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Chapter 121 Festival Act, With Sister and Lover, Part Four

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 When he realized that his mother and sister were gone, he felt very uneasy

 All around him were strangers. Adults, high school’s brother or sister, and families were all walking around with smiles on their faces

 Chihiro is the only one who is alone

 The amusement park is supposed to be fun, but it’s not fun at all

 Mom, sis!

 He called loudly but he can’t find them. Still――

 ――Chihiro’s a boy. He needs to be strong

 That’s what he was told all the time. So, he tried his best. But eventually he became inconsolable and started to cry

 He couldn’t stop crying and kept calling his mother and sister, wailing and crying

 Some people came to him, but he couldn’t stop crying


 He doesn’t know how long it was

 Finally, someone called his name

 He quickly ran to his sister, who was a middle school student at that time, and hugged her tenderly. This time, he started to cry out of relief, but his mother and sister gently calmed him down and he finally calmed down

 When he looked up, Chihiro saw her

 He saw his sister hugging Chihiro, with his mother at his back, her eyes not looking at Chihiro

 She was staring blankly somewhere far away

 The memory of those eyes of his sister remains in is mind much more than the loneliness of being alone now――

* * *

 ”Chihiro, wake up”


 In his sleep, he heard his sister’s voice in his ear

 ”Wake up, breakfast is ready”


 Is it morning already?

 Shrugging off the morning fatigue, Chihiro opened his eyes and woke himself up. Within a minute or two, the drowsiness clears and he wakes up refreshed

 His physical condition had almost completely recovered

 He sat up in bed and looked down at himself

 There were traces of liquid here and there on his skin, and his clothes were scattered on the floor

 (…I wonder how many times my sister made me come last night…)

 His thoughts catch up with him

 And last night’s lewd acts come back to his mind, causing a deep sigh to escape from his mouth

 As expected, it was too much of a mess

 Fortunately, thanks to the [Sleep Enhancement], he is completely free from fatigue and the aftermath of the pleasure, but on the other hand, he is not feeling any anger. It may be because he has a habit of giving up on everything concerning his sister

 Thinking back, from the beginning to the end, he could not suppress his voice, let alone ejaculate, as Kaede made him do. Hopefully the surrounding rooms did not hear it

 Anyway, he puts it behind for now and looks back at Kaede

 She looked neat and tidy

 She is still wearing only a blouse and underwear, but her hair and skin are clean as if she had taken a shower

 ”Breakfast? Are there any ingredients?”

 There must have been only seasonings in the refrigerator

 Then his sister, who is eight years older than him, answered nonchalantly

 ”No. I mean, take a shower and get me some breakfast”

 ”…Oh, I see”

 He understood

 Chihiro gave up his protest, since anything he said would be useless and time would be wasted. After a quick shower and change of clothes, he went to a nearby hamburger store to get the morning menu

 Without Maria and the others around, eating out is the only option for them

 Perhaps his cooking skills are getting rusty

 Although he was not a good cook in the first place, he can still cook for himself, but since he has not cooked at all for the past few months, he must be even worse at it

 Not only cooking, but also cleaning and washing are hardly done these days

 Thus, the girls hold the lifeline of his real life. Maybe the “Master’s behavior” that Maria advises him to behave like, is becoming a part of him before he knows it

 ”Here you go”

 ”Thank you”

 Kaede pays for this meal

 They each proceeded to eat their hamburgers in their own way. During this time, there is hardly any conversation. If there is no one to talk to, Izumi Kaede is a human being who talks very little

 ”Sister, what are you doing today?”

 ”I’m going to look around the festival a bit, take care of a few things and then I’m going back. I don’t think we have time to say hello again”

 ”I see. …Well, take care of yourself”

 ”Hmm. I’ll take that as a courtesy”

 And then the conversation is cut short. Well, actually, it’s almost a courtesy call. In fact, part of him is relieved that she has left

 Some time later, when they were about to finish their meals, Kaede said something to him

 ”Chihiro, are you familiar with the name [Absolute]?”


 Chihiro frowned and tilted his head at the unfamiliar word

 As he recalled, the word must mean “absolute” or something like that, but since it is a name, it must be the name of something

 It could be a common name or title given to a person, a thing, or a group

 Since Kaede dares to mention it, it must not be a manga story or something like that. Just to be sure, he tries to search his memory seriously

 ”…No, I don’t know it”

 He had never heard the name before

 ”Is something wrong?”

 ”No, nothing. It’s just a side thing”


 He did not know how much he could trust her words

 When he stares at her, unable to make up his mind about her attitude, she speaks plainly

 ”…[Mind reading], huh…”


 When Kaede talks to him like that, he can’t help feeling that she is making fun of him. But Chihiro kept silent and sharpened his gaze

 And Kaede just let out a breath

 ”Let me tell you an analogy”


 Did she just distract him?

 For a moment, Chihiro thought so, but then he was puzzled by the next words

 ”Would you use your power of [Mind Reading] even if you faced a criminal-murderer, a madman, or an evil spirit of the mountains and rivers (魑魅魍魎)?”

 ”…What’s so sudden?”

 ”It’s just a side thing. It’s the same thing as before”

 Thinking back what she said

 Compared to the previous question, this one was easy to answer

 ”I will use it. Even if the other person is not a normal human being. No, I think I will use the power of [Mind Reading] precisely because he/she is not a normal human being”

 ”I see”

 Kaede nodded and said nothing more

 She changed into a suit and left the room without further mentioning the name [Absolute] or explaining the meaning of the two questions

 ”Then, see you later”

 She left only short words and the key to the dormitory

 What in the world was that all about?

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