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Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The story is mainly from Chihiro’s point of view, and the characters whose names are only mentioned in the main story are the main characters.

 The chronological order of the story is after the beginning of volume 5, but you can read the story in this order.


 A sigh echoed in the quiet living room.

 How many times has this happened today?

 While thinking so, Chihiro interrupts his smartphone operation and looks up.

 He looks at Riko and Aika, who must have noticed the sigh as well. They tilted their heads at the silent question, “Is there something wrong?”.

 But no answer comes to mind.

 If anything, a reason for the sigh might be in what the owner of the sigh is doing right now.



 The owner of sigh is sighing again.

 Well, the owner is a girl with jet-black hair and eyes, and has a fleshy body that a man would love.

 Yes, that was Fukami Maria, she has been like this for a while now, staring at her laptop display.

 This time, it was a weekday evening.

 She has just finished dinner and is ready to go to bed when the time is right.

 Usually, Maria leaves her laptop to Chihiro for “studying”, but today she is operating it by herself, which is rare.

 Because just when Chihiro thought that he would be able to use the laptop, Maria is operating it by herself.

 Is something bothering her?

 Her brow is furrowed and her lips are tightened in an unusual expression.

 With all that has been going on recently, it is quite possible that some incidents or new concerns have arisen. If so, everyone should all work it out together.


 Maria has not said a word.

 She has no intention of discussing it with Chihiro and the others – her sigh is subconscious, and she intends to keep it a secret from everyone.

 It’s frustrating.

 ”Listen, Maria, if you have something to say, just say it. I’m worried about you sighing all the time”


 The other girls must have felt the same way as Chihiro.

 Riko said numbly, and Maria looked up in surprise.

 ”What were you looking at, Maria-chan?”

 Aika stood up and went to look at the display. Chihiro, who was curious about what was on the screen, followed her.

 They moved their faces close to each other behind Maria, as if they were pinching her from both sides.

 There, they saw a much different screen than they had expected.

 There were several blocks of short sentences and small pictures, a set of them.

 The pictures are all of goods, often in black and silver. The shapes of the objects are somewhat indecent, somewhat reminiscent of male genitalia.

 The item described in the text, the name of the product, is a male chastity belt.


 ”…this is?”

 ”As you can see, it’s a chastity belt. Yotsuba-san asked me to order a good one, but good quality ones are expensive, so I’m not sure what to do”


 Once again, Maria let out a sigh from her lips as she answered.

* * *

 The chastity belt Yotsuba is seeking is for training her fiancé, Principal Ootori, the school’s principal.

 She will turn him into her slave and eventually control him at her will.

 For the first step, the chastity belt must have ejaculation control and be durable and long-lasting.

 [Well, at this time, money is not an issue. I ask that you prioritize the purchase of the best possible product]

 Again, when confirming this with her by e-mail, she replied in such a way.

 As a young lady, Yotsuba has a lot of money in her pocket.

 Of course, she would not be pleased to spend six or seven digits for a chastity belt, but she can ignore the price as long as it is within a reasonable range.

 However, since Yotsuba herself has no contacts, she relies on Maria to obtain it.

 [If it breaks, you can just buy a new one]

 [But I’m afraid that I might lose money by buying a cheap one. In addition, once used, it’ll get attached, right?]

 This is even more so since it is a tool to be worn.

 Inexpensive mass-produced products can be easily replaced. If a spare is purchased in advance, it can be replaced quickly when something happens.

 However, it is also a problem that an item for the chastity control of slaves can be easily broken.

 Moreover, even if they are the same product, a new item is different from an item that has been worn on the skin. As a master, Yotsuba does not want to reset the “familiarity” every time she repeats the cycle of breaking and replacing the item.

 So, this is why.

 [I think it is better to get a limited edition product – a gem that is produced only by a small number of artisans or manufacturers who are very particular about their products]

 Maria, who is well versed in this kind of thing, is the one whose opinion is adopted. And now they are in the store.

 ”…But still, even I came to this place with you…”

 ”Chihiro-sama. I’m sorry, but please keep your voice down. It may bother other people”

 ”Uh, yeah. Sorry”


 How did this happen?

 Chihiro sighs lightly and asks himself.

 ――Well, it was agreed to get a limited edition.

 But that means visiting stores is a must instead of the Internet, and Maria has to go to a store in the city.

 It might be dangerous for her to go alone, so Chihiro accompanies her.

 So far, so good.

 The problem was that the destination was a very particular kind of adult store that “does not accept men”.

 ”…It’s kind of an amazing place, isn’t it?”

 ”Yes. I’ve never actually been here before”

 A secret store in the basement of a seemingly ordinary building in Tokyo.

 According to Maria, the location of this store is known only to ladies with knowledge and decent sense.

 Indeed, there was no sign outside, and the name of the store was written in English on the entrance door.

 The interior of the store is also unique.

 At least, it was quite different from the one they visited with Maria and her friends before.

 First of all, it was bright.

 The walls, floor, and lighting are white and clean. The shelves, on the other hand, are matte black, which keeps one’s eyes from flickering.

 The shelves are lined up by genre. Some of them are in glass cases, which may be high-end products. The aisles are wide enough to pass each other with luggage.

 The staffs are young women in ordinary black and white uniforms.

 In other words, they are fashionable.

 At a glance, there are some not-so-apparent items near the entrance, such as books, earrings, and so on.

 So, from the outside of the door, people might think it is a general store or something like that.

 Once inside, however, there’s a line of vibrators, restraints, and so on in the back.

 There were a few customers in the store besides Chihiro and the others, probably because it was Sunday morning.

 Of course, they were all women, reasonably young and well-dressed. If the products were clothes or jewelry, it would not be out of place – in fact, it would fit in perfectly.

 …but all of them are shopping for adult goods.

 It makes him strangely nervous to think so. It seems, the “women-only” zone is designed to prevent such male viewpoints.

 But then, Chihiro shouldn’t be here.

 ”Hey, Maria. I think I… I…”

 ”Please stand firm. We are not doing anything wrong”

 No, I’m doing something bad!

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