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Chapter 11 Rape by Instinct ★

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 She didn’t have to say it

 After all, Chihiro whipped her aching hands and grabbed Maria’s clothes forcefully

 He put his hands on the front button blouse and tore it off. He then forcibly tore off her thin skirt in the same way


 While looking down at Maria’s screams of delight, he throws away her trashed clothes and takes her underwear-covered breasts into her mouth

 Chihiro doesn’t care about her opponent’s reaction

 He just sucks, licks, and sinks his teeth into the nipples and breasts as his instincts tell him to. Maria’s nipples became hard and erect, and her screams soon turned to exclamations

 He forces her bra off her breasts and teases her again

 The next thing he knows, Maria’s breasts are covered in hickeys and teeth marks, and her white skin has turned red all over

 It was an extremely tantalizing sight

 Once the upper part of her body had been tortured, the next part is the lower part

 As he forced her knees open and brought his face close to her shorts, the black fabric is soaking wet and on the verge of losing its function as underwear

 ”Maria, have you cum yet?”

 ”Yes… I’ve come, many times”

 ”Then you’re going to cum a lot more”

 He pulls her shorts down her legs and run his tongue between her legs while glancing at Maria’s unnecessarily spread figure

 Chihiro then smear more saliva on the already well-lubricated area and caress it, making deliberate chittering noises. While listening to Maria’s shame-stained moans, he bites her pointed clitoris sweetly


 Maria shuddered and cowered

 Apparently, she had climaxed again. Having confirmed that the effect is sufficient, Chihiro continued to bite her clitoris in between the tongue caresses

 Each time a little harder

 And by the time her clitoris is red and swollen, Maria had gone limp, as if she had no energy left to be bounced around

 Her eyes are unfocused and her mouth is half open

 Her body is covered with tears, saliva and sweat. If her classmates saw her like this, they would be surprised and despise her

 Some boys, on the other hand, might be overwhelmed with lust

 But it’s not over yet

 Chihiro unbuckles his pants and removes his underwear as well

 Then, he places his exposed p*nis against Maria’s slit. Thanks to the experience of yesterday and the day before, he’s no longer confused about the position or how to insert it

 He lightly pushed the tip apart and then thrust in all the way

 ”What if she does it now?”

 Maria shuddered again when Chihiro inserted it to the root. It seems that the repeated climaxes have made her body more sensitive than ever

 The inside of her vagina is also squeezed tightly, and Chihiro’s tense p*nis ejaculates from that alone


 While he ejaculated, her vaginal flesh twitched and writhed

 Chihiro waited until the ejaculation had completely subsided before he started to move his hips again

 He continued to rub her flesh against flesh for a long time to make up for the fact that he had just climaxed so quickly

 After a few moments, his second ejaculation came out of her vagina

 He showered Maria’s belly, neck, face, hair, and every other place he could think of with his burning desire. Once that was over, he turned Maria’s body around, lifted her ass and inserted it from behind

 ”Ah… ah… ah…”

 All he can hear is a muffled moan

 But Maria is not dead. That’s all he knows as he continues to move his hips. For Chihiro, this isn’t s*x anymore, it’s just s*xual gratification. It was a game of playing with a living doll

 And then, the third time came in her vagina

 After he did so, he wants to continue but it’s too slippery for him. So, he had no choice but to climb on Maria’s belly, pull her full breasts together from side to side and squeeze his p*nis

 And so, her breasts became the perfect onahole

 He ejaculates a fourth time into her breasts and then thrusts it into her mouth, forcing her to swallow a fifth time


 The sight of the girl, no longer a shadow of her former self, calmed his mind

 For the final touch, Chihiro handles his own p*nis, turning Maria’s body even whiter, and then he himself collapses on the spot

 Chihiro’s consciousness is rapidly fading away due to the repercussions of having ejaculated six times

 ――Speaking of which, if I don’t clean up, I’ll be in big trouble

 Such thoughts come to Chihiro, but his body can’t move

 And his body is soaked

 Still, he falls on Maria’s liquid-covered body and fainted

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