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Chapter 113 Festival Act, in the Student Council Room, Part One

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 Suzu and Yotsuba instantly stiffened

 They looked at each other with smiles on their faces and tilted their heads

 ”…hmm, well…”

 ”What can I say?”

 The exchange was well coordinated, but there was a subtle hint of awkwardness in their voice. It seems that they have not made up with each other perfectly after all


 Yotsuba let out a sigh and looked away

 ”Well. If asked if we have made up, I can only answer that we haven’t. Nothing has changed in form”

 Suzu chuckles at her sister’s mutterings

 ”What, you make it sound so difficult to understand”

 ”Oh my. …I guess I had to explain that we didn’t make up face to face…”

 Yotsuba picks up the sarcasm as if she were talking to herself and replies with sarcasm

 Seeing the two glaring at each other again, Chihiro finally understood the general situation. Despite all the jibberish, the bottom line was this

 ”You two can’t be honest with each other, right?”


 ”Is that so, Master?”

 ””Why”, you say?”

 The fact that they say it as if it was a sign is proof that they are good friends

 At least they don’t hate each other completely. Both Suzu and Yotsuba still have the feeling that they have been together in the past

 However, Chihiro just smile at them silently because pointing out their feelings would be repulsive to them

 Yotsuba lowers her eyebrows slightly and murmurs a little

 ”…Well, Sister (Nee-san) is also Master’s slave. I don’t want to quarrel with her more than necessary. I can understand a little now”


 Perhaps she meant it

 Suzu rolls her eyes when she hears her sister’s reluctant honest opinion

 ”I’m not Chihiro-kun’s slave. I’m his saffle”

 ”…Is that it? It’s the same thing either way”

 ”Not at all. If I’m a slave, I can’t flirt with him much, can I?”

 ”I don’t think so”

 ”Yes, it is”

 To be honest, Chihiro didn’t care either way, but it was hard for him to say that he didn’t mind

 ”By the way, why are you two together?”

 ”Well, how did we get together? We ran into each other in the school and came to Chihiro-kun’s place together”

 ”…rather, it’s hard to ignore my sister when she’s doing “that””

 According to Yotsuba, Suzu was pleasuring herself outdoors

 Suzu claims that the effect of [Cognitive Obstruction] was in effect, but this does not mean that it was OK because no one noticed

 Yotsuba is upset with Suzu for being so ungracious,

 ”Uh. But Yotsuba does “that” too, doesn’t she?”

 ”I’m not interested in exposing myself”

 ”Is it? But you’re not the one who does it, rather, you’re the one who lets someone do it to you?”

 ”Expose them? Make them do it? I’m going to order Yuuji-san to go outside and…”

 Suddenly, Yotsuba interrupted her exhale with a hand

 It seems that her unfathomable S nature in her decided that it was a good idea. But she immediately turns her face away from us with her cheeks stained with embarrassment

 After all, Yotsuba herself knew that she rarely talks about indecent conversation

 Nevertheless, the lack of progress in the conversation is more than that of Maria and Riko’s comedy performance. And the current Yotsuba is too blunt to play the role of a comedian

 ”…So, if you just came to see me, I don’t think you have to lock the door…”

 The sisters laughed together when Chihiro poured water for them

 ”As expected of Master”

 ”That’s right. We came here for a secret talk and a secret errand”

 ”A talk, an errand?”

 ”Talking is in Yotsuba, and errands are for both of us. Let’s talk first, shall we?”

 At a glance, Suzu glances at her sister

 At her sister’s prompting, Yotsuba nodded and looked back at Chihiro, maintaining her behavior as a slave, not the student council president

 ”Master, I’d like to talk to you about something else. I’d like to talk to you about Yuuji-san”


 Surprisingly, given the flow of the conversation, it was serious

 Chihiro quickly changed his mind, though he felt strangely out of sorts

 ――Yesterday, Yotsuba humiliated Principal Ootori in his office

 Chihiro thinks that he has almost stopped Principal Ootori’s movement after that incident, but it was only yesterday. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a close watch on him for a while

 Also, the stance on Principal Ootori from now on has not been discussed yet

 As far as Principal Ootori’s attitude is concerned, the engagement with Yotsuba will continue

 He wonders if the reason for his daring act is to leave a spy and order her to stay by his side, or is it a regret?

 Is it possible that Yotsuba is a double agent, spying on Chihiro?

 It is impossible

 The risk is not worth the reward. Besides, there’s no end to the possibilities

 Yotsuba’s voice comes in just as he immediately dismiss the thought

 ”Well… I was wondering what to do about the membrane?”


 ”Yes. The virgin membrane”

 Yotsuba gave her virginity to Chihiro

 She did it because she needed to show her seriousness and loyalty, and she has no regrets about it. However, the presence or absence of a membrane can be a definite evidence of unfaithfulness

 Principal Ootori is aware of this, or will be aware of it – but even so, he should not hand over conclusive evidence that he was held by someone other than his fiancée. If he gets the proof, Chihiro will inevitably be pursued from there

 ”So, Yotsuba is planning to be embraced by principal?”

 ”Yes. That’s what I’m thinking”

 Yotsuba replied with a simple nod

 ”If I were to do it, I would probably be the one to do it… though I’m not sure if “being held” is the right word. I feel the need to let him insert in several times in order to pretend that the child is his when I carry Master’s child in the future”

 Chihiro is the master he serves

 That is an unshakable fact, but Principal Ootori is also a person whom she has been in close contact with as his fiancée. Besides, there is a certain attachment to him, and it is not a good idea to break off the engagement forcibly from the standpoint of physicality and power

 Therefore, she will do it with Principal Ootori

 And when she does so, she wants to impress him with the existence of her virgin membrane

 ”But Yotsuba’s membrane is gone…”

 ”Yes, it is. So…I know it’s selfish of me. But I would like to ask your permission to regenerate my membrane?”

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