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Chapter 141 Election of Officers

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 [Izumi Chihiro-kun elected as the Vice president of the student council]

 ”Oh,” said the class

 When Maria, Hana, and Kamishiro were subsequently elected, there was so much noise that there was no need to listen any longer

 Everyone congratulated each other, and Chihiro was also squeezed by the momentum

 (Fufu. Congratulations, Nii-san)

 (Thank you, Chisato)

 While answering Chisato’s congratulations, Maisaka raised his voice amidst the clamor

 ”Izumi, do you dress up as a woman when you work for the student council?”


 This signaled a burst of laughter in the class

* * *

 In the end, no one was eliminated

 Chihiro, Maria, Hana, Kamishiro, and Yuse Shuka from Class A. After school on the day after the election, the elected members of the Student Council and the Public Morals Committee were gathered in an empty classroom instead of a meeting room

 Yotsuba, Lucille, Marika, and Ayase are the student council members, and Sayuki and some other members of the public morals committee are present

 As for the members of the public morals committee, Chihiro hardly know any of them except for Sayuki, but the one who stands out is the vice-chairman of the committee

 (Is it Fuwa Tatsuhiko?)

 (Yeah. I think this person’s ability is [Toughness] or something like that)

 He is probably around 180cm (6 ft) tall. His large, muscle-covered body is sunk into a pipe chair as if it were cramped

 But if examined closely, the buttocks of the body are slightly floating

 It is what is called an air chair

 [Toughness] is a physical strengthening ability, and the effect is that the body becomes sturdier. He is less likely to be damaged by blows, and his destructive power in a physical fight is indirectly increased. It is said that he recovers faster when he rests

 His rank is B. Although there is a difference between a balanced type and a defensive type, he is Kamishiro’s ideal, and one of the pioneers he should aspire to be

 When he saw Chihiro and the other first-year students, he shouted loudly

 ”Yo, Kamishiro, have you been training?”

 Chihiro’s eyebrows furrowed as his voice echoed in the room more than enough

 Kamishiro, on the other hand, seemed to be used to being called out and immediately answered with a smile

 ”Yes. Please continue to guide me”

 ”Good, good. I still have a lot to teach you”

 ”Hahaha,” said Fuwa, smiling broadly

 He seems to be an athletic or hot-blooded type, just as he looks

 Sayuki glared at him with a sideways glance

 ”Fuwa. I don’t mind your training, but don’t let Kamishiro get too much into your groove. It’s bothering me”

 ”Mmm. Shiramine is as serious as ever”

 After laughing once more, Fuwa becomes quiet

 Then Yotsuba opened her mouth

 ”Everyone, welcome. Thank you very much for your cooperation”

 As Chihiro and the others stood up and bowed, Lucille followed her partner’s words

 ”Sorry to be so quick on the uptake, but this is your first job. I’m going to ask you all to sit in on the selection of participants for the upcoming inter-school competition”

 It seems to be more of a handover than a necessity

 After all, the selection of participants is held only once a year. Unless the newcomers are allowed to see how it is done, they may not know how it was done in the previous year

 Well, it is not necessary in the case that some of the previous year’s members continue to participate in the next year’s competition

 ”You guys are mostly potential participants. It’s a good idea to invite all of you”

 After being told that they are free to express any opinions they may have, the participants are first given a brief explanation

 The inter-school competition will be held on the first Sunday in December

 The place is Shibahou Academy

 Representatives from Shibatsuru Academy in Sapporo and two other schools――Shibaryu Academy in Osaka and Shibakko Academy in Kyushu――will come to compete with representatives from Shibahou

 There will be five representatives from each school. A total of five rounds will be played, and the school with the most wins will be declared the winner

 ”At this point, the details of the events are not known, are they?”

 ”Yes. After the representatives are selected and announced, the representatives of each school will decide the events”

 So, every possible scenario must be considered when selecting the representatives

 With a shrug, Lucille says

 ”There’s only a small prize for winning, but the school’s side are often quite enthusiastic about it. It’s not every day you get a chance to compete directly against another school”

 Maybe it’s a bit of a hard condition to accept the responsibility

 She cut off and said further

 ”So, who wants to do it?”


 The majority in the room looked troubled

 It’s a tricky question

 Then, after a few seconds, everyone raised their hands

 ”Very well”

 Lucille smiles

 Although Chihiro thought that was what she meant, it seems that they were being tested. In other words, she was not going to use an unmotivated person, or rather, she was trying to make them do something because she didn’t want to have to deal with the problem of an unmotivated person

 After the explanation, Sayuki opened her mouth

 ”Well, let’s start”

 Ayase had made a list of the students who were noticeable in the school. All of them were present, including Chihiro, and a few others

 (Five students here, that’s hard to say…)

 Looking at the list, Chisato muttered again

 In fact, the difficulty is high in terms of the number of people and the conditions

 If each one of them here had chosen, it would have been possible to get quite different results

 It would be nice if there were some guidelines to choose

 ”Well… Do you have last year’s results?”

 Hana raises her hand and asks a question

 Ayase immediately responds and shows everyone the data in the PC on the screen

 ”Yes, there are. Last year, Shibatsuru Academy won the competition with three wins”

 ”…three wins”

 In other words, at least one of the four schools has failed to win a single game

 ”We have one win, though. It’s a matter of compatibility with the events, and you should be prepared for such a bias to occur”

 Lucille said so, but Chihiro had to think about something else

 In a battle where the average win is one, the school won three. The reason for this victory must have been the ability of the students

 Shibatsuru Academy

 He felt the unfathomable nature of the high school where Fukami Kaito controls the student council and [Absolute]

 ”Last year, the students who won the Shibatsuru Academy are all third-year students. So, I am sure that they will change the members of the team drastically this year”

 Ayase adds

 But this also meant, on the other hand, that the opponent’s performance could not be predicted at all

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