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Chapter 137 Mark

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 ”Izumi-kun, would you mind going out with me for a bit after this?”

 Two days later, after seeing Chisato and trying out the new abilities, Chihiro came back to the school

 But when he just finished most of the work of the student council, Yotsuba unexpectedly called out to him

 The clock in the room showed 4:30 PM

 And even though the election of officers and the inter-school competition are coming up, these events are not as big as the school festival. Therefore, there was plenty of time to spare

 ”Going out?”

 ”Yes. I was wondering if you could help me train a little”

 What a somewhat unexpected invitation

 Hmm, it seems not. Yotsuba is a student of this school, too, despite a young lady. So, she must be trained for combat every day, so it is not so surprising

 At this invitation, Chihiro stopped preparing to leave and tilted his head

 ”I don’t mind, but… are you sure it’s me?”

 Chihiro looks at Lucille who is still sitting on her seat, chewing on a pastry

 ”Hmm. Well, if it’s for training, why don’t I go with you?”

 ”I can’t handle Lou”

 Yotsuba shook her head calmly at Lucille who responded lightly

 ”Besides, I wanted to see how good Izumi-kun is”

 ”Ah, I see. That’s possible”

 ”Then, good luck,” Lucille said

 So, with this, the blond vice-president of the student council sent Chihiro off without hesitation

 But then, Chihiro thinks, “…Well, I did say I wouldn’t mind, but…”

 She is as frank as ever

 ”By the way, are you going to participate in the competition too, Kurohane-senpai?”

 Chihiro asked Yotsuba as they left the student council office and headed for the private training room

 Since she is still in the public eye, her tone of voice is in the mode of daily life

 And the reason why she wants to see what Chihiro can do must be the preparation for the upcoming inter-school competition

 To Chihiro’s question, Yotsuba nods her head

 ”Yes, it is possible. It is not a decision because we will discuss it jointly with the public morals committee… Although Lou’s is probably better”

 In any case, Yotsuba will be able to take the lead as student council president

 As a leader, of course, it is necessary for the student council president to go to the site of the event since it is a school event to interact with other schools

 ”Lucille-senpai is better, in other words?”

 ”Shortly, Lou is our trump card. She can handle any event that comes her way better than anyone else”

 ”Oh, I see”

 Lucille’s ability is [Genius]

 Even if the topic is a strange event – a sport that no one has ever heard of, she can literally demonstrate her genius ability

 If there is a sport that the other four are not good at, she will be assigned to it

 She is a trump card, a wild card

 ”So, last year, too?”

 ”Yes. Lou is participating in the competition. I remember people used to call us two main player”

 Yotsuba squints nostalgically

 Well, she herself is quite useful in her team last year

 Although not as overwhelmingly useful as Lucille, Yotsuba is also quite strong in her own right

 Also, it is said that the possibility of the situation in which her ability, [Luck] comes into play could not be ruled out

 ”I see, for example, in a lottery…”

 ”Rock-paper-scissors, three-choice quiz questions, and so on. There are quite a few events that involve an element of luck, considering that”

 Regarding the actual events, the principal or chairman of the board of trustees of each participating school will first nominate several candidates. After mixing all of them, they are decided by drawing lots

 Therefore, there is a possibility that some events will favor one school, others will favor another school, and there is no limit to the possibility that some very chaotic events will pop up

 It means that everything is possible

 ”However, this year’s candidates are very competitive. There are Sayuki and Kamishiro-kun in the public morals committee, and in the student council, not only myself, Lou, and Izumi kun, but also Hazuki-san and Ayase-san are likely to be candidates”

 For example, smartphones, PCs, etc. may not be allowed in quiz questions, but [Telepathy] can help them

 Ayase’s ability is also different from Lucille’s, but it can be a trump card like Lucille in some cases

 So, the rest is a matter of overall balance

 The question is to what extent Sayuki, who is said to be incomparably strong in melee combat, and Kamishiro, who is strong physically in general, can be included in the team? Should a copy-type player, in other words, Hana, be included as a trump card of a different kind? Or, should they include an assistant like Aika, who is prepared to be discarded in one out of the five rounds?

 The more Chihiro think about it, the more difficult it becomes to find the best solution

 While the two of them were talking like this, they finally arrived at the private training room

 Yotsuba completed the procedure at the terminal, and they entered the private room together

 After locking the door, Chihiro suddenly noticed a problem

 ”By the way, I don’t bring my wear with me…”

 ”Don’t worry, Master, training is just an excuse”

 Chihiro was a bit surprised at her reverent attitude, but it was simply Yotsuba switching to slave mode. Well, there is no need to put on a front in this closed-off private room

 So Chihiro turns his attention to the content of the conversation

 ”Well then…”

 ”Yes. I was wondering if you could hold me”

 Yotsuba whispered wistfully

 She clings to Chihiro and presses her ample breasts against him. It seems that she is already in heat because he can strongly smell her sweet scent

 To this smell, Chihiro exhaled, feeling dizzy

 ”…I see. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

 ”Yes. And, you’re terrible, Master”


 ”What did I do to deserve this?” Chihiro thought

 Just as he was pondering this, an answer came to his mind

 ”The night before last, you all had a good time, didn’t you? I had a hard time because the only thing that came to me was the aftermath of the act”


 Yotsuba looked at him in an unusually cute and angry way

 ”Eh… ah…”

 Could it be that the effect of [Stimulus Sharing] had reached her as well?

 Chihiro finally came to realize this possibility. Indeed, although Chihiro himself was included or excluded, he did not remember that he was aware of Yotsuba in any way

 After all, he had intended to affect all of those who had the [Mark], so naturally, Yotsuba, Chihiro’s slave, must have felt the same pleasure

 ”Yes. Fortunately, I was in my own room… but I couldn’t resist to comfort myself”

 ”…I see”

 That night, there were not six but seven people in the link of pleasure

 Yotsuba let out a breath, and once she separated from Chihiro, she said

 ”Besides, could you introduce Chisato-san to me?”


 It seems that Suzu has already given her the gist of what happened

 (Yes. I want to talk to her too)

 (Well, that’s true. We need that)

 The siblings nod to each other in their minds, and Chisato materializes as Illusion

 It seems that just as [Stimulus Sharing] has no distance limit, she can take shape without any problem even if Riko is far away

 And this time, Chisato materializes in a school uniform

 In this case, Chisato looks almost the same as Chihiro when he is dressed as a woman

 ”Nice to meet you, Yotsuba-san. I am Chisato, Chihiro’s little sister”

 ”Nice to meet you too. You really look just like Master. And I’ve heard you’re an illusion”

 Yotsuba blinks and reaches for Chisato

 Seeing her hand slip through her, Yotsuba finally understands

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