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Chapter 120 Festival Act, With Sister and Lover, Part Three ★

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 □ Reverse rape warning

 After returning to her room, Kaede immediately returned to her normal clothes

 She poured the rest of the drink she had bought with the pizza into a cup, and she sat on the side of the bed while Chihiro sat at the table to continue the conversation

 ”After I dropped her off at her dormitory, we went to her room and talked for a while”

 ”You went into Aika’s room?”

 ”Yeah. It was a nice little room that suited her well”

 Until now, Chihiro hadn’t even entered yet

 But it’s not the time for jealousy, and he suppresses it

 ”It’s just for a short time. And not many words were exchanged, but in a way, it was enough”

 ”In a way?”

 ”It means that we have come to understand each other, that she and I are incompatible”


 ”Do you mean, enemies?”

 ”You could say that. For short, it’s not impossible for us to live together”

 After she said that, Kaede then sips the glass

 Chihiro just stares in silence as the liquid in the cup slowly decreases

 Eventually, Kaede looks back at Chihiro after she has completely finished the drink

 Their faces are facing each other

 But their gazes do not meet

 Since he cannot look into Kaede’s eyes, his [Mind Reading] is not activated

 As a result, Chihiro bites his teeth

 ”It’s no use”

 A quiet voice escaped from her lips

 ”Long ago, you tried it so many times, I thought you’d have it all figured out by now”

 ”But I thought something might have changed”

 ”Changed, huh?”

 Kaede gets up and gets out of bed

 She puts an empty cup on the table and takes the cup from Chihiro’s hand. Before Chihiro can stop her, she sips the contents of the cup and puts it on the table

 ”What are you――?”

 She moved so quickly

 Kaede’s arm reaches out to him, still in the bent position in which she had placed the cup on the table. She then pulls Chihiro’s body against her, and their lips meet

 A lips that so soft

 Kaede has a masculine side, but her lips are not those of a manly man

 And so was her scent, which was faintly fragrant

 Similar to mother, Chihiro’s thoughts

 The instinctively reassuring smell almost makes him drop out of his thoughts. But seizing the opportunity, Kaede’s tongue invades his oral cavity, and the drink that she just drank flows into his mouth

 The unexpected stimulation makes him almost cough, but he manages to gulp it down

 Before he knew it, Kaede had pushed him down



 His sister’s voice is the same as it always is

 And yet, somehow, the situation feels sweet

 She is his flesh and blood

 He had never thought about holding her. Of course, that includes after he met Maria and the others and learned the joys of holding a girl

 And of course, he’s never had any physical contact with her

 So, what is this situation?


 ”You don’t have to say anything”

 Kaede holds Chihiro’s shoulder with her left hand and reaches her right hand to his crotch

 Her fingers, well-trained but still uniquely supple, stroked his p*nis through his pants

 ――Immediately, Chihiro felt a sweet numbness in his lower body

 His body shivers reflexively

 And when the reflex subsides, an exhale escapes from his lips. He couldn’t handle the sudden sensuality otherwise

 Even though it was just a stroke through his clothes

 But the earlier stimulation was like a direct blow on his sensitive p*nis

 He wanted to think that it was an illusion


 When the finger crawled between his legs again, he felt the same or more pleasant sensation as before. It was not as surprising as the first time, but he still could not stop his body from shaking and breathing

 Because this felt so good

 Chihiro has had relations with many girls. And Mishuku Hana, the most skilled one among them, is nowhere near as good as this

 In fact, it may be wrong to compare her with anyone. But the pleasure was so great that it made him think so

 ”Tonight, I will comfort you”

 Her voice came to him

 When a woman whispers to a man like that, there is always an expectation

 Even if it is his own sister, a woman is still a woman

 ――For the first time in Chihiro’s life, he felt s*xual desire toward his relatives

 Kaede’s words and actions indicate her intention to do so

 Chihiro probably won’t take the lead, but he can touch her fingers and skin. He is allowed to devour the pleasure that he would normally never be able to experience

 But only for tonight

 Still, is it okay to let it all go, just for one night?


 Chihiro twists hard to shake off his impulsive thoughts

 And although the arm on his shoulder does not break free, the pressure is loosened. He tries to push Kaede’s body away from him by forcibly lifting both arms

 He does this while trying not to think about the softness of his palms against hers

 ”I don’t want it, and I don’t see why I should”

 ”Reason, huh? I guess you’re right”

 ”But”, Kaede mumbles

 Her right hand strokes his crotch again

 This time more clearly, with a repeated back-and-forth motion

 ”But do a man and a woman need a reason to have s*x?”


 He couldn’t hold back his voice

 Chihiro felt his p*nis begin to harden. At the same time, his arms relaxed, and he was pushed down

 And this position was not good

 The groin, the male organ, is the most vital point for a man. It is a s*xual organ and a weapon when he is torturing a woman, but once he is on the receiving end of torture, it becomes a weak point that he cannot control

 If the formation is not reversed even by rough methods, it will be irreversible

 In fact, there is not much difference in strength between Chihiro and Kaede. In terms of height, Chihiro is rather inferior to Kaede, and even though she is a woman, she does not weigh as much as one adult person

 But just from this, it has been proven that he can’t get over it by force

 …So, the only thing he can do is to make conversation at least

 ”I thought you didn’t like this kind of thing”

 ”Yeah, I don’t like it. I’m not a virgin, but I’ve only done it a couple of times. Not a lot for someone my age”

 ”Then why?”

 ”I thought you might like it this way”

 Kaede crawls her fingers on the floor as she says this. Every time she stimulates him with such a casual gesture, Chihiro feels an unbearable pleasure and stops thinking

 It is a relief that there is no sign of pulling down the zipper and taking out his p*nis, but it is hard to say that he is careless or proud if Kaede is able to give him such a hard time

 Still, he manages to formulate a response with his mind that does not revolve around the issue

 ”For me?”

 ”To change your mind”

 Did she think that his reason for not giving up on Suzu was because of his physical condition?

 Chihiro would say it is a short-sighted idea, but in fact it is almost right. Although Chihiro’s feelings are a bit complicated, physical problems must be a big part of the reason why there is no separation between Suzu and Chihiro

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