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Chapter 114 Festival Act, in the Student Council Room, Part Two ★

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 In itself, regeneration of the virgin membrane is not a difficult act

 As Chihiro recalls, he has heard that it is possible even by ordinary medicine, and it is even easier to restore it by using the healing ability from [Lost Item] such as Aika

 And even Maria should be able to heal her own virgin membrane if she wants to

 ”…When thinking about it like that, it’s a bit weird that my first time doesn’t mean anything…”

 ”Fufu. Maybe, my sister’s first time is not Master’s, and sister has regenerated her membrane before, right?”


 ”What!? I’m sure Chihiro-kun is my first!”

 After hearing this, Suzu’s eyes insist with all her might that she wants Chihiro to believe her

 However, her eyes were not so clear whether she intended to deceive him or not, still he didn’t intend to doubt her seriously

 Of course, he had no intention to doubt Aika, Maria, Riko, and Hana

 …Anyway, he dared to say honestly that Maria might have broken her membrane once or twice by masturbation

 ”What do you think, Master?”

 Yotsuba pulled him back to the topic

 But she looked a little uneasy and continued to speak

 ”Of course, I have no complaints about being held by Master. If necessary, I am willing to offer you any place other than my vagina as you like. So…”


 Chihiro paused for a few seconds before answering

 Then, he made an effort to smile kindly and told Yotsuba

 ”I’m not against it. I’m fine with you regenerating”

 ”Is it all right?”


 Hearing this, Yotsuba still has regrets

 So, Chihiro nodded once, then took a breath and answered

 ”…To be honest, I don’t like the idea of Yotsuba and the principal doing this. I don’t want to give the girl who became mine to someone else, even if it’s just a formality”

 After all, Chihiro wants to keep his precious things to himself

 He has no interest in letting other people have his woman, which is a little humiliating to say. Even if Yotsuba takes the initiative, he would prefer that they do not mingle with each other

 In addition, Yotsuba’s offer is insane even from a common sense point of view

 To pretend that the child with Chihiro is Principal Ootori’s child――that is the biggest betrayal to his fiancee, Principal Ootori. One might say that “not telling the truth” is at least a kindness..

 And from this, there is no doubt that Yotsuba has already lost her mind at an irreversible level


 ”Losing your virginity twice is a hard thing to do, but you decided to do it by yourself. For me, for us”

 It is natural that Yotsuba who does it is suffering more than Chihiro who only permits it. He can tell by her attitude that she does not really want to do it

 Still, the act with Principal Ootori, and her deflowering, is certainly necessary

 After all, if the two of them dissolve the relationship, Chihiro and his team will lose a part of their advantage over Principal Ootori. Also, depending on the course of the termination, Yotsuba may be disowned by her family as well as Suzu, and Principal Ootori may expel Chihiro and Yotsuba from the school

 Therefore, the risk is less if Principal Ootori and Yotsuba remain in a relationship. To do so, it is better to keep the evidence of Yotsuba’s cheating unclear

 Besides, in order to overturn the situation, Chihiro needed power

 The power to say that even if Principal Ootori is an enemy of Yotsuba, it is okay even if Yotsuba is kicked out of the house

 However, Chihiro does not have such power now

 Then, what in the world can he complain about?


 Yotsuba burst into tears as Chihiro tried to show his appreciation

 ”Of course, I don’t like what I don’t like. So, I will think of another way until the very last minute”

 ”Yes. …In any case, it’s not right now. Even though the membrane will be regenerated as soon as possible, it will most likely not be done until after my graduation”

 After all, there is a grace period

 And with this, Yotsuba laughs through her tears and looks at Chihiro with moist eyes

 She then extends her right hand to Chihiro

 But he wonders if she will not mind if he pats her head

 She is older than Chihiro and is essentially an S girl

 When he hesitated to avoid a full-fledged petting and thought so, Yotsuba put her head close to his

 Seeing this, he decided to gently pat her head, which was like a child’s sweetness

 Suzu, seeing such a scene, murmured to me with her eyes narrowed

 ”Yotsuba is a bit of a father-con, isn’t she?”

