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 ”…Really? Does Izumi-kun have a talent for raping girls?”


 In Maria’s apartment, in her bedroom.

 Mishuku Hana looked down at the naked girl whose hands and feet were bound with shackles.


 The girl lying on the bed, bound and gagged, is, of course, Ibusuki Kaname.

 She is a [Lost Item] who contacted Izumi Chihiro under the orders of Fukami Kaito, the leader of the [Absolute] group.

 It has been confirmed that the ability, which was borrowed through [Terminal], does not work on Hana and the others. Though the details of the [Terminal] and whether Kaname has other abilities or not are not known yet.

 However, Hana’s knowledge is limited since she left Hokkaido as a sixth grader.


 ”Maria-chan, does she have any other abilities?”

 ”No. As far as I know, she doesn’t have any other abilities”


 Then, it is almost safe to say that the situation is not a problem.

 Before transferring to Shibahou Academy, Maria was at Shibatsuru Academy in Sapporo. That means she was in the same school and the same grade as Kaname. In addition, Maria is Kaito’s little sister, so she must have had some accurate information.

 Well, it would be a different story if Kaname had never used her ability in front of other students, or if she had done something that I have heard somewhere that she never let other students know the details of her ability.


 ”…Un. Probably not, but it’s okay”

 ”Oh, I forgot, you have that kind of ability”


 Suddenly, Hana looks back at Suzu, who has been giving her a curious drumbeat.

 And then, this no-good working adult, who had taken out a beer from the fridge as she was moving, puffed her chest out as she sipped a small sip of the cold alcohol.


 ”Ehhen. …It’ll take some time to identify it properly, so I’m not absolutely sure, but you can trust me to a certain extent”

 ”So, you’re not just a no-good person”

 ”You are terrible!?”


 Well, let’s ignore Suzu’s screams for now.

 What is more important now is what to do with Kaname.


 ”Well. How shall we train this little girl?”

 ”Mmmh, mmmh!”


 Kaname protests in a muffled voice.

 Whatever she says is inaudible as meaningless words, because she is carried to the bedroom, being stripped of her clothes and bound with a ball gag.

 But that’s a nice touch.


 To be honest, Hana doesn’t remember much about Kaname from her elementary school days.

 Kaname was a very plain girl back then.

 She did not speak in a strangely sweet manner as she does now, but rather she was reserved and timid. Hana only has a memory that Kaname had a longing or a love interest Kaito back then.

 Therefore, there is no direct resentment against her.

 Nevertheless, she does not have a good impression of Kaname. Maybe it is because she has seen her face many times indirectly through TV and magazines.


 ”What is it, anyway? That “bizarre and cruel idol”?.

 ”Not to say that her punk rock-lolita fashion doesn’t suit her”. That’s what Hana thought. But in fairness, she thinks it’s cute too.

 But it’s just not her taste. Girls should be more modest and innocent, and the real pleasure is to hold them and make them get into a mess.

 And yet, that is a waste of good quality material…


 ”Uhh…Hana-san, was it?”


 The reserved voice brings her back to consciousness.

 Hana turned her head toward the voice and found Kurohane Yotsuba, the current student council’s president of Shibahou Academy and Chihiro’s fourth slave, standing there.

 She looks down to Kaname after seeing Hana’s reaction.

 Her eyes were somewhat cold, like a hunter who is thinking about how to cook her prey.


 ”As far as I’m concerned, I think we have two choices for now”

 ”Two choices?”

 ”Yes. Either… make her regret being born a woman and defying her Master, or make her swear her allegiance to Master by giving her all the pleasures of womanhood”



 ”I see”, nodded Hana.

 Well, that’s the kind of person Yotsuba is.

 She had heard about her from Chihiro, but now that she talked to her directly, she finally realized it. It is true that she is an S person and quite a proud one at that.

 However, she and her would get along well with each other because of her unforgiving nature even if she is of the same gender, and the fact that she takes pleasure in blaming.


 With a smile, Hana replies.


 ”There is no need to choose. As long as the latter is pursued for the time being, the former will be achieved naturally. After all, she will not want to be held by anyone other than “that person””

 ”I see. That makes sense”

 ”Mmm, mmm!”

 Kaname squealed as if in protest at their mutual understanding.

 But they ignored it for the time being.

 There is still some time left.

 There is no need to be in too much of a hurry, though taking it too easy is a problem.


 …Also, Chihiro is not here now.


 He is taking a short nap, ordering Hana and the others to let Kaname’s body get accustomed for the time being, as he is tired from all the work. He will be back after 30 minutes of actual time, or the equivalent of an hour and a half of rest using [Sleep Enhancement].

 Aika, who is also very tired and not very useful for training, is not here either. She should have borrowed Maria’s bed and gone into a full-fledged sleep.


 ”Then, let me just introduce myself. I am Kurohane Yotsuba, and I have pledged myself to Master”


 Yotsuba must be thinking along similar lines to Hana.

 She greeted everyone with a simple but leisurely greeting and smiled at them. Nevertheless, since this was the first time for them to meet properly, it was necessary.

 Hana and Maria also introduced themselves.

 Suzu’s introduction is probably not necessary at this point, so that leaves――.




 Riko answered a little later, when water was pointed at her.


 ”I’m Nishizaki Riko from 1-C. …I mean, it’s fine if we introduce ourselves, but why don’t we get on with it? What’s the point if Chihiro wakes up?”

 ”Nishizaki-san is very serious, isn’t she?”


 Perhaps she feels a sense of obligation to Chihiro first, but she says that.

 Well, she had a good point, so Hana decided to end the conversation at this point.


 ”Then, Kurohane-senpai. Let’s talk about your complicated situation some other time”

 ”Yes, I understand”


 Yotsuba nodded and the group moved into training mode.

 Riko gets on the bed with her clothes on and looks at Hana.


 ”Mishuku-san will take care of the main part, right?”

 ”Yes. Of course”


 When it comes to training girls, Hana is confident that she is better than anyone here. Well, Kaname is a pretty girl, even if she is a little out of her taste.

 Still, she was not going to give up this opportunity to someone else.

 Maria, who hears that, giggles and moves closer to Kaname, flanking her with Riko on either side.


 ”Okay, we’re here to support you”

 ”Fufu. It’s quite fun to torture a girl who doesn’t want to be tortured”


 Yotsuba, who uttered a disturbing mutter, came around the bed and hugged Kaname from behind.

 Inevitably, Hana was in the front, the position where she could do the most damage.


 ”…Hmm? Am I extra?”

 ”Why don’t you stay around here and look for her weaknesses?”

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