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Chapter 120 Festival Act, With Sister and Lover, Part Three ★

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 If that’s the case, then let’s clear things up

 If Kaede can give Chihiro such a good feeling that he will no longer care about other women, he may give up on Suzu

 It may sound absurd, but if it can be realized, it may be effective in a sense

 And perhaps Kaede has a technique that would give him confidence

 ”I don’t have much experience, but I’m sure I can satisfy you”

 He couldn’t tell she was bluffing

 ”I won’t do whatever you say, sister”

 ”Then I don’t care. Like I said, I’m not trying to interfere with your relationship with her”

 ”Then, this is…”

 ”This is just a skinship between sister and brother. It’s nothing to be afraid of”

 Those are just excuses

 However, Kaede may really think so

 ”If you don’t want to change your mind, there’s no need to resist”


 After thinking for a while, Chihiro replied

 His reply signaled the start of the full-scale torture

 ”Let’s go”

 Along with her voice, Kaede’s face comes down

 Chihiro prepared himself for a kiss, but then she licked his neck, a little lower than his lips. Immediately, a sharp sensation of pleasure runs down his spine with each flick of her tongue

 While she does this, she unhooks his pants and pulls down the zipper

 Finally, his p*nis is exposed through his underwear, and a raw fingertip touches his pole


 Chihiro squealed like a girl

 The stimulation was even sharper than before. Chihiro’s body, which had been made more sensitive by Maria and her friends’ services, reacted more than necessary to the sweet and direct pleasure

 But, of course, Kaede’s torture does not stop there

 Kaede’s fingertips stroke Chihiro’s pole. Her tongue crawls around his neck. And her free left hand slips between his clothes and pinches his nipple


 Three points of torture at once

 The violent pleasure overflows him, which he would not have felt even if all three slaves had served him at the same time

 Little by little, his vision turns white, and he feels as if even his heart has stopped while he’s being tortured. He feels like he is in heaven and hell, being subjected to a series of mild climaxes. And the next thing he knew, his p*nis was hard and erect, quivering by itself

 At any moment, he could have ejaculated

 ”You can let it out all you want. I brought a change of panties and blouse. I don’t care how dirty they are”

 Even as Kaede speaks, the other two points of blame have not stopped

 So, Chihiro could not even reply to Kaede

 He just felt good, felt good, and felt goooood…!


 With a scream, a cloud of spunk is released

 Kaede did not catch it with her hand, but left it there and let it splatter. As a result of the p*nis’ rampage, Kaede’s blouse and panties, and Chihiro’s clothes were stained

 There were some stains on Kaede’s fingers, too, but she wiped them carelessly with her blouse

 Pant… Pant..

 Chihiro watched the series of actions with his heavy breathing

 His thoughts were so debauched that he couldn’t think straight. The amount of ejaculation was much greater than usual, equivalent to the first shot after waking up from sleep

 Come to think of it, he had already cum several times today

 And yet, it was such a pleasant sensation

 Moreover, he felt that his whole body was seeking for more pleasure. Even after he ejaculated, the wave of pleasure did not subside. He was demanding more and more, and was about to reach the next climax

 As a proof, his p*nis, which has just finished ejaculating, has already started to harden

 For some reason, it reminded him of the lesbian s*x between Hana and him (Chisato)

 ”Oh…I see. It’s a girl’s pleasure…”

 ”That’s right”

 Normally, the pleasure Chihiro feels during the act is, of course, male pleasure. Basically, no matter which part of the body is stimulated, the wave goes to the p*nis and is released in the form of ejaculation

 However, Kaede is providing him with feminine pleasure

 Chihiro, a man, has no way of knowing the specific sensation, but unlike men, women’s pleasure is not so directed, since it is not accompanied by a definite phenomenon of “ejaculation”. Rather the pleasure is felt all over his body, making his body tremble, and the wave recedes slowly after climax

 In theory, there is no limit to the number of times a woman climaxes, and the strange arousal that men feel after ejaculation does not exist either

 It is such a “woman’s pleasure” that Chihiro felt just now. That is why the pleasure does not go away even after ejaculation, and the lingering sensation makes the p*nis harden. It is as if he could ejaculate again and again

 …Even his nipples and anus are connected to feminine pleasure. And until now, he had thought that the day when he would be able to experience them would never come, and he had hoped that it would never come

 But he never thought that the day would come when he would be able to experience it with her hand job

 ”I’m not trying to be a girl”

 ”I don’t intend to make you like that, either. Even if I did, I would never despise you”

 After saying that, Kaede’s body leaves him

 However, Chihiro’s body is soaked in the pleasure that he cannot move as he wishes. But while he is still lying down from fatigue, his p*nis is suddenly sucked by her mouth


 He realized he is being raped

 And now, although his p*nis was in her mouth, in other words, she gave him a blowjob, Chihiro felt as if the subject and the object were reversed, as if his p*nis became a vagina

 The sensation of being licked by the tongue became the sensation of being rubbed by a p*nis on the vaginal wall

 The sensation of being poked and prodded feels like the sensation of a p*nis knocking against the back of the vagina

 He got confused

 He doesn’t know what’s going on

 But he just let his body go as he was being raped, and he climaxed within a few minutes, moaning incessantly and inarticulately

 This time again, Kaede took her mouth off him before ejaculating. Their bodies and clothes were again stained with semen

 However, he felt that he could not afford to worry about such a thing anymore, nor did he need to

 ”Shall we go to bed, Chihiro?”


 Kaede picks him up and moves him to the bed while supporting him. In the process, Chihiro took off all his clothes, and Kaede herself also took off her clothes

 They then embrace each other naked

 And just by doing so, a happy s*xual feeling runs through him. He wonder if this kind of pleasure is the reason why Aika and Riko sometimes hug him after s*x with a debauched expression on their faces

 ”Geez, it seems I don’t have to touch your p*nis anymore”

 With a murmur, Kaede kissed Chihiro

 As their lips touched each other and their tongues entwined, he felt as if the sensation was twofold. He was kissing her and being kissed at the same time. The doubling becomes squared and melts his whole body

 Her free hands also held Chihiro’s hands tightly

 ――Really, what is wrong with me?

 The mere act of holding each other’s hands felt so good and it made him think so. Even the palms of his hands felt so good that it had become s*xual zones

 And now, with their hands clasped together, their bodies were close to each other, and they devoured each other’s lips

 After a while, they climaxed and ejaculated

 Even after reaching the limit of the number of times Chihiro would normally cum, his p*nises are rapidly erecting

 ”You can still do it, right? Though, I can’t let you insert it…”

 The hand that had been holding Chihiro’s body is released, and Chihiro’s body is lifted. Kaede’s body slides under Chihiro’s and her hands touch his nipples


 ”Now I’m going to play with you here. Right, until you get tired and fall asleep”


 No, that’s not good

 Before he had time to say that, the blaming started. Immediately Chihiro couldn’t think of anything else

 He felt as if his mother’s milk, which was not supposed to come out, was spurting out. This sensation was like his non-existent breast being squeezed. Now he was completely tortured like a girl, and Chihiro screamed with only her breath

 Finally, his cum was spewed out, and Kaede scooped it up with her finger and brought it to Chihiro’s mouth. As he licked it, Chihiro couldn’t taste much more

 But the pleasure that shook his whole body was linked to the act of licking the semen

 ”Come on, Chihiro, it’s not over yet”


 After that, he doesn’t remember anything else

 When he realized it, it was the next morning

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