 Hearing this, Yotsuba, who is in his arms, is faintly annoyed

 ”I don’t want to hear that from sister”

 ”I don’t really like father that much. Well, I used to like older men, but now I prefer younger men”


 Chihiro can only giggle as he is pressed against a breast from the other side

 After all, dealing with these sisters, especially with Yotsuba, who has developed S-ness and aggressive nature, is an unknown territory even for Chihiro

 Since this is the case between the sisters, he can only imagine what would happen if they were to be introduced to Maria and the others

 While feeling the need for further devotion,

 ”Both of you. You said you had some errands to run”

 ”Uh, yeah”

 ”Yes, that’s right. I was wondering if Master could hold me and my sister together”

 Well, this was almost predictable

 ”Okay, but… here?”

 Chihiro looks around the quiet student council room

 Although the room has been cleaned up a bit for the school festival, the atmosphere here is basically the same as usual. The arrangement of the desks and chairs, the position of the coffee machine, and so on, is exactly the atmosphere in which Yotsuba and the other members of the student council have spent a long time

 Sunlight shines through the windows, and he can even see people enjoying the school festival

 Still, when he asks mainly to Yotsuba, he gets a nod in the affirmative as if there is no problem

 And noticing that her head is still being stroked, she doesn’t give him an uncomfortable look, rather, she says

 ”I don’t mind. Now I am Master’s slave before I am the student council president. Even if Master asks me to take off my clothes in public, it is my duty to obey”

 Unlike someone else, she has no taste for that

 Suzu laughs at the added words

 She smiles softly, but with a lustful look in her eyes

 ”Even though it feels good. But anyway… I locked the door and closed the curtains. Besides, it’s more exciting to be a little nervous”

 ”I agree with you”

 The two sisters look at Chihiro at the same time, still exchanging a breathy dialogue

 ”Come on, Master”

 ”Let’s play, shall we?”

 ”…Okay, how can I refuse if you two ask me that much?”

 The curtains are closed, blocking the view from outside

 Whether from the outdoors or from other windows, the distance between them is too far away to be of much concern, but just in case, he checks it again

 After that, while the sisters are working excitedly, Chihiro is planning his play

 Since Suzu is there, he thinks it would be better to be more shame-oriented

 ”Suzu-san, Yotsuba, could you swap each other’s clothes?”



 Chihiro’s command made them look at each other

 Yotsuba is wearing her school uniform, of course. She is wearing a blazer, skirt, and blouse with a rouge ribbon

 Suzu, on the other hand, is in plain clothes. She wears a sweater over a camisole, and a sweatshirt on the lower half of her body. Her body is on the edge in many ways, but Suzu, perhaps with her own sense of style, dresses as if she is just visiting from the neighborhood

 The height difference between the two sisters is about the same

 Yotsuba is not small, but Suzu is much taller than Yotsuba. But it can be managed

 ”Sounds kind of fun”

 ”Understood. As you wish”

 As Suzu looks happy, Yotsuba solemnly undresses herself

 Suzu was the first one to undress. This was because she did not have to unbutton her clothes, and because she was in high spirits

 ”Chihiro-kun, what about the underwear?”

 ”If it looks like the size is okay, I’d like you two to swap too. If you want, even shoes”

 ”Okay. Yotsuba okay?”

 ”Yes. Although I’m a little uncomfortable wearing my sister’s clothes”

 Yotsuba, on the other hand, did not seem to stop taking off

 ”Hmm. Maybe I can’t wear Yotsuba’s bra. So, I’m going to leave as it is”

 In this way, the bra was left as it was

 Suzu wore a camisole of a mass-produced product, light yellowish green in color

 Yotsuba, on the other hand, was wearing a black bra with a lot of lace. It was quite different from the usual impression of Yotsuba, but rather similar to Suzu and Maria’s taste

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