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Chapter 131 New Omen

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 On the other hand, it is effective against women – unfortunately, everyone here is a woman except Chihiro. All of them are manipulated by Kaname without any choice.

 This place that was supposed to be a home is now easily turned into Kaname’s domain.

 ”Then, what should I do~? For now, I want someone to rape Izumi-kun as much as possible… well, let’s ask Maria-chan to do it. The other girls, please hold Izumi-kun down”

 This can’t be disobeyed.

 No matter how much Maria and the others try to restrain their movements with -[Domination], they are still losing. In addition, they have already exerted themselves to the utmost today, so they can’t afford to do anything.

 It seems that Chihiro has no choice but to be raped.

 He has no choice but to be humiliated, body and soul, by the hands of the girls to whom he has entrusted his trust and his heart. Even if he mobilizes all of his abilities, he cannot find a way out.

 …He wants to say that, but….

 ”I’m sorry, but no”

 ”I’m ready to rape Izumi-kun, but I want to do what I want to do. I don’t want to listen to your orders”

 ”Shut up and listen to me. Did you think we would betray Chihiro?”

 ”Our loyalty to Master won’t be shaken by that”

 ”I’m sorry, Chihiro-kun, I felt like deceiving you for a little”

 The girls spoke in unison, each with a scowling expression on their faces.

 Only one girl, Suzu, who had no choice but to dare Kaname, looked slightly dejected, but no one, including her, was being manipulated by her ability.

 Chihiro knew it as soon as he looked into their eyes.


 Kaname, who had been in shock, spoke up.

 ”Why doesn’t Master’s ability work!?”

 It was because of the power of the bond.

 It would be cool if Chihiro could say something like that.

 ”I think it’s because my ability is working. In the past, my connection with others has nullified other people’s abilities”

 Although he doesn’t know if it is suggestion, brainwashing, or physical coercion, the girls have already accepted another ability, that was Chihiro’s [Domination].

 It seems that Chihiro’s side, which was applied first or was stronger, took priority and refused Kaname’s order.

 In other words.

 ”Ibusuki-san. You are the only one here now, after all”


 Kaname laughed.

 But this is not a sign of resignation.

 Even at this late stage, she still seems to have a chance.

 ”Do you want to kill me? Or do you want to rape me? Either way, if you do that, my Master will not be silent”

 Apparently, she is threatening them.

 Well, her Master gets angry when his slave or his property is harmed. In a sense, it’s natural.

 ”In addition, her Master. She’s an idol too. If she is killed or injured, it is inevitable that all of us will be charged with a crime”

 This must have been the reason why Yotsuba held Chihiro back earlier.

 ”That’s right. That’s why, with this, I’m going to――”

 ”Well, let’s strip her naked, examine her thoroughly, and then screw her”

 ”Yes, I think that would be good”


 Kaname yelled at Chihiro who said simply and Yotsuba who nodded nonchalantly.

 Finally, her face lost its composure. She shook her head with a look of disbelief on her face and started to ramble on quickly.

 ”Did you hear it!? The police won’t shut up if you hurt me…”

 ”Huh? You mean there’s still a membrane on it?”

 ”What? What does it matter if I have a membrane or not?”

 ”It’s matter. If you’ve been held by your Master so many times, my raping you now won’t change anything. Besides, if it’s the wound or the membrane that’s the problem, that’s fine too. We can heal that much”

 Aika nodded as she looked at Kaname.

 ”Yes. If it’s just a little scratch, me and Hana-chan can heal it as much as we can”

 ”Oh, that’s good. …That would save me the trouble of looking for someone with healing abilities”

 ”Yotsuba membrane, huh? We should do something about that too”

 ”Huh? Listen to me!”

 Finally, Kaname threw a tantrum.

 But Suzu seizes her from behind as she rises to her feet and starts to run away, swinging her fist.

 Her action, which had disappeared due to her ability, came as a complete surprise to Kaname.


 ”I’m sorry. That’s useless”

 Suzu also stuffs a handkerchief into Kaname’s mouth, which she seems to have prepared at some time, and restrains her wrists with thin strings. Then Riko and Aika helped her.

 ”Haha. Aika is into it, too”

 ”Yeah. I can’t help it, she’s dangerous”

 Which is the dangerous one, though?

 Anyway, Chihiro walked up to Kaname, whose mouth and arms were sealed, and whispered softly.

 ”It’s all right. I’ll let you go in one night. In exchange, I will train you for one night”

 ”Mmm, mmm, mmm!”

 ”…Chihiro-sama. Even if you don’t leave any physical evidence, you’ll still be in danger if you rape her”

 ”Maria, do you object?”

 Chihiro asks, and the jet-black girl smiles and shakes her head.

 She looks down at Kaname as she tosses her over the edge.

 ”The man I know – my brother – is a cruel man. He doesn’t care if one of his pieces is damaged, rather if he doesn’t like it, he will get rid of it. So, most of the risk is not even worth considering”

 ”That’s right. I’m sure if it was “that person”, even if he/she doesn’t have any facts, he/she will be able to make up evidence. Then, it would be better to do it, Izumi-kun”

 No one is willing to help Kaname.

 Realizing that rational and sensible responses cannot be clung to, Kaname’s eyes fill with tears.

 And Chihiro whispered to her again.

 ”What you always do, I will return it to you, Ibusuki-san”

* * *

 As promised, Chihiro and the others released Kaname the next morning.

 ”…This won’t happen next time. I’ll report all this to the Master. Please look forward to it”

 Kaname left with such a discarded line, and the police did not take any action on this matter after that.

 So – Kaname’s words “look forward to it” will be fulfilled in another way.

 And a personal visit by Fukami Kaito, the leader of [Absolute].

 It is still a little further down the road.

 This is the end of the fourth volume.

 After this, there is a few extra stories (such as Principal Ootori’s training plan, part of Kaname’s training, etc).

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