Earh Vol4 Extra2

Extra Edition A Happiness that Comes Only with a Kiss Takatsuki Aika ★

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai


 Aika exhales, clutching her pink pajamas and her favorite cushion after sits on the edge of a large bed.

 Chihiro, in matching blue pajamas, also sits down next to her.

 ”It was a tough school festival…”

 ”…Yes. It’s hard to believe it was only two days”

 Chihiro’s voice sounded sincere as he answered.

 Well, Friday and Saturday, the two-day school festival ended yesterday. And today, Sunday, was spent doing a major cleanup, and Aika and the rest of 1-C spent the whole morning putting the classrooms back together.

 Chihiro did not participate in this cleanup because he was not feeling well.

 To be precise, he was not sick, but simply collapsed due to the limit of his physical strength. Well, it makes no difference in the sense that he was in no shape to go to school.

 Everyone was busy, but Chihiro also had too many things going on.

 For weeks he stayed after school to help the student council, and for some time he struggled with Suzu and Yotsuba. He also dressed up as a woman to serve customers at a maid cafe, and had to compete with Kamishiro in a Miss Contest.

 To top it all off, Kaname’s training also continued until this morning.

 He seems to have taken a few naps in between, but his [Desire Exposure] is the key to Kaname’s training. In the end, he had to stay stuck, unable to rest for too long.

 Even so, he still insisted that he would go to school but all the women forced him to go to bed. And thanks to his [Sleep Enhancement], he came to school in the afternoon and helped the student council.

 ”Chihiro-kun, you are pushing yourself too hard. You should think more about yourself”

 Aika pokes Chihiro’s cheek with her finger.

 ”Well… I know that, I know it, but…”

 ”You don’t understand. Chihiro-kun, if you get sick or something, we’ll all be in trouble”

 Maria, Riko, Hana, Suzu, and Yotsuba, not to mention Aika, make a grand total of six people who love him.

 Isn’t that a little too many?

 Sometimes Aika think that’s a bit too many, but she knows they all love him seriously. So, she will not say that they are in the way.

 The new members, Suzu and Yotsuba, also seem to be good people.

 Even so, she can feel that Chihiro’s love for Aika has not changed even though the number of members has increased.

 ”But, I’m worried about Aika, too”

 Chihiro says, not bothering to remove the finger that is poking him.

 At this statement, Aika tilts her head.


 ”Yeah. Aika must have been pretty tired yesterday, too. You used your ability a lot”

 ”Oh. …Don’t worry, I had a good night’s sleep”

 Well, Chihiro is right; yesterday was quite a draining day for her mental capacity. She had to repeat a minor treatment in helping the infirmary, and she had to heal others from the damage caused by the [Stimulus Sharing] at the MissCon.

 Still, it is not hard.

 ”Also, I hardly participated in her training”

 Aika was sleeping in Maria’s room, leaving the training to everyone else.

 After all, she was not comfortable kissing and caressing a girl whom she did not know well, except if she was a good friend of hers. Not to mention, she was a little tired, and the others told her to stay in bed.

 But thanks to this, she slept well and she’s not in bad shape today.

 ”Moreover, I have a day off tomorrow”

 ”Then, that’s fine”

 Chihiro’s eyes look straight at Aika.

 Even though this is not the first time and he has done it to her many times before, it still makes Aika’s heart pound. Then, it made her wonders if this throbbing is also being transmitted through [Mind Reading]. If it so, it made her embarrassed.

 ”You know, Aika is also quite unreasonable, too’

 ”Fufu. Then, I guess we are similar”

 After said that, they lean forward from where they are sitting next to each other.

 Then, they lightly touched each other’s lips and kissed.

 Chihiro blinks his eyes a few times and his cheeks are slightly stained. Aika, who saw Chihiro’s reaction, thought that Chihiro reacted innocently, even though he usually does a lot of things to Maria and her friends.

 But she thinks it’s cute in that way.

 Also, he looked very cool yesterday as he stood up to Kamishiro.

 (I like him. I like him so much that I can’t help it)

 While thinking this, they kissed once more.

 This time the touch is stronger than before.

 The touch felt so familiar.

 And Aika, who wants more, turns her body in the opposite direction.

 At this moment…

 She pulls Chihiro down on the bed, pulling him down with her.

 Their lips parted once and she looked at Chihiro.

