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 ”Oh, that’s a good idea. Okay, I’ll do that”


 The remaining Suzu was to use her abilities to observe Kaname.


 ”Now, Ibusuki-san, please be prepared. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a body that can’t be satisfied unless it’s a girl”


 Hana brings her face close to hers and whispers.

 Then while laughing at the murderous glare in Kaname’s eyes, Hana begins to reproach Kaname.

 She cleans her mouth and neck stained with saliva from the ball gag she is wearing with her tongue. Her skin was smooth and soft to the touch, as one would expect from an idol.

 As she moves her tongue around, the taste of sweat spreads slightly, but it is not unpleasant.

 Hana then continued to clean the saliva eagerly.


 Meanwhile, the other girls were also moving.


 Riko stimulated one breast at a time from the left and Maria from the right.

 They ran their fingers around the nipples, and when Kaname’s body started to respond, they stroked her nipples with their fingers. They rub her nipples between their fingers, which are beginning to harden, and rub it very modestly.

 Eventually, they take the nipples in their mouths and roll them with the tip of their tongues.


 Yotsuba, on the other hand, put her arms behind her back and stimulated her secret parts.

 Is she shaved, shedding hair, or natural? The answer is hairless. In addition, the English word for “s*x slave” is tattooed near her pubic mound.

 Really, it’s in poor taste.

 No, it is not. Using a girl’s body as a canvas, the artist has taken up the challenge of irrevocable art. Hana, who saw this, understands the spirit of this art, but it’s just that it’s hard to feel good when a man’s – a male’s – desire becomes visible through the tattoo.


 ”…Yeah. This girl is quite experienced”

 ”It looks like it”


 Hana nodded at Suzu’s statement.

 In less than ten minutes from the start of the torture, Kaname’s body had become quite relaxed. Her nipples were erect, and her secret parts were beginning to produce a steady flow of love juice.

 It must have been the result of the four of them working together, but still, if she had not had much experience, she would not have felt so much pleasure from being tortured by someone other than the man she liked.

 ”Ibusuki-san, you have a very developed and naughty body”



 When Hana deliberately used the word, she stared at her intensely.

 It seems she was right on target.

 But she doesn’t want anyone but her Master to say such a thing to her. Well, there are many girls like that around Hana.


 ”Oh, Yotsuba, she seems to be able to use her butt too”

 ”Heh~. I’ve never played with a butt hole before”


 Yotsuba’s voice made even Hana shudder.

 Riko took her mouth off the nipple and tilted her head while moving to finger stimulation.


 ”But shouldn’t you stop if you haven’t cleaned them? Well, I have a stock of enemas”

 ”Since we have come this far, let’s use it”


 Kaname starts flailing about when she hears the conversation, but everyone ignores her.

 Everyone then turns her over and fills her ass with enema solution. In the middle of this, Chihiro comes in from his nap.


 ”…Huh? We will use her butt, too?”

 ”Yes. It’s going to take a while, so you can go back to sleep a little longer”

 ”Well, I guess I’ll do that”


 After seeing Chihiro off from the room, Hana brings a bucket and cleans Kaname’s stomach.

 Kaname resisted against the bucket, but she was outnumbered, and finally she became calm.


 ”Great! It looks like it was cleaned properly”

 ”…I see. So, it will always be available for Master, right? I’d like to learn from your loyalty”

 ”I think Maria-chan has done enough already”


 The blaming continues while cleaning up and ventilating. Yotsuba seemed to have found pleasure in the act of torturing “the part Kaname did not want to be touched”, and was aggressively playing with her anus.

 She was wearing a rubber sack on her fingers from Maria’s collection of adult toys.


 By the time Chihiro returned from his 30-minute nap, Kaname was already melting. Her love juices were overflowing, and she was hardly flapping her legs anymore.


 ”Maybe she’s having a pillow business or something”

 ”That’s… a pity, considering it’s someone else’s business”


 Chihiro sighs as he undresses and gets on the bed.


 ”Well, let’s get down to business, shall we? Ibusuki-san”


 From there on, the torture was truly horrifying.

 However, it is difficult to understand the gruesomeness of it from a casual glance. After all, Chihiro was basically just staring into Kaname’s eyes.


 However, Hana, who has actually experienced this kind of experience, can understand it.

 She knows the power of Chihiro’s ability [Desire Exposure] and what will happen if she is exposed to it for a long time.

 The longer it lasts, the more irresistible it becomes. The line between the dream and the present becomes blurred, and eventually the person is drowned in a happy illusion.

 They will be in a state of dreaming with their eyes open.


 Moreover, in this case, the women were also torturing Kaname at the same time.

 The physical pleasure is converted into the comfort of the dream, and vice versa.

 The time passing in the vision of [Desire Exposure] is different from that of reality. If it is not done properly, the time spent in a dreamy state is almost twice as long as the time spent in reality.

 ”Ah, ahh, ahhh!”


 When the ball gag was removed, all Kaname uttered was a formless moan.

 Her eyes remained fixed on Chihiro, her mouth half open. And she drooled halfway. Then, when Chihiro inserted his p*nis inside her with his eyes fixed on her, she accepted it happily rather than rejecting it.

 During the time when Chihiro was the main fucker, Hana and the others took turns to take a break.

 After the date had passed, Chihiro went to take a nap again, and all the women tortured Kaname, who was still in the afterglow of the pleasure.


 Kaname climaxed dozens of times, possibly more than a hundred times in just one night.

 Chihiro’s semen also poured into her vagina nearly ten times.


 ”Ibusuki Kaname-san, who is your Master?”

 ”… Fukami Kaito-sama. He is only my Master”


 But no matter how much they tortured her, they couldn’t make her corrupt.

 And the day has completely dawned.

 Kaname took a shower with the help of Hana and the others, and after she had filled her stomach with a variety of foods and water, she left the apartment on her own with wobbly steps.


 ”…I can’t believe we can’t do it after all that…”

 ”Yes. [That person]’s abilities are extraordinary. Once she has been subverted, it is almost impossible for her to come back”


 Hana shuddered at Maria’s response.

 Chihiro turned his attention to them.


 ”Can you tell us the details of what you’re talking about?”

 ”Of course. Now that it’s come to this, it’s something that Master should know about”



 So that’s it.

 Hana thought as she heard Maria’s voice answering her.

 And with this, she thought that the intersection of Chihiro and Kaito was inevitable.

 Then, will Chihiro really be able to face that [Absolute Ruler] safely?



 And she wishes there will be a happy ending for Maria and herself.

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