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Chapter 129 Festival Act, The Third Competition

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 From this kick, the plan might work

 Chihiro just changed his mind, but he has surprisingly improved his movement. This way, he can fight

 And the back-and-forth battle continued

 Chihiro took a hit-and-run style as much as possible, keeping a distance from Kamishiro and attacking when he was close to him. In this way, Chihiro could utilize [Mind Reading] as much as possible, and at the same time, he made it difficult for Kamishiro to rush by turning his back to the spectator’s seats

 Also, the risk of dealing with fast feints is considerably reduced

 As a result of the combination of several situations, the fight is barely balanced

 Although both fighters fought each other mainly with bare hands and striking techniques, Chihiro’s maid uniform gradually became tattered as he exchanged many attacks with Kamishiro. Fortunately, the thick fabric for autumn did not tear so much as to show his underwear


 Kamishiro muttered to himself

 He had been attacked by Chihiro many times, and he too was looking very tired. He was not able to stop breathing through his mouth and seemed to have difficulty lifting his arms. Still――

 This guy is really something

 Chihiro thinks so, as he takes a few steps away from Kamishiro and takes a natural posture. Holding back the desire to lie down and fall asleep right now

 ”You’re showing a new ability again, aren’t you?”

 ”Yes, it looks like it”

 That was what Suzu said just before the game started

 The other one of her two abilities, which is not [Cognitive Obstruction], is the ability to see the nature of her opponents by observing them. If she observes deeply, she can identify and analyze even the abilities of her opponent

 Such Suzu told Chihiro the following

 [Chihiro-kun has two new abilities. If you use them, you can probably beat him]

 The rest is a rapid-fire explanation of the abilities

 Due to the time limitation, he could only listen to it briefly

 Kamishiro looks down at his own body without releasing his stance

 ”Your attacks feel awfully heavy. Besides, if I had known it before, you would have fallen long ago”


 Chihiro would never have fought for the first round. He had to be wary of Kamishiro’s attack, because he knew that if he was seriously attacked by Kamishiro, he would lose the fight

 And even though he had given it his all, even though he had given it more than his all, on the past two occasions, he had been defeated by Kamishiro’s toughness

 Lack of offensive power and endurance

 Two newly acquired abilities compensated for these shortcomings

 [First, Chihiro-kun’s ability to increase the stimulation he provides. You have to touch your opponent, but if you remember it when you get hit by an attack, you can increase the stimulation]

 ”A stimulation”, Suzu described

 In other words, if he activates it at the moment the attack hits, he can increase the opponent’s “pain”. Kamishiro, who had taken more damage than he appeared to have, was confused and slowed down by the damage that was accumulating beyond his calculations

 [The other is the ability to share the received stimuli. If you use this, the pain should be distributed to six people including me…]

 Maria, Riko, Aika, Hana, Suzu, Yotsuba

 The girls whom Chihiro has “dominated” are taking one-seventh of the damage Chihiro has received. So, even if Chihiro is hit by a heavy fist to the stomach or a kick to the side of the head, he is not damaged enough to be incapacitated

 The pain of only one-seventh of a blow is almost negligible due to his [Pain Reduction] ability

 ――And in the midst of the fight, although there was little time to look away, he could glanced over to the audience to see Aika lightly healing herself and Riko and the others. Maria is not moving a bit, but she is probably activating [Self-healing]

 In this way, the pain that Chihiro has shared is healed to the end

 Hence, he cannot thank Aika and the others enough for accompanying him without much explanation

 The damage is on one hand one-seventh, and on the other hand several percent more

 Let’s call them ‘Stimulus Sharing] and [Stimulus Smplification]

 The combination of these two forces, which tilt the ratio of pain too much to the extreme, has now created a situation in Chihiro’s favor. Frankly, this combo is powerful without a doubt. Including [Pain Reduction], Chihiro should be as durable as a zombie from the outside

 …Rather, the fact that Kamishiro is still able to compete with him even after all of this shows just how unfathomable he really is

 But Kamishiro is nearing the end of his rope

 The last attack was much lighter than the one at the beginning of the game. It was a sign that he was not able to exert himself properly, and that his legs and hips were getting worn out

 Chihiro, on the other hand, still has enough time to keep fighting for a while


 ”Hey, Kamishiro Yuuki? Are you going to lose twice in one day? You should be more firm!”

 Chihiro heard Shuka’s voice from the side

 He looked at her and found her looking at Kamishiro with tears in her eyes. It seems, seeing him wounded all over was hard to watch for her

 Then another voice came from the stage. Sayuki stood up quickly and looked at Kamishiro with sincere eyes

 ”That’s right, Kamishiro, you were going to beat me, weren’t you? Do you have time to kneel down here?”

 ”…Yuse-san. Shiramine-senpai”

 Kamishiro gulped

 Their expectations, their trust – and their love. These things seemed to seep into Kamishiro’s heart and give him strength. It is not only Chihiro, who is empowered by the thoughts and feelings of those who are by his side, but Kamishiro too

 And at the sound of Shuka and Sayuki, some students were cheering him too

 ”…Yeah. I can’t lose. I can’t lose yet. At least, I haven’t done all I can do yet”

 Said Kamishiro and he exhaled

 He changes his stand. He shifts from an orthodox fighting pose to a stance in which his left arm is pulled back, and his legs are planted with a great deal of force

 ――He kicks the ground hard and approaches Chihiro, then throws an all-out straight left punch to his torso

 Instantly his readable intention became reality

 This was probably the last blow

 There is no time to evade

 Even if Chihiro jumps to the left or right, he will be chased, and he will not be able to escape if he retreats as quickly as possible. Then, it is better to stand still and survive the blow

 Chihiro protects his torso with his arms


 With a yell, Kamishiro’s fist punches into the center of Chihiro’s arm. Their bones creak against each other, but that doesn’t stop Kamishiro, and a bad sound comes from his fingers

 ――This is the kind of overpowering that Chihiro and Maria are good at

 And Kamishiro, who was ‘strengthened‘, unleashed it with an incredible power

 Chihiro was choking, even though he had anticipated his position and taken a defensive posture. And even though he was about to be bounced off the ground by the impact, he could not stop himself from taking a few steps

 His eyes flashed

 He doesn’t have the strength to fight back immediately



 Kamishiro, who had pulled his arm, staggered back

 he hurriedly grabbed his shoulders to support him, and he looked up in surprise, then declared in a voice that could be heard by everyone around

 He looked up in surprise, then declared in a voice that could be heard by everyone around him, with a hint of regret in his voice

 ”I’ve lost. I don’t have the strength left to fight anymore”

 Everyone gulped at those words, and Kaname said in a somewhat bored tone

 ”Congratulations! Chisato-chan, you win”

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