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Chapter 129 Festival Act, The Third Competition

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Weapons are forbidden because we do not have them at this time. No attacks on vital points. No off-site attacks. You lose when you can’t get up or when you give up… Is this clear?”

 ”Un, no problem”

 As he answered, Chihiro did some light preparatory exercises

 Although the nap in the student council room was short, it was effective enough. Thanks to that, he is now ready to play the game, albeit reluctantly

 …Besides, Kamishiro must be tired as well

 After all, he had fought with that Kaede and lost badly

 Moreover, he worked at a maid cafe as well. Taking these conditions into account, Chihiro might have a slight advantage

 Anyway, he will find a clue while fighting


 Chihiro turned his eyes toward Aika and the others

 All three of them are staring at Chihiro. He knew that they were worried about him without having to use his [Mind Reading] ability. He could also tell that they were keeping their mouths shut so as not to say anything

 Marika and Yotsuba too look anxious in their own way

 Meanwhile, Lucille seems to be rather curious

 Come to think of it, the members of the student council may not know much about Chihiro’s relationship with Kamishiro

 Maria folded her hands in front of her chest and looked at Chihiro intently

 ”Don’t worry”

 He wanted to tell her so, but unfortunately, he did not think that the fight would be so easy that he could take it easy

 Still, he decided to do it

 He stopped the preparation and took a deep breath

 ”I’ll do the starter”

 Kaname said into the microphone from the stage, and Kamishiro and Chihiro nodded their heads in silence

 They took a few steps away from each other and faced each other, waiting for the right moment

 But then a voice came from behind him

 ”Chihiro-kun, you don’t have to answer me, just listen to me”

 It was Suzu’s voice

 Come to think of it, he couldn’t find her when he looked around earlier. He wondered where she had been, and she must have gone around the blind spot

 Perhaps she has also activated [Cognitive Obstruction]. And she tells Chihiro, Aika, and the others, in a voice that only those connected by [Domination] can hear

 ”It’s okay. You can win. Chihiro-kun has that much power now”

 After hearing this, Chihiro doesn’t understand

 He wanted to ask her directly, but the situation did not allow it

 Due to that, he had no choice but to remain silent

 Still, Suzu continued to tell him that he can win the fight, and about the secret to victory

 And then..


 Kaname’s voice rang out just as the hasty explanation was about to end

 Both of them start moving at the same time

 Kamishiro moved forward. And Chihiro is almost immobile, ready to intercept. His eyes are fixed on his opponent

 As usual, Kamishiro’s movement was very straightforward

 His straight gaze tells him his intention, a straight right punch after jumping into the arena. This allowed Chihiro to prepare for his attack with a little time to spare

 Well, predicting attacks by [Mind Reading] is a double-edged sword

 Being able to read the opponent’s movement is a very powerful power by itself, but in reality, there is a lag time between reading the opponent’s intention and reacting to it

 As it is now, it is no problem when there is a certain distance between him and his opponent, but when it comes to a close combat, it is often better not to use it

 Still, he is thankful to be able to use it

 To intercept Kamishiro’s attack, Chihiro chose to throw a straight right punch, the same as Kamishiro’s. He pulls his right leg slightly, steps forward strongly, and throws his fist toward Kamishiro who is coming toward him

 The timing is just right

 It seems that Kamishiro’s side seems to have matched the right hand. Both fists hit other’s left shoulder cleanly. Then, at the same time, Chihiro’s right fist also aches from the recoil of the overpowered blow


 Kamishiro’s expression was distorted for a moment. The attack has taken effect

 He takes a step backward, keeping his eyes on Chihiro, while he plans his next attack, and moves quickly to take action

 A kick to the middle with the left leg

 Chihiro chooses to evade this time. He tries to move backward with a half-jumping, but then, he feels a resistance. His left leg stepped on the long skirt of the maid’s uniform

 ”Oh, no”

 He hurriedly lifted his arm to guard against the kick

 Kamishiro looked apologetic, but quickly adjusted the distance between himself and Chihiro, and launched a kick. Instantly, a heavy weight was placed on Chihiro’s arm

 But using the impact, Chihiro retreats this time

 (…no good)

 The maid’s suit is harder to move than his thought

 It is natural, since the clothes are not made for intense movements, so the range of movement of the arms is a little narrower, and the skirt gets in the way. The skirt also flutters as he moves, and if he is not careful, he may end up stepping on it as he mentioned earlier

 Maybe if he had learned jiu-jutsu or naginata, he could handled it as if it were a hakama

 (But what should I do?)

 He thinks impatiently, but he can’t come up with any solution

 Would it be different if he were a real girl, such as Aika? Even they may not have experienced fighting in skirts, but he has a feeling that it would be somewhat different

 (If so, why don’t I fight in “Chisato mode”?)

 Is that possible?

 He has no idea what to expect, but he has no other plan, so he decides to give it a try

 With this, while preventing, parrying, and dodging Kamishiro’s attacks, he desperately tries to calm down. He shifts his thought base from Izumi Chihiro to Misumi Chisato, and switches his movements, tracing his feminine thoughts

 (It’s all right)

 Suddenly, a voice sounded in his mind

 It says, “It’s allright”, “I can fight a little better than you”

 To this voice, Chihiro listens and surrenders his heart


 He exhaled and threw a kick from behind

 He swung his foot, feeling that he was tracing the movements of his beloved Aika, and his shoe slipped past Kamishiro’s guard and went into his torso

 Unfortunately, it is a bit shallow

 But it is still a good shot. Just keep moving and don’t be pessimistic


 Kamishiro is stunned

 He probably didn’t expect that the kick could not be prevented. It was thanks to the long skirt that served as a good distraction and timing disruption. Neither Chihiro nor Kamishiro had any experience of fighting against a skirted opponent

 Well, this is not a secret, but just a matter of getting on the playing field

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