 ”Aika, you’re very aggressive”

 ”…because it’s been a while since we’ve done this”

 Due to Kaname’s training yesterday, Kaede’s treatment the day before yesterday, and Chihiro’s tiredness the day before that, the two of them didn’t have a relaxing evening time.

 It was fun to go around the school festival together, but that’s not the same thing.

 ”Besides, if you do that to me again and again, I’ll get naughty too. You know, I don’t want to lose to Maria and the others”

 ”It’s okay. Aika is Aika”

 ”I know. I know that, but it’s different”

 Aika like Maria and others, and they are good friends.

 But that’s why they want to compete with each other when it comes to who they like. It’s not like fighting, it’s more like competition.

 If she’s satisfied with the status quo, she’s afraid that one day Chihiro will get tired of her.

 ”Okay, Chihiro-kun?”


 Chihiro, lying on his back, moves his head slightly.

 Without resisting the arm around her neck, Aika kissed him deeply.

 Lick… Kiss… Slurppp…

 Aika’s arms are around his neck, and she kisses him deeply.

 They embrace each other and roll lightly on the bed to the middle of the bed. While doing this, Aika could feel Chihiro’s body heat through his clothes as they pressed their bodies against each other.

 Chihiro, on the other hand, was greedily seeking Aika too.

 And he was glad to know that Aika was hungry for more. So, he moves his tongue with the feeling of pleasure, and poke her tongue with his tongue.

 (The kiss is so good…)

 Aika knows that she has never kissed another man before. Maybe there are some things that are not so good in the eyes of the public, but for Aika, it is the best kiss ever.

 It makes her heart melt.

 It makes her want more, more and more.

 It also makes her feel happy just to be doing this all the time.

 Then, in order to make herself more happy, she open her mouth to seek his saliva. It’s terribly embarrassing, but her thoughts, which have been melted by excitement and love, transform the embarrassment into a pleasant sensation.

 This makes it hard to laugh at Suzu who says she likes to play in the open.

 And if Chihiro asks her to do such a thing someday.

 Aika is sure that she would not be able to refuse it if he asks her several times, even though she does not want to do so. And at that moment, she’ll feel terribly embarrassed and nervous, regretting having accepted the request, clinging to his arms, and climaxing.

 It was a very horrible but sweet imagination.


 After a few minutes, their lips finally part.

 ”Aika, you look so naughty”

 ”…eh, you’re lying”

 ”I’m not lying. You’re so cute”

 ”Mmm… Geez”

 She doesn’t know if she should be happy to be told that her lewd face is cute or not.

 But she didn’t feel bad about it. However, she was even more troubled because of this feeling.

 While she was troubled, Chihiro suddenly said as if he had an idea.

 ”I’d like to try something”

 ”What kind of things?”

 ”It’s when a girl “come” just by kissing”

 ”With just a kiss…?”

 Is that even possible?

 A girl can come with a kiss.

 But when they hugged each other and their lips pressed together earlier, she felt happiness surging through her body beyond her capacity.

 Immediately, her heart pounds at this thought.

 If she could do it, she wanted to try.

 ”Maybe Aika could do it”

 ”Does it have to be me?”

 ”Yes. I don’t think it can work if it’s not Aika”

 ”…I see”

 When playing on the spur of the moment, Chihiro mainly plays with Maria and Riko.

 This is because Aika does not like to play in a particular way and because of the flexibility of Maria and Riko.

 So, she was very happy to hear that she was needed.

 ”Ehehe… I see”

 She can’t help smiling.

 ”Yeah. If you want to do that, that’s fine”

 ”I’m glad”

 Chihiro smiles with relief.

 His hand slowly reaches out and rests on the button of Aika’s pajamas.

 ”I’ll undress you”


 One by one, the buttons are undone.

 The top of Aika’s pajamas was carefully removed, revealing the white bra she was wearing. It was a simple design with a small ribbon. Many of the residents here prefer black underwear, but Aika prefers pretty underwear to s*xy ones.

 Chihiro also says that it suits her best.

 Aika’s bottom pajamas are also removed, exposing her panties. The upper and lower underwear are also removed in turn, and finally, the girl is stripped to the bare minimum.

 For some reason, she could not get used to being seen naked.

 ”It’s not fair that I’m the only one”

 Aika said shyly and reached for Chihiro’s pajamas.

 She reached for Chihiro’s pajamas, and the two of them stripped naked and hugged each other again, leaving their undressed clothes on the edge of the bed. Aika presses her breasts against Chihiro’s and puts her arms around his neck to keep him close to her.

