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Chapter 128 Festival Act, Kaname’s Words

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 Kaname could understand why she was angry, but Shuka’s rather serious voice was silenced by Kaname’s one word

 ”Or is that girl your girlfriend?”


 There is no reason for the honest Kamishiro to lie here

 And if they are not in a relationship, Shuka’s position is worse than Kamishiro’s

 After receiving both tangible and intangible protests from the other students, even Shuka had no choice but to keep quiet

 Kamishiro opened his mouth somewhat reservedly

 ”So, what is your request?”

 ”Well, please fight her and win”

 Immediately, the atmosphere froze


 ”Yes. You’re pretty strong, aren’t you? Then it’s hard for a girl to beat you. So, if the weakest girl among the five can beat you, I’m willing to admit it”

 Chihiro and Kamishiro fight

 Of all people to demand such a thing

 Not only are they aware of it, but they know it

 They already know

 This Ibusuki Kaname girl knows Chihiro well

 She even knows that Chihiro has lost two serious fights against Kamishiro in the past

 But why and for what purpose she asked that?

 ”…Such a thing”

 A low female voice was heard

 Maria, her usual calmness gone, glares at Kaname with clear anger in her eyes

 ”There’s no reason for “her” to take it”

 ”Really? I’m sure everyone would like to see it”


 Kaname said, and the audience seemed to come to their senses when she looked back at them

 Each of them examined the flow of the conversation, and while some were puzzled and others tilted their heads at the lack of reason, the majority of them agreed that they would certainly like to see the show

 ”Kamishiro-kun, is it? His athleticism was amazing”

 ”I’d love to see a girl in a maid’s outfit fighting”

 …that’s a lot of nonsense

 However, it can be said that this is a common reaction of the students of the school. They are trained on a daily basis and have little resistance to fighting. The school nurse also heals most of the injuries, so there is no need to stop them if the clash is fair and honest

 However, there was a sense of discomfort on top of that

 Kaname handled the situation well. The situation of the school festival, her position as an idol, her good looks, and her courage. She used various weapons to win over the crowd

 ――But isn’t it too much?

 For example, there must have been students who were genuinely looking forward to the contest. From their point of view, Kaname’s offer is excessive, and there should be more complaints from them. However, this is completely absent

 It’s as if they are influenced by some ability

 And Chihiro is realized. He knows someone who can win trust and impress people with her voice and her smell

 He wonders if they are the same kind of people or if they have other abilities

 By the way, Kaname said this

 [A bizarre and brutal idol who rose from Sapporo to the national stage]


 This is the birthplace of Maria and Hana, and there is a training school for gifted people there, its name Shibatsuru Academy, which is similar to Shibahou Academy

 If so, Ibusuki Kaname is also Maria’s acquaintance


 While Chihiro was thinking, there was movement on stage

 Kamishiro nodded to Kaname’s proposal

 ”I agree to fight if it’s okay with “her”. Of course, it should be a serious fight with no hard feelings between us”

 Such clear eyes

 There was no cloud in Kamishiro’s mind. Even if this place was being manipulated by Kaname, it was easy to believe that he was thinking exactly what he said

 After hearing Kamishiro’s words, Kaname smiled at Chihiro

 ”Thank you very much. Now, Chisato-chan, is it? What do you want to do? You can run away if you want”

 That was a blatant provocation

 Chihiro’s head is rather cold now. He has some doubts about Kaname. He has a feeling that they are incompatible in nature. On the other hand, he does not have any resentment or anger toward Kamishiro whom she has been pushing

 So, it is not necessary to take advantage of this provocation. But――

 ”…I understand. I don’t mind either”

 Chihiro dared to nod

 ”Chihi…Chisato-san? It’s dangerous, accepting someone’s invitation!”


 Chihiro smiled softly at Maria, who looked flustered

 ”Tell me honestly. Do you think I can beat Kamishiro-kun?”


 Maria looked away as if she was having trouble answering, and her gaze swam

 After a pause of a few seconds, she gives a short answer

 ”I don’t know”

 ”I see”

 That was a good enough answer

 If she replied in such a way, knowing what Chihiro and Kamishiro were capable of, it meant that Chihiro still had a good chance to win the competition

 However, the fact that Maria could not answer the question is not a possibility that he dares not consider

 ”Where should we play?”

 ”Around the audience seats? …Everyone, please help us move to make space…”

 Quickly and promptly, Kaname instructs the audience to move

 Kaname’s charisma to make others follow her is indeed idol-like, and a space of a few meters square was quickly set up just in front of the stage

 Chihiro nodded to Kamishiro

 ”Okay, Kamishiro-kun”

 ”Yeah. Let’s do it, it’s been a while”

 The last time this happened, it took everything in his power to fight him

 At that time, he felt that he had already reached the end of his fighting ability

 Of course, he has not been skipping the training since then, but he has not been able to train on his own due to the preparation for the school festival and joining the student council

 Due to this, he wonders what he needs to do to be successful with this boy

 Chihiro exited the stage and quietly faced Kamishiro on the hastily prepared battlefield

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