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 He was tempted to argue loudly.

 After all, Chihiro is now dressed as a woman to enter this store. He is disguising his gender.

 He wanted to be in “Chisato mode” at least, but Maria called him Chihiro without any hesitation. However, since his name could have been a girl’s name in the first place, people around them do not suspect it.

 [In principle, I will choose the choice, but it would be better to have a man’s opinion, after all]

 That is why Chihiro was brought here.

 A perk, if anything.

 However, he is not optimistic enough to be happy about it.

 ”…But, well. I guess there’s nothing I can say now that we’ve come this far”

 ”Yes. Let’s buy something nice to take home”

 Maria replied to Chihiro’s openness with a smile.

 They looked at how-to books on s*x, sensual novels for men and women, nipple and clitoral piercings, and after desperately quieting Maria’s interest in the vibrators and rotors, they went to the desired bondage corner.

 There are many kinds of bondage.

 There are collars, handcuff, legcuff, and mouth gag. The so-called “bondage”. If some or all of them are combined, the variations are innumerable.

 ”What do you think? These items decorate my bodies…”

 ”…yes. I think it’s good”

 As expected, the items in this store are generally high-end. Although there were only a few items that visitors could hold in their hands, it was obvious that they were well made just by looking at them.

 Such attention to detail is reflected in the appearance of the products.

 The texture of leather, the shape and shine of metal fittings, even if each difference is not so significant, when they are gathered together, the difference is hard to ignore.

 The fact that the other customers seem to be relatively wealthy may be due to the price range of the products.

 ”Since we’re here, do you want to buy a new collar or something?”

 Before, there was a strong sense of accepting what Maria told him to do.

 After all, he didn’t know if the bondage were good or bad, and he didn’t know if he could stay with Maria and Riko forever.

 But now, he would like to be with them for a longer period of time, hopefully for a long time.

 ”No. I am fine with what I have now”

 Maria smiled and shook her head.

 ”I’m sure Riko and Hana-san would say the same”


 ”Yes. For us, the present one is a precious and memorable gift from Chihiro-sama”

 Even if one day it will be broken and unusable, the girls want to keep using it until that day.

 Maria said the same thing as Yotsuba had said about the chastity belt.

 ”…I see. I understand”

 But it still not enough.

 However, since then, he had learned to be honest with himself.

 He had gained more knowledge and experience in playing, and he had learned some techniques. But still, it is not enough.

 With a deep nod, Chihiro urged Maria to look at the object of interest.

 ――But now, the most important one is a chastity belt for men.

 Well, he was worried about the selection since this was a women-only store, but surprisingly there were quite a few of them displayed in a glass case.

 It is not surprising if it is considered.

 Not all of the customers who visit the store buy them for their own use. Some women may buy items for their male slaves to wear.

 Just like Yotsuba.

 ”Well, which one do you like?”

 There are several products in front of them, each with a different structure and design.

 The question is, which one should he choose? Yotsuba said that it should be sturdy, so should he pay attention mainly to the metal fittings?

 If it is a tool for training men, it is hard to grasp the sense of it.

 ”Chihiro-sama, what is his size when he is not erect?”

 ”Eh? Oh, that’s right”

 The core of the chastity belt is the tube that holds the rod.

 At any rate, if the size of that part does not fit, it is meaningless. Chihiro once indicated with his hand the size of Principal Ootori that he had seen with his own eyes.

 Maria squinted her eyes and said a word.

 ”It’s so small”

 ”…I’m sorry, Maria, but I feel sorry for that man”

 As a man, he strongly understands this humiliation.

 Well, he also feels a little superior, considering who Maria compared him to.

 Anyway, the size is now conveyed.

 And so, based on Chihiro’s information, Maria starts to select the items.

 Then Chihiro gets a bit bored.

 ”…Hmmm. It’s a little difficult. There is definitely a good selection, but it’s hard for me to decide what to look for”

 ”I agree”

 Chihiro could only manage a few words of amusement.

 So, he’ll leave the specifics to Maria, who knows her stuff.

 And then, he decides to at least take a look at some other items. If something strikes his fancy, he can give it to the girls as a gift and then wander off.



 ”Ah. I’m sorry”

 He bumped into another customer who was nearby.

 She seemed to be facing the side of Chihiro, and he felt a soft touch on his body.

 Her size was about the same as Yotsuba’s.

 Or maybe a little smaller.

 In this case, it could be called s*xual harassment.

 ”Hmmm… Don’t worry about it”

 Chihiro bowed deeply in a hurry, and fortunately, the other person smiled and said so.

 Then, he looks up and see her.

 She is in her late twenties.

 She is wearing a blouse, a jacket, and pants――tightly designed clothes that clearly show her beautiful body line.

 The individual designs are simple. Yet, she still maintains her feminine cuteness. Her hair is braided back in a so-called “half-up” style.

 When he inhaled, he could smell the fresh scent of flowers.

 Her eyes were about the same level as Chihiro’s.

 Her eyes are slightly droopy, which gives a strong impression of softness. Her rather formal appearance and contrasting atmosphere give him the impression of a different type of working woman from the ones he is familiar with – neither Suzu or Kaede.

 ”…hey, by the way…”

 She reaches out her hand to Chihiro, who is now facing her up close.

 Chihiro felt no malice, so he kept quiet and thought there was a piece of trash on his face, but then she touched his cheek with her supple fingers.

 Five fingers pressed from his left cheek to his chin, and lifted it up with a swish.


 He didn’t have time to react.

 And the woman’s lips touched Chihiro’s.

 Kiss, Kiss…

 For just a few seconds, she does it so fast that the visitor around them does not have time to react. But in that time, she breaks Chihiro’s tongue, plays with it, and then abruptly pulls away.

 It’s sweet.

 His head is filled with a sweet sensation, even though he was forced to do it.

 But then, Chihiro blinks in surprise, and the woman said a word.

 ”I knew it! You’re a boy, aren’t you? You don’t taste like a girl”

 She whispered a point that would be fatal in this situation.

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