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Chapter 137 Mark

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 ”…So that’s how it is. Thanks for meeting me. Though I won’t see you as often as everyone else”

 ”Please don’t say that. Nii-san is very protective of Yotsuba-san, too”

 ”Thank you. You’re very kind, Chisato”

 Yotsuba’s eyes narrowed as she saw Chisato smiling calmly

 ”…Hahaha. It’s a little embarrassing to be called Chisato”

 ”Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it”

 With this, Chihiro tells Yotsuba about yesterday

 He tells her briefly and adds some details that may have been left out, since she may get the information from Suzu as well

 ”So, she became a slave of Master, too?”

 ”Yes. But it might be a little complicated because she’s my “sister””

 Maria has a certain respect for Chisato, and Aika has a certain solidarity

 The fact that she is not just a new slave but a “sister” may have an influence

 Chisato has special feelings for Chihiro too, like the way the other girls feel but as a relative of their masters and a family member of their lovers

 That is why she is not a lover, a slave, or a friend, but a sister. And Chisato has decided to treat Chihiro as her only s*xual partner

 And now, to Yotsuba’s question, Chisato shows a beaming face

 ”Yes. I had mine engraved with [Mark] too”

 Then she began to take off her clothes at a leisurely pace

 She started to take off her clothes one by one, starting with her top, and then disappearing as if they were unraveling. Her blouse is exposed, her skirt disappears to reveal mint green panties, and a bra of the same color appears

 On the unobstructed lower abdomen, there is the same [Mark] that Chihiro saw yesterday

 ”Eh, that. What is it!?”

 It’s not there

 No, it’s there, but it’s not the same shape. Totally, fundamentally

 In the center of the design is a heart shape. It is about the size of the first joint of a finger, and is surrounded by multiple curves. The thickness and length of the lines are not consistent, and the lines are somewhat feminine. Looking at the whole design from a bird’s-eye view, it appears to be an image of the womb

 In addition, the full name of Chihiro in alphabetic characters is floating on the upper part of the womb

 ”That’s like a real succu…”

 Chihiro was about to say something, but he was afraid of his own s*xual knowledge and kept his mouth shut

 Was it really the result of Chihiro’s subconscious desire?

 ”Well, anyway, I tried to change the shape, but… no luck”

 ”Wait, you mean you can change it!?”

 ”No. That must be Chisato’s own ability. And I don’t think I can do it. Wait, Yotsuba, don’t even bother trying”

 Yotsuba unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her lower abdomen

 Chihiro laughed and received a protesting look from her

 ”But, I envy Chisato”

 ”Don’t say things like Maria”

 ”If someone sees it and cannot be fooled, isn’t it better to show my loyalty to Master?”

 The original design, although different in form between slave, lover, and saffle, is not so different in its general impression that it is difficult to tell what it is unless one sees it

 It is a secret mark that can be used only by one’s relatives, and can be disguised as “just a birthmark” when seen by classmates and family members. This is obvious because the design was intended to be so, but on the other hand, it also means that the design is “not so imposing”

 Still, it is better to not be seen

 However, for the girls, the lewder and direct it is, the better it is as a sign of acceptance that it belongs to Chihiro

 ”So, Master, please give me the same thing”

 ”No, Yotsuba”


 Yotsuba rubs up against Chihiro with her front open

 And loyalty, a sincerity that feels heavy, pours from her moist eyes. Chihiro is happy about it, and he wants to reward her if he can, but he can’t do it

 ”I’m sorry. But it’s still no good. If I put this kind of realistic stuff in, it’s too dangerous when you change your clothes”

 There are many scenes of changing clothes in this school

 Also, Yotsuba, being a young lady, may have servants at home to change her clothes. She must avoid the risk of being found and getting into trouble

 She is even in a sensitive position with Principal Ootori and her family

 ”That’s why… Okay. At least until graduation, I hope you will be patient”

 Once Yotsuba goes to college and start living on her own, she will be much less likely to change her clothes in public. Then there will be more ways to hide it

 While thinking this, Chihiro hugged Yotsuba and patted her head

 Slowly and gently, until she calmed down

 ”…I understand. I am sorry for the trouble I have caused you”

 With this, Yotsuba separated herself from Chihiro in a few minutes

 By then the tears have completely stopped and she smiles at him

 ”I’ll endure until graduation. In return―― you promised me, okay?”


 Well, it’s not like it’s going to happen for free

 Chihiro grunted at Yotsuba insistent request

 Anyway, the situation was a bit difficult, so maybe he will accept her request at least

 Besides, he was almost sure that Maria and the others would demand the same thing from him, which made him a little worried about the future

 ”I’m sorry, Nii-san, but should I put mine back in?”

 ”Chisato is fine as she is. No one else will see you naked, and the mark looks good on you”

 ”Eh? Is that so? Ehehe”

 Really, the smiling sister was very pretty, but Chihiro could not pat her head. Somehow frustrating


 Chihiro changed his mind and decided to finish Yotsuba’s business

 ”Well, Yotsuba, take off all your clothes and stand there”

 ”Yes, Master”

 The reply was immediate and clear

 Somewhat happily, with an air of eagerness but also politely, Yotsuba took off what she was wearing

 She pulls her arms out of the sleeves of her top, undoes the ribbons around her neck, and takes off her blouse

 She then removes her skirt and black underwear, and hangs the outfit on a hanger on the wall

 Her bra, panties, and socks are folded and placed on the floor at the edge

 After taking off her clothes, she stood a meter away from Chihiro, being careful to keep her distance from him

 Her cheeks, slightly stained with shame, accentuate her beautiful skin

 ”You shaved your hair there, huh?”

 Yotsuba’s bush, which was there when Chihiro saw her before, was cleanly gone, and her hairless crotch was exposed

 She must have been embarrassed because she had nothing to hide

 Yotsuba’s cheeks were tinted and she nodded her head

 ”Master seems like it… So, did you like it?”

 ”Yes. Thank you, I’m happy”

 With a nod and a smile, Chihiro walked up to Yotsuba and patted her head gently

 Yotsuba accepted it with narrowed eyes

 After doing so for a few seconds, Chihiro pulled himself away

 Without answering Yotsuba’s quizzical look, he takes something out from his baggage

 ”I don’t mean to thank you, but…”

 He held out a white, neat-looking collar before her blinking eyes

 It was once the last of three collars he had bought many months ago. He had been saving it in case he might use it someday

 ”Would you take this? This is a present for Yotsuba”

 Yotsuba’s eyes widened in complicated surprise

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