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Chapter 136 Chained Pleasure ★

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 Riko is the only one here who has not undressed

 If she straddles him in the skirt of her maid’s uniform, Chihiro’s vision is almost completely covered by darkness, which in turn reduces air circulation

 ”I’m fine. It’s not so bad that I can’t breathe”

 ”Okay. I’ll go”

 With a gentle move, Riko’s crotch rested on Chihiro face, and her skirt softly covered the area around him

 Then, with almost nothing in sight, Chihiro let his senses take over and extended his tongue. Thanks to Riko’s fine adjustment of the position of her hips, Chihiro licks her secret parts


 ”Ah…this is great”

 ”As expected of Izumi kun, you have bad taste”

 A voice from the gallery speaks up

 When Chihiro wondered what was going on, Maria’s voice explained

 ”It was like being licked while being penetrated…”

 It is a sensation that is not usually possible unless one is in a very acrobatic position

 Aika and the others who were not touched by Chihiro, as well as Maria and Riko, were stimulated unexpectedly on one side, and their bodies were gradually being consumed by the sensation

 (…um, Nii-san. I-I want to feel Maria-san’s and Riko’s pleasure…)


 (Because. It looks so comfortable…)

 The voice echoing directly in Chihiro’s head sounded extremely shy and at the same time had an atmosphere of lust

 Maria, Suzu, and Chihiro. Since she was born under the influence of such people, it was natural for her to be aggressive in lewd acts

 (Well. But even so, I’m afraid if I share it with you, I’d come right away”

 How to do it?

 After thinking about it, Chihiro comes up with a way

 (Chisato, can I use [Dominate] on you…?)

 (I don’t know, but I can try)


 Lick Riko’s love juice, apply saliva, and stimulate her sensitive spots

 Maria moves her hips rhythmically and Chihiro occasionally thrusts his p*nis up

 While he continued these blame, he continued the conversation with Chisato in his brain

 (Okay, Chisato)


 Chisato answered in Chihiro mind’s voice and became Illusion, making an oath in a live voice

 ”I belong to my brother. I swear to serve him from now on until he says I am no longer needed”



 Hana and the others sounded surprised

 And as Riko suddenly lifted her hips and rolled up her skirt, Chihiro looked at Chisato

 She was sitting on the floor, exposing her white naked body

 She was completely naked, without a bra, panties, or collar. The only thing that could be called a decoration was a [mark] on her lower abdomen

 As expected, it was a complicated pattern of folded letters of the alphabet – but the shape was different from all the others Chihiro had seen so far

 ”…Hahaha. I did it, Nii-san”

 ”I thought I had to touch it, but I guess Chisato is special”

 Chihiro smiled back at her as she said with her cheeks rising

 Chisato, on the other hand, lifts hier right hand and presses it against the engraved spot

 ”I can feel it. I can feel Nii-san’s thing inside me through Maria-san”

 ”I see”

 Somewhat embarrassed to say, “Good,” Chihiro replied only that

 And with the new naked girl a B or C-cup, well-balanced limb, Maria could feel Chihiro’s p*nis growing harder and bigger

 ”It’s a natural occurrence, but I’m a little jealous”

 Chihiro hear a murmur, and the interrupted movement of Maria’s hips resumes

 She clamps his p*nis tightly against her, moving harder and more exaggeratedly than before the interruption

 And not knowing Maria’s situation, Chisato looked at Chihiro’s p*nis engulfed in Maria’s lower part of her abdomen with a fiery gaze

 ”M-me too…!”

 Riko’s voice came out, and her crotch was pressed against Chihiro’s face again

 Chihiro, giggling inwardly because his mouth was no longer free to move, resumed his torture. He caresses Riko’s mellow secret parts mercilessly

 Squelch! Squelch!

 Drip! Drip!

 Pant! Pant!

 The lewd sound and lewd breath echo in the room

 The more Chihiro tortured Riko and the more Maria moved, the louder and clearer the sounds and voices became

 Riko’s lewd smell fills her long skirt, which is pulled down and it filled Chihiro’s nose

 On the other hand, Maria’s vagina, which had learned Chihiro’s shape, was sucking his crotch firmly and giving off strong and intense pleasure

 ”I can’t take it anymore!”

 It’s Suzu’s voice

 Maria and Riko jumped after a sign of movement

 Suzu started to masturbate uncontrollably, and as a result, Chihiro understood, even without looking, that the pleasure the girls were getting had increased

 The pleasure for three girls was given to six girls including Chisato

 However, it should not be simply half the pleasure. Chihiro’s [Stimulus Amplification] and the synergistic effect of the overlap of the different stimuli are also generated

 And then there are the remaining girls

 ”…Takatsuki-san, do you want to join us?”

 ”Eh? Hana-chan… Mmm”

 ”If you don’t like it, just shake it off. I can’t take it anymore either”

 It seems that Hana pushed Aika down

 Since it was her, she should have been gentle in the play itself, even if she started it by force

 Soon a sound of kissing and sensual breathing of both of them started to be heard


 ”Oh, this is too much!? I’m feeling it too much…!”

 When all five of the six, except for Chisato who cannot masturbate because of Illusion, begin to indulge in pleasure, the pleasure of each is divided into six equal parts and redistributed

 Estimation, the pleasure is not equal, but rather squared

 If the number of [Dominated] subjects increases and they participate in the play, or if each individual performs more intense play, it will be stronger

 ”…ahaha. If this becomes a habit, we’ll all be addicted to Nii-san”

 Chisato’s voice is sweet too

 All of them are aroused to a level where they could climax at any moment, and they continue to act harder and harder in pursuit of that climax

 When it comes to this point, they are all in it together

 As Chihiro thought this, he speeded up the movement of his tongue and p*nis

 ”Ah, ahhhh――!”

 And then..

 Six charming voices filled the soundproofed room, overlapping each other

 At the same time, Chihiro’s vision shook in a white light, and the tip of his p*nis released a large amount of sperm as if it exploded

 Spurt! Spurttttt! Spurtttttt!

 It took several tens of seconds for the ejaculation to completely subside

 ”*Pant* *Pant* Chihiro-sama”

 ”Master, this is too much. This is really making me crazy”

 After a while, Maria withdrew her body from Chihiro’s p*nis and rested her body on his left arm

 Riko, who had stopped straddling him, also clutched at his right arm

 ”Ah, you two are so sneaky!”

 ”It’s true. Come on, Hana-chan, let’s go too”

 ”Eh, no, I’m…”

 Suzu walks unsteadily up to the bed and wraps her arms around Chihiro’s right leg

 Aika, on the other hand, presses her body against Chihiro’s chest with her cheeks flushed. The remaining Hana also reluctantly touches Chihiro’s left leg

 (It felt good, Nii-san)

 Chisato, who had disappeared from her phantom body, whispered softly and gently

 With such a pleasant sensation and comfortable tiredness that it was hard to believe that it was only one climax, they all fell asleep


 Yotsuba’s H-scene will be prepared separately

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