 And once again they kiss.

 Then, in order to turn her shyness into excitement, she kisses Chihiro aggressively. Each time she flicks her tongue over Chihiro’s mouth, she shivers and shudders.

 She continues to gently stimulate his gums, and also pour saliva into his mouth.

 She was getting a little carried away but then Chihiro suddenly changed his position. In no time at all, Aika was in the opposite position.

 It was a very boyish and forceful act.

 She like the usual gentle Chihiro, but it’s also a little bit exciting to be forced.

 Because she felt her chest tremble with pleasure when he violated her mouth with his tongue in return.

 In addition, Chihiro must have felt this thrill without having to read her mind.

 After a few moments, their lips parted, and Chihiro whispers in her ear.

 ”I love you, Aika”



 Her heart jumps a little harder.

 Don’t. Don’t do that.

 I’ll be easily debauched if you say that to me and I’ll get wet to the core.

 ”Do you like me, Aika?”

 ”…That kind of thing”

 It’s obvious.

 She doesn’t need to tell him that now.

 But normally, she would have said it frankly, however, for some reason she was too embarrassed to say it now.

 So, she stares into his eyes.

 Even if Aika can’t read his mind, Chihiro, who can read her mind, can easily understand her feelings.


 But Chihiro did not allow her to do so.

 He remained still and silent, holding Aika gently, waiting for her reply. In a slightly anxious, slightly mean way.

 Surely, he won’t let her go until she tells him.

 ”It can’t be helped”, Aika thought so. So, with a pounding heart….

 ”…I like you”

 She let out a small mumble.

 Then he asked her right back.

 ”I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you”


 That’s mean.

 Such sweet, debaucherous nastiness.

 His face is gentle and kind as he does it.

 Feeling miffed and confused, Aika expresses her feelings again in a slightly angry voice.

 ”I like you. I really like you. I really like Chihiro-kun”

 Once she said it out loud and clearly, her feelings started to overflow.

 Aika immediately covered Chihiro’s lips because she felt that her love was going to inflate endlessly.

 Aika roughly twined her tongue with Chihiro’s.

 And it felt good to her. The thrill of excitement was driving Aika. Unspeakable and suppressed love also ran through Aika’s body.

 It should have flowed into Chihiro through their joined lips, but it showed no sign of diminishing.

 Oh, that’s right.

 Even though it is flowing into Chihiro, the same amount that flows from Aika to Chihiro also flows from Chihiro to Aika.

 ”I like you, Aika”

 And with this, every time they took a breath, this word was whispered to Aika.

 ”Yes, I like you, I lwike you too!”

 She gradually lost her voice and “like” started to become “lwike”.

 Still, Chihiro did not laugh at Aika.

 He delicately caresses her neck, back, and hair, and kisses her over and over again. Thus, the number of “likes” increases, and continues until it becomes incomprehensible.

 They are just kissing each other.

 It is like Aika getting fucked in the vagina with a full penetration.

 So, this is it.

 This is what it feels like to come from kissing.

 ”I lwike you, I lwike you, I lwike youuuu!”

 It feels good.

 She likes this feeling.

 Feels good. Like. Feels good. Like.

 ”Like” means “feels good”.


 Suddenly, it exploded.


 Aika twitches.

 She felt a rush of love and pleasure throughout her body, and it fucked Aika’s brain.

 She quickly separated her lips to free her mouth, but at the moment of climax, she could not even breathe for less than a second.

 She endures a few seconds until her body remembers how to breathe, and then she takes in a big gulp of air.


 ”…this king of thing”

 It feels too good.

 Aika muttered as Chihiro stroked her hair.

 ”I-I’m getting naughty again…”

 ”I’m glad. Aika showed me her pretty face”


 She exhales softly.

 ”I will not know if you start begging me for kisses all the time”

 ”Okay. Let’s keep kissing and practicing how to cum. You’ll get into the habit of coming, and you’ll be able to come on reflex just by kissing lightly”

 ”Just a kiss…”

 That kind of behavior…

 Indeed, she might be unable to help but beg for a kiss anywhere and everywhere.

 To the untrained eye, they’re just a couple of fools. But the reality is that they kiss and make love, and it’s very dirty.

 ”Chihiro-kun, you haven’t gotten comfortable yet, have you? Do you want with a mouth? Or do you like it in the front? Or is it okay if it from behind?”

 Aika, having put an end to her fearfully happy imagination, whispers softly to Chihiro.

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