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Chapter 12 New Ability ★

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 *Squelch Squelch*

 Chihiro woke up to a small wet sound


 His body is heavy

 His head and arms feel as if something is weighing down on them. He might be able to move them if he tried hard enough, but..

 There’s more to it than that

 There’s a faint feeling of pleasure running through his body along with the sound of water


 When, Chihiro looked at his lower body, he saw Maria running her tongue over his naked body. Not only that, but she is also pleasuring her own private parts with her free right hand

 As she noticed Chihiro, her cheeks flushed lightly. But that didn’t stop her from doing it

 ”Oh, you’re awake?”

 ”Y-Yeah. Uh… what are you doing?”

 The room is dark. It seems only midnight

 Looking at her, he sees that the fluid on her body is gone. The semen and love spatter on the floor seem to have been cleaned up

 However, there are still “traces of dried up fluid” here and there, including on Chihiro’s own body

 In other words,


 Maybe that’s it

 Maria, who woke up before Chihiro did, checked their condition and tried to deal with it. But her pleasure-soaked mind couldn’t think of simply cleaning them, so she licked them all off with her tongue

 And because of that, she couldn’t take it anymore and started masturbating

 ”Was it enough?”

 This time, he really tried hard

 To Chihiro’s disappointment, Maria said in a panicked voice

 ”Oh. No, this is not what I meant. This is not Izumi-kun’s fault. It’s just that I’m a useless woman who can’t stand it”

 Perhaps she was becoming embarrassed as she said this, but her face became even more flushed

 The hand that had been playing with her crotch also began to move wildly, without stopping

 Chihiro couldn’t help but blurt out, “Hmph”. At this point, he couldn’t help but laugh

 ”Okay. Don’t worry about it, I want you to continue”

 ”Eh. …Yeah, I understand”

 Maria is taken aback by Chihiro’s response, but she quickly regained her expression and resumed the action. Exhaling, she licked Chihiro’s body, gradually cleaning the dirt from it

 On the other hand, Chihiro, who looks at her, couldn’t help to think that she is like a dog

 It could be considered ridiculous, but Chihiro feels rather excited. Despite the fact that his body is already exhausted, his p*nis is slowly rising to the top

 Maria, who know it, looked up and stared at Chihiro’s p*nis

 ”I feel better now. …do you want to do it again?”

 ”Uh… Yeah, well. But I don’t think I’ll be able to move my body properly”


 In answer, Maria lightly touches his p*nis with her finger. Not grasping it, not stroking it, but lightly stimulating it, as if she is thinking about how to serve it

 ”…Oh, right. I have something for you”

 Eventually, as if she had thought of something, she stood up

 ”Something good?”

 Chihiro muttered, watching her walk away down the corridor

 Maria soon returned. In her hand is a red jersey. The name embroidered on the left side of the chest is… Nishizaki

 He immediately recognized it as the one Riko had been wearing

 ”Why do you have that?”

 ”You remember how she left without it? So, I took it from her”

 ”You took it, huh…”

 Well, with the way things are going, she couldn’t have given it back to Riko. Even if she left it there or submitted it to the school as a lost item, it’s not clear if she came to get it

 However, he wonders how it would be if he brought it back

 Maria, who don’t know Chihiro’s thought, looked at him with a strange expression

 ”Aren’t boys like this kind of thing?”

 ”Kind of thing?”

 ”They masturbate with girls’ things”

 Maria says this slowly and spreads the jersey lightly to cover Chihiro’s face

 And he, whose face covered, breathed in through his nose as if he were being invited

 ”Nishizaki-san’s smell. At least today’s… if she’s too lazy to do the laundry, she might have a few days’ worth of scent on it. Isn’t that kind of exciting?”

 The inorganic smell of fabric mixed with the smell of human sweat

 Not a man’s strong body odor. But a girl’s, distinctive scent that goes straight to the nose. It doesn’t smell like earth, but the smell is strong enough to last all day

 Originally, the students are using two sets of clothes, one to wear over their training clothes and the other to wear over their gym clothes. She may have been using two different outfits. If so, this is the smell of the day before yesterday and today

 The day before yesterday that when Riko knocked Chihiro down and bullied him, she wore this

 And today, when she was working out, thinking about bullying Chihiro, she also wore this

 …Chihiro, who realized that, is taking a lot of deep breaths

 With each breath, his p*nis twitched and grew in hardness

 His eyes can’t see anything, so he couldn’t see his p*nis directly

 ”Fufu. I’m going to lick it for you”

 Maria whispered this in his ear, and soon he could feel the sticky texture on his p*nis

 After all she had done, this seemed to be more of a lingering, enjoyment-oriented service

 Except for the occasional small moan, Maria doesn’t say a word, just enjoys the blowjob

 Perhaps she is trying to convince Chihiro that she is Riko. Thinking so, Chihiro didn’t dare to say anything to Maria, and just kept breathing while wrapped in the jersey

 A mixed feeling of fatigue and pleasure enveloped his body

 He wants to cum. But he also wants to enjoy this pleasure forever. If it’s over when he let it out, then he doesn’t need to let it out

 But it’s still painful

 His head is getting dizzy, and he’s losing track of everything. He doesn’t know if himself is awake or asleep

 But his body feels good

 The pleasurable sensations accumulate without limit, and eventually exceed a certain threshold

 It’s not intense, but it’s deep and heavy, and a numbness similar to a sense of accomplishment hits his whole body, and semen spurts out of his p*nis

 *Spurt* *Spurt*

 Perhaps as a result of being hustled until the very last minute, the amount of semen is still unbelievable for the seventh time. Maria seemed to have caught it all in her mouth, making deliberate chuckling noises before gulping it down

 Finally, the jersey is removed from Chihiro’s face

 ”How’d it goes?”

 A look of triumph

 The satisfaction in Chihiro’s eyes is palpable. Apparently, after all that, even Maria can control her libido

 But… for today, he’d have to say

 ”Yeah …It’s good”

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