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Chapter 11 Rape by Instinct ★

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 He got up from his chair and walked over to Maria

 He punched her face as hard as he could as she looked up at him expectantly


 The sudden impact sends Maria tumbling to the wooden floor

 Without giving her time to get up, Chihiro covered her and put his hands on her thin neck


 The expression on her face is one of ecstasy, even though she can’t possibly understand what he’s going to do to her

 After all, this girl Fukami Maria is special

 Could she take the place of Nishizaki Riko? This thought crossed Chihiro’s mind, but he quickly changed his mind

 She is not a substitute

 Maria told him to try it with her

 In other words, she’s not sacrificing herself to make Chihiro suppress his urges. But she’s trying to get him to practice for when he’s going to torture Riko

 …When they confronted each other on the practice field, Chihiro felt that Riko was crazy

 But now, he wonders which one of them is the crazy one


 Maria’s expression turned agonized as he put pressure on his hands. Chihiro sees this and puts even more pressure on it. His fingers and arms creak as he overloads them to the limit

 He wondered when the last time he had exerted so much force

 It must be a lot of force, but Maria doesn’t seem to lose consciousness yet. Her eyes are wandering, unsure of where to gaze, but there is a clear light of intention, and her hands are repeatedly squeezing and closing lightly as if to check the touch

 Then, not yet. Not yet, not until there’s no more room for that

 He continues to exert himself desperately, and eventually, like a circuit breaker tripping, he loses power

 Apparently, he had reached his limit power before he could strangle Maria. His hands and arms ached, and the pain didn’t seem to go away in a short while

 Also, if she could just rest, it would be fine, but if he pushed her too hard, she would break

 ”…Maria, are you okay?”

 He let go of his hand and call out to Maria with a strange calmness

 The girl coughed several times, exhaled hard, and took her time to catch her breath before answering Chihiro

 ”I’m not okay. This is the first time I’ve ever…”

 ”Was it hard?”

 ”No. It’s great”

 With that said, she stroked her neck with her hand. Chihiro’s finger are clearly visible there

 Chihiro compares the mark with his own hand and shrugs

 ”I really intended to, but… it’s hard”

 ”Yes. I guess I’m good with pain, but even if I wasn’t, it takes a lot of energy to kill someone”

 ”Pain. Speaking of which, what about your healing abilities?”

 If Maria’s healing is working, the pain from the chokehold would have been healed and neutralized as soon as it was inflicted. It still wouldn’t help her breathe, but it would be difficult to knock her out or kill her with something so simple

 Maria smiled and shook her head

 ”No. I turned it off of my own volition earlier. I wanted to experience as much real pain as possible”

 ”…I see. Then I’m not strong enough”

 The current Chihiro didn’t have the strength to strangle a single girl

 He would never be able to achieve his goal if his body gave out before he could kill

 Maria, who saw Chihiro like that, shook her head

 ”Izumi-kun, you’re being a little hasty. What you want to do is not to kill Nishizaki-san, right?”

 ”…I guess so”

 He nodded

 Chihiro got heated earlier, but he wants to humiliate, humiliate, and humiliate Riko more. In order to do that, he need Riko to be alive, and he has to avoid any method that directly affects her life

 There is no need to kill or destroy her

 He should hurt her more gently, and gradually take away her resistance

 Just like Riko did to Chihiro

 But then, Maria’s hand reaches between Chihiro’s legs

 She gently stroking the painfully tense area with loving care

 ”…For now, just satisfy your desires for today. One or two vents won’t make your thoughts disappear, will it?”

 His hands are almost useless

 Then try the most effective way a man can use against a woman

 ”So? Master, will you screw me?”

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