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Extra Some ways to train the Principal – Kurohane Yotsuba

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 In fact, it’s good.

 ”It’s also convenient to make Yuuji-san my slave, isn’t it?”

 ”Yes. Chastity belts in modern times are rather often used as a part of SM play, to teach the M to be a slave”

 ”Well, when he asks you for something, you will order him to wear it and make him hold it for a few days and then made him ejaculate. Gradually, the number of days he has to hold it back will increase. And then, he can’t resist more and more”


 ”Oh. No, I don’t mean that. I just know about it from the stories about the maids who reverse-educate their Masters!”

 So, Riko was self-destructing herself with her own words.

* * *

 Anyway, Yotsuba decided to try the chastity belt.

 She asks Maria to help her with the selection and purchase. Yotsuba has no such contacts, and it would be noticeable if she tries to buy it directly by herself. Whether it is mail order or actual store, she wants to reduce the risk of being noticed by her parents as much as possible.

 ”It’s not easy being a young lady, is it?”

 ”Don’t talk about it like it’s someone else’s problem”

 Suzu, who had been out shopping, opens a beer as soon as she comes back. Chihiro, Maria, and the others have gotten used to it by now, and they laugh but say nothing.

 Her sister, Suzu, is now living in this apartment. She has some money for living expenses, but even so, she still has some extra money left over from the government’s aid to [Lost Item]. With almost no other expenses, it seems that drinking and eating as much as she likes does not hurt her pocketbook much.

 Since there must be a considerable amount of money in her savings, her sister can live a life of self-indulgence.

 ”Anyway, I think it’s a waste to keep you rotting when you have a qualification for a competence judge”

 ”Eh~? Is Yotsuba still talking about doing good for the world? Didn’t you graduate from that kind of thing?”

 ”No, I don’t think self-sacrifice is wrong. Neither do I believe that it is something to spend one’s whole life for”

 After answering in an extraordinarily strong tone, Yotsuba continued.

 ”What I’m trying to say is that it is okay to have as much money as you want. After all, it would be good to have enough money”

 ”So? Isn’t it enough to live like that?”

 ”That’s understandable, but our lives are not our own anymore”

 Yotsuba then looks at Chihiro.

 She smiles and shakes her head.

 ”If you’re talking about spending money for me, don’t worry about it. I don’t want you to do that much for me”

 ”It is not for Master. I do it because I am satisfied with my own life by enriching the life around Master”

 ”If you say so, yes”

 Maria nodded.

 It must have been easy for her to understand, as she was providing housing for Chihiro and the other girls.

 Aika and Riko also nodded their heads.

 Chihiro and Suzu are in the minority.

 ”I really don’t want you to take it too hard…”

 Still, Chihiro says this and looks at Suzu. And he speaks again.

 ”Then, Suzu-san, why don’t you work at the school again?”



 Suzu stopped sipping her beer and Yotsuba’s eyes widened.

 She never thought Chihiro would tell Suzu to go back to Principal Ootori himself.

 ”Am I in the way if I stay here?”

 ”No, it’s not”

 Suzu’s eyes immediately water, and Chihiro shakes his head.

 ”I thought it would be beneficial to show your gratitude to the principal. I’m sure that the contract hasn’t expired yet, and you can negotiate with him so that you can commute from here without having to go back to the log house”


 So that’s it.

 Now that Suzu has been gone for a while, Principal Ootori will be calmer than he was right after the fight. In addition, he would be confused by Yotsuba’s change and would want someone who understands her. That person is her own sister, Suzu.

 The relationship with Chihiro also remains.

 And her sister will do her job too.

 With this, the image in Principal Ootori will improve even if some compromise is made in this way. In addition, it would be more effective if it is added that Chihiro persuaded her sister.

 That way, it is not a lie.

 ”You owe Yuuji-san a favor, don’t you?”

 ”It’s not that important, but… maybe something like that. Well, I guess that’s one less reason for me and principal”

 Of course, it is up to Suzu-san.

 Suzu-san looked troubled when the question was posed to her.

 ”But I don’t want to talk to Yuu-chan again…”

 ”Sister. Do you hate Yuuji-san as a simple childhood friend?”

 ”Well, I don’t hate him as long as he doesn’t nag me”

 ”That’s understandable. Then, why don’t you approach him a little? I’m sure you can negotiate from a higher position now”

 Yotsuba thought to herself as she was saying this to her sister.

 ”…if he doesn’t nag me”.

 Indeed, Principal Ootori had been taking care of Suzu for a long time. Until now, Yotsuba only knew about it through hearsay from Principal Ootori, and she didn’t really pay attention to it, thinking that it was because her sister was not a slacker.

 But now that she thinks about it, she wonders how it is possible for a man who is engaged to a woman to meet frequently with another woman of an odd age.

 Did he not think that Yotsuba, his girlfriend and fiancée, would be concerned about it?

 Principal Ootori himself may not have had any guilty feelings. Even if he did, he could have done something more.

 After all this, Yotsuba can’t believe that she realizes it now.

 She thinks that she herself had no romantic feelings for Principal Ootori.

 Even so, her feeling for Chihiro may be “love” but not “love”, but in any case, Yotsuba was a child who did not know what love was at that time.

 ”…I get it. I’m going to see Yuu-chan tomorrow. I can drink lots of beer when I get paid”

 ”Yes, I think that’s a good idea. For yourself and for Master”

 Yotsuba smiled at Suzu.

 But what if…?

 Suzu would return to her work at the school and Principal Ootori would care about Suzu again.

 Then there will be no need to hold back at all. It will be no problem to completely lose all interest in him. Yotsuba will humiliate him as much as she can and make him a subordinate male slave.

 Eventually, she will make him a slave to Chihiro as much as she can.

 Then she will tell him about the relationship between Chihiro and her. She will be held by Chihiro in front of his eyes, and she will give him pleasure as well as humiliation.

 …Somehow, she really wishes that would happen.

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