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Extra Some ways to train the Principal – Kurohane Yotsuba

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 ”…chastity belt, huh?”

 One day after school.

 Izumi Chihiro, who was playing with a PC in the living room at Fukami Maria’s apartment, let out a mumble without warning.

 Maria, who was busy with a bunch of yarns and a knitting needle in her hand, and Takatsuki Aika, who was moving the knitting needle easily, reacted to the mutter and tilted their heads at each other.

 Then, Nishizaki Riko, who had thrown away her knitting needle earlier than the others, spoke up.

 ”Hey, don’t say something complicated all of a sudden”

 ”Eh? Ah… I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

 Chihiro stares at them and smiles bitterly.

 …Well, a chastity belt.

 Yotsuba stared at it and asked.

 ”Riko, do you know what a “chastity belt” is?”


 Riko groans as the water is turned on her.

 The voice was not appropriate for a girl, and Yotsuba frowned.

 ”Riko, be a little more modest. Even if you are a slave, manners are important”

 ”Oh, yeah. I’m sorry… Hey, I mean, It’s because senpai asked me something strange out of the blue!”

 ”Strange thing?”

 Is a chastity belt really that special?

 From the lettering, it seems to be something to be worn in some form, something that a master makes his slave wear, but what does a chastity belt mean?

 From the little information she has, Yotsuba can’t imagine any specific form.

 ”Can you tell me what it is, if you can? I’m not an expert, so I don’t really know what it looks like”

 ”…Oh, Gosh. Senpai, when you says this, it’s hard to tell if it’s serious or a joke!”

 Riko shouted again with her face turning red.

 Last Friday. The morning before the school festival.

 Yotsuba is reborn as Chihiro’s slave.

 All the values and common sense were destroyed, and Yotsuba’s deepest desires, which she herself was unaware of, were awakened. On top of that, Yotsuba’s true nature, which would normally hide from anyone, was affirmed in all its aspects.

 [I want you to be mine]

 Her heart burns when she remembers those words.

 She was willing to give everything to him. And she can understand why her sister chose him.

 Her virginity was given to him.

 She swore to love him and not her fiancé, Principal Ootori.

 She met Aika, Riko, Maria, and Hana. When she visited the apartment for the first time, she was too busy to introduce herself, but thanks to Ibusuki Kaname, it was easy to strengthen the bond between them.

 Since then, today is the first time for her to come to this apartment.

 Although she was told that she did not have to go that far, she stayed by Chihiro’s side, pouring his drink and massaging his shoulder, and just as she was doing such things, the above incident happened.

 ”Yotsuba-san. A chastity belt is…”

 ”Hey, Maria!”

 Maria explained to her instead of Riko, who was too shy.

 A chastity belt is a device worn on the genitals. It is mainly made of leather or metal. The secret part is often covered with a metal plate, and while the belt is worn, the woman cannot perform penetration or masturbation with her genitals.

 It seems to have been used in ancient times by Western aristocrats to prevent their wives from cheating on their husbands, and was locked with a key after being worn. Since it is not easy to destroy the key by cutting with scissors, s*xual intercourse is forbidden with anyone other than the person who has the key, which is basically the husband.

 ”I see… But you see… how about toileting?”

 ”Usually, chastity belt has a small hole in the front covered with a small opening so that it will not be blocked. Only s*xual intercourse is forbidden.”

 ”I understand it now. Thank you, Maria”

 ”…You should be ashamed of yourself by now. Talking like that”

 Having said that, Riko knew what a chastity belt was. Yotsuba wondered if Riko was also a s*xually knowledgeable person.

 At this moment, Maria turned her eyes to Chihiro.

 ”Chihiro-sama, are you interested in a chastity belt?”

 Her dark eyes, which seemed to absorb light, sparkled deep inside.

 She is excited.

 Yotsuba can tell that she wants to use it for herself. Although Yotsuba has not had many chances to talk to her, she already knows about Maria’s M-ness to some extent.

 She also knows that she is good with her, who is S.

 And somehow, seeing Maria makes her want to torture her.

 Perhaps, it’s because after Kaname’s training on the other day that made Yotsuba, who is not lesbian, feels this is not a bad idea. After all, to see a girl moaning and crying is a different kind of excitement from the feeling of superiority to a man.

 ”No, it’s about Yotsuba. I was wondering if this could be used for something”

 ”About me?”

 The problem is how to deal the relationship between Yotsuba and Principal Ootori.

 For the time being, the current plan is to “regenerate the virgin membrane, have intercourse with Principal Ootori, and keep the relationship hidden”. Principal Ootori is expected to raise Chihiro and Yotsuba’s child until he dies, without giving any evidence that Yotsuba loves Chihiro.

 The membrane is to be regenerated in the near future.

 It is fortunate that Aika has [Healing] ability. If it had been another [Lost Item], it would have been difficult to find a reason and to keep them quiet.

 Chihiro, however, told Yotsuba that he did not want Yotsuba to have any interaction with Principal Ootori.

 He said he does not want a woman who belongs to him to accept someone else’s thing, even if it is necessary.

 His feelings are very much appreciated. If Yotsuba were in the opposite situation, she also would not want his male slave to give his body to other women so willingly.

 So, they will think of another way.

 The membrane will be regenerated just in case, and if Principal Ootori asks Yotsuba to do it and she cannot refuse, it will given. However, until the time limit is reached, they will keep on struggling with it.

 ”But the chastity belt… wearing it is fine, but wouldn’t it be counterproductive for me to wear it?”

 ”Eh? No, it’s not”

 ”Yotsuba-san. There are chastity belts for men too”

 ”For men…”

 Maria means that the genital is covered with a hard material.

 But Yotsuba chuckled, imagining the metal tube covering an un-erect loins, and then what would happen when a boy got hard.

 ”It looks a little painful”

 ”…I think you’re very talented to immediately come up with that kind of idea”

 Riko muttered with half-lidded eyes.

 Aika then raised a question.

 ”Are you saying that Principal will wear it out so that he can’t do it with other women?”

 ”Yes. Also, for men, not being able to “ejaculate” is a painful punishment in itself”

 ”Principal, who is prevented from masturbating, is deprived of even the right to ejaculate and is controlled by Yotsuba-san”

 Ejaculation control.

 Yotsuba shuddered at the image.

 Principal Ootori who is forced to wear a metal device on his p*nis. Principal Ootori who goes about his daily life in a suit without changing his clothes. Principal Ootori who begs to be made to ejaculate because he can’t stand it any longer.

 Not bad.

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