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Chapter 142 Representative Election against the Competition ★

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 In the end, the selection of representatives for the inter-school competition was quite difficult

 In any case, there are no theories or optimal solutions. In addition, everyone wants to be represented by him/herself, and opinions differ widely based on this criterion

 When Lucille argues that the team’s winning rate should be increased by prioritizing generalists over specialists, Sayuki argues that the team should be organized so that each student can pick up a win in his or her specialty

 Some argued that the third-year students with more experience should be given priority, while others suggested that the younger students should be given a seat

 Fuwa, for example, was rejected by everyone, suggesting that “it’s too much trouble, so let’s have a selective match within the school”, clearly showing that he just wants to fight

 Nevertheless, little by little, the direction of the team was settled

 The reason is that everyone shared the same desire to win the competition, so there was no side-tracking on that point

 ”Izumi-kun, do you have any opinions?”

 Yotsuba said and looked at Chihiro

 All eyes were on him

 Chihiro, who was suddenly asked, was puzzled, but he felt better when he saw Yotsuba’s eyes and the color of expectation in him

 Still, it is difficult to imagine what Yotsuba wants from Chihiro

 So, Chihiro tries to organize what he can say and what he wants to say

 ”Okay… first of all, I definitely want to win the competition”


 Some voices were raised – mainly on the public morals committee members’ side

 They were surprised that Chihiro, who looks quiet, used the word “definitely”. Indeed, Chihiro himself thinks that it does not suit him

 However, there is a reason to say so in this case

 It’s Fukami Kaito

 So, he continues to speak, vaguely imagining the face of a man he has never met and does not yet recognize

 ”It would be best if I could participate and win if possible. But winning is the priority, so if we can’t win, I wouldn’t mind not being able to participate”

 Now several people gasp

 Amidst them, there were those who listened quietly

 Maria, Hana, and Kamishiro. Those who knew Chihiro relatively well waited for the rest of the session without making a fuss

 ”To win, someone who is strong must come out”

 ”Servant… no. Chihiro, what’s your definition of a strong?”

 ”It’s whether they can contribute to winning. Looking at both range and expertise, someone who can win easily―― I’m sure Lucille-senpai is a definite candidate”

 ”So, it is me”

 Lucille blinked

 ”Well, I think you’re right”


 When Lucille gave a blunt affirmation, Yotsuba chided her with a wry smile

 Lucille laughed and went back to the topic

 ”I see. You may have a point”

 Suddenly, Lucille’s expression becomes serious

 Her eyes narrow, and the light behind them flickers fast. She seems to be thinking about something, mobilizing her [Genius] ability

 The others are silently watching the exchange between Chihiro and Lucille

 At least, no one interferes with them in a meaningless way. They are expected and trusted to that extent

 ”Let me ask you something. On top of that, what kind of team would Chihiro form?”

 ”…well, of course…”

 Chihiro was also thinking about it

 He went over the ideas that had been stirring in his head, and decided on the best one in the shortest possible time. In doing so, he surprisingly came to a conclusion quickly, but was this Chisato’s power?

 (Mmm… maybe. I was thinking together with Nii-san just now)

 It seems that not only conversational consultation, but also multiple operations are possible in the case of relatively complex thoughts such as these

 Really, the coexistence of [Auxiliary Personality], Chihiro and Chisato has a surprisingly wide range of applications

 ”Kurohane-senpai, Hazuki-senpai, Lucille-senpai, Mishuku-san, and Kamishiro-kun…”

 Lucille, who can combine versatility and expertise, is fixed

 Marika’s [Telepathy] is expected to be widely used even outside of her own role. Considering that it can be used for secret strategy meetings and for giving instructions during competition, she should be included in the list of representatives

 Hana’s [Looting] allows her to borrow others’ abilities. Thanks to this, she is quite versatile, and in fact, her academic ability is also quite high. Combined with her unforgiving and unreserved character, she is expected to play an active role

 Yotsuba probably has the best strength without any abilities. Although her [Lucky] seems to be modest, and the image of relying on luck creates resistance, it is very effective if it is considered that she can attract advantageous situations without doing anything

 Kamishiro plays a physical role. It is unlikely that there is not a single sport that requires athletic ability among the five sports. However, since it is uncertain whether it is sports, combat, or athletic, a stable flat [Physical Enhancement] is the most reliable

 ”What do you think?”


 Lucille ponders again

 Immediately afterwards, a mumble escaped from her mouth, which may or may not be related to the question, “Did Chihiro really remove himself?”

 She looked up in a few tens of seconds and asked the group

 ”Does anyone have an opinion on what he just said?”

 Several people raised their hands and began to express their opinions again

 However, from that point on, the discussion started to move visibly – or so it seemed to Chihiro

 (It might have been my imagination…)

 (Hmm… I wonder…)

 Chihiro ask himself (?) but could not get an answer

 After about 30 minutes, a conclusion was reached

 Yotsuba again declared the final member who summarized everyone’s opinions

 ”Hazuki-san, Lou, Mishuku-san, Kamishiro-kun, and… Izumi-kun. Is there anyone who has any objection?”

 A silence answered the question


 Chihiro raised his hand

 He had understood most of the discussion as he listened to it

 ”Why did I join?”


 Lucille answered simply

 ”In other words, your ability number is quite appealing”

 ”My abilities are rather limited in number, though”

 ”No, of course not. For example, [Sleep Enhancement]”

 The number of events in the competition is five, but not necessarily in the form of one person in each event

 In the past, there was a case in which a five-on-five basketball game was one of the events, and it was the first event

 In other words, since there is a possibility that one person may compete in more than one event, the ability to recover in a short period of time may be of use

 ”Chisato-chan may have a chance to compete”

 [With [Mind Reading], you’d probably be the strongest]

 This is Ayase and Marika’s words

 Although Chihiro thinks that the two of them have minimal intention to make fun of him, it seems to be very narrow in its effective range

 ”Everyone agrees that you should be included, so just nod your head”

 Chihiro smiles at Lucille’s implicit comment, trying not to let his eyes get watery

 ”Yes. Thank you very much, I will do my best”

* * *

 Yotsuba informs Principal Ootori of the decided members of the inter-competition

 Principal Ootori will make candidates for the events based on the data of the members received from Yotsuba, which will be included in the draw for the events

 Therefore, there is a possibility that Chihiro and his team will be favored in some events

 Anyway, all that remains is to wait for the day of the event. Those who