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Chapter 113 Festival Act, in the Student Council Room, Part One

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 Ayase, who seemed to be still in a state of excitement, asked him to leave for the time being, and he put some college sweet potato et cetera on the table

 ”I bought a lot of these, so please eat these if you like”

 ”Thank you very much. I was just hungry…but why only sweet potatoes?”

 Ayase claps “her” hands together happily, but after a pause, “she” tilts “her” head

 Chihiro sat down next to Ayase in his usual seat and answered with a wry smile

 ”…Ahaha. Well, I got embarrassed when I went outside, so I just went along with it”

 ”I see. At first, it’s like that… but you’ll get used to it and it’ll become more and more fun”

 Ayase says, reaching for a pack of potato fries

 Looking at her soft and feminine profile, he was reminded of how different “she” is from him

 ”Her” facial expressions and gestures are very natural, and the difference between “her” and Chihiro, who is only acting fake, is obvious

 Even if putting aside the question of whether “her” appearance is suitable or not, “she” is beautiful inside and out

 Ayase Aoi

 A second-year student who is not inferior to all the talented members of the student council, but rather the strongest in terms of girl power, is..

 ”You’re a man, aren’t you?”

 ”? What’s wrong, after all this time?”

 Ayase only tilts “her” head with a smiling face, even though “her” gender is pointed out

 ”Izumi-kun, I mean, Chisato-san saw me naked the other day, didn’t you?”

 ”Well, yes, I did, but…”

 And “she” was definitely a man

 ”Her” chest was flat and “her” flesh was masculine, but “she” was slender and fair-skinned, and “her” skin was smooth and lustrous

 …When Chihiro decided to dress up as a woman for his date with Hana, the first person he asked was Ayase

 Chihiro had been aware of Ayase’s gender for some time, which none of the student council members had revealed. The reason for this was his experience of working with several girls and his sudden feeling of discomfort with Ayase’s “too girly” side

 Or maybe it would be easier for a girl to detect it

 [Um, Ayase-senpai. Actually, there’s something I wanted to know about cross-dressing]

 When Chihiro first asked “her” for help, it took an incredible amount of courage

 As it turned out, Ayase’s eyes lit up and “she” agreed to his proposal with a simple “yes”, but it turned out to be a bit of a puzzle

 ”I’ve been thinking that Izumi-kun has the potential from the very beginning, you know?”

 ”I’m pleased, but it’s complicated”

 ”Izumi-kun doesn’t dress up as a woman for pleasure, does he?”

 Ayase talk this with a giggle

 Although Chihiro have already told “her” the purpose of his cross-dressing, it feels strange to be called “she” by “her” from now on. After all, his purpose is for the school festival and to make a certain acquaintance happy

 At the time he told “her” this, it seems that “she” was a little disappointed

 If she thought that she had made a friend, Chihiro has failed her

 ”…I’m sorry”

 ”It’s okay. There are many cases where people get hooked while they are doing it”

 He was at a loss for words when Ayase said it so casually

 …He thinks “she’s” joking, but… If Ayase confirm it, and if “she” says “she” is serious, he’ll let it slide without saying anything

 Actually, a similar story was told to him when he was given a lecture on cross-dressing

 It was happened during the exam break. Chihiro spends about half a day in the afternoon learning about cross-dressing from Ayase. In addition to practical matters such as how to choose clothes, how to dress, and how to put on makeup, Chihiro also learns how to be prepared

 The jokes that were laughable at the time are a bit scary now. Still, he has promised Hana that he will “let her see Chisato-chan regularly”

 ”…Speaking of that, Ayase-senpai, do you prefer men or women?”

 Chihiro ask her suddenly while they are poking potatoes together

 Ayase takes a piece of potato into his mouth and smiles

 ”That’s very direct. Well, actually, it’s a difficult question even for me”


 ”Yes. I can probably love whomever I fall in love with”

 ”Oh… I see”

 He nodded his head. In a way, the answer was easy to understand

 ”You are not surprised, huh?”

 ”Well…because, in a way, it’s natural, isn’t it?”

 The thought that one can change oneself for the sake of the person one loves

 The feeling that the person whom one has fallen in love with is one’s favorite type of person

 Chihiro has experienced these things. Therefore, he intuits, not unknowingly but intuitively, that there is such a power in love

 Ayase, who hearing this, giggles

 ”…I’m sorry. I just thought you were kind of cool so I giggled”

 ”? Then you don’t have to apologize…”

 ”No, well… To be honest, I don’t see Izumi-kun as an object of romantic interest”

 …He was a little hurt when “she” put it so bluntly

 ”Because, I already know that Izumi has a girlfriend. Besides, it would be too complicated for me to understand if we are going to be in a relationship, right? But now I’m thinking that it’s not so bad…”

 ”I’m sorry. Let’s not talk about this. Okay!”

 Chihiro interrupts Ayase’s words in a hurry as the situation suddenly becomes very uncertain

* * *

 After a light lunch and chatting, Ayase left the student council room

 ”Let’s talk slowly next time. Chisato-chan”


 The student council room becomes instantly quiet when he is alone

 The corridor outside is similar. Because it is far from the classrooms, there are few people in the corridor. Although hustle and bustle can be heard from outside the window, it is rather distant

 Besides, he was told beforehand that not many people would visit the student council on the day of the school festival

 If students would come, there would be a problem in most cases, and then one of the teachers might come to check on the situation…. Even in the latter case, Yotsuba and Lucille will basically greet the students, so it is not likely that students will come

 (…It is peaceful)

 The only disturbing thing is Chihiro’s clothes

 After he finishes his meal and puts away the garbage, he takes it easy and sips instant coffee. And having something warm to drink after dinner makes him feel sleepy

 Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if he fell asleep

 But he thinks that he can’t neglect the role he has been given

 Knock, Knock!

 There is a knock at the door of the student council room, and it is opened without waiting for an answer

 From outside, two women enter

 ”Yahoo, Chihiro-kun. You’re so cute”

 ”Good day, Master”

 ”Suzu-san. And Kurohane-senpai…?”

 The sisters should have had a delicate ongoing relationship

 But as soon as they entered the room, they locked the entrance door and closed it behind Chihiro’s back. Their expressions were calm as they greeted each other, and there was no hint of a feud as before

 But Chihiro knows that girls are good at hiding their true feelings behind a smile

 So, he couldn’t help but ask

 ”Have you made up?”

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