably not enough for him

 Especially to the blonde girl who worked hard for Chihiro, Aika, and Maria

 ”Nishizaki-san is the one who started the shift from the beginning”

 ”Yes. After all, the first step is the most important. I’m especially worried about the food”

 Riko, dressed in a maid’s uniform, shows one eye meditatively. In terms of the production and design of the maids’ uniforms, she was a step or two ahead of the girl in question, but he could see from her figure that she was determined not to give in in the field of work

 Perhaps it is because of her sense of responsibility, or perhaps it is because of the cost of fabrics that her maid uniforms are less frilly, but surprisingly, she does not seem to feel much embarrassment

 (….Still, I’m afraid she’ll get angry later if I say she looks rather happy, so don’t)

 The combination of golden hair and maid’s uniform looks better than he expected

 The choker around her neck is also a nice touch and adds to the “essence” of the outfit

 Although the dark-haired Riko that he saw before with [Desire Exposure] ability was also pretty, but this is a different kind of Riko

 ”It looks good on you”

 ”D-do you think so?”

 Riko’s mouth breaks into a smile when Chihiro let out the thoughts that well up in his mind

 But hust as he smiles a little, someone squeezes Chihiro’s right wrist with a tight grip

 Her fluffy hair also grazes the edge of his vision

 There she is, behind his back, his lover was smiling at him with a cheerful smile, but her eyes are not smiling at all

 ”Chihiro-kun, what are you talking about with Riko-chan?”


 Jealousy is real, but most of what she says and does is a performance for her classmates

 Unlike Riko, she is dressed in school uniform as she plays a rather complicated role without much trouble. She is probably not on the shift immediately after the opening. She should be on about the same shift as Chihiro, so it is not surprising

 Riko giggles when she sees the two of them playing with each other, seemingly oblivious to the public’s attention. But then, she leaves the place saying, “Take your time”, and walks to the others who are also dressed in maid’s uniforms

 …If this were an apartment building, she would have tried to stick around a little longer, but they are in the school now. If it was just a friend’s stance, this would be the limit

 Thinking about this, Chihiro looked back at Aika, who was keeping her distance from him

 ”Do you want to go around when it starts?”

 ”Oh, are you sure?”

 ”Yeah. Let’s take it easy before we get too busy”

 As he has told, Riko is about to start her shift. Maria also has already moved to the school gate to help with the registration desk as a committee member

 And as time goes by, the number of visitors will increase and the infirmary will be busy, so it is better to make time for it while it is still possible

 ”Of course, if Aika is willing”

 ”Yes. Of course, I’ll come”

 Aika nodded, her voice bouncing

 This was their third date since they started dating. Although it was in the school, this situation could be called a date without any complaints

 But as he watched Aika smiling as she opened the pamphlet, he heard a deep sigh from nearby

 ”Go explode you normie!!”

 ”…Oh, sorry, Maisaka. Were we still in the middle of a conversation?”

 Chihiro realized that Maisaka had been left beside him

 But the subtly regrettable looking guy just chuckled at Chihiro’s words and shook his head

 ”No, it’s not much of a talk. Come back with Takatsuki-san before noon for the shift change. You’ll have to change your clothes, so be there as early as possible”

 ”Understood. …hey, why is it lunchtime all of a sudden?”

 Since it is a “maid cafe”, the food menu is not as extensive as it should be, but the number of customers should increase around noon

 At such a time, it was a surprise to introduce Chihiro, let alone Aika

 ”Hmph. It’s natural to play a trump card at a time when revenue is expected to increase”

 ”Trump card?”

 ”A cross-dressing maid would be a great topic of conversation. And, we’re going to introduce Fukami-San in the afternoon for a two-step plan”


 While he was slightly taken back by Maisaka’s ambition, an announcement was made inside the school

 [The event will now officially begin. Students, please begin your activities. Please enjoy yourselves]

 ”Oh”, cheered the students in the classroom and the corridor

 Maisaka smiles and leaves with a wave of his hand, leaving only Aika by his side

 ”Well, let’s go, shall we?”

 ”Yeah, let’s go”

 After smiling back at Aika who takes her hand, Chihiro slowly walks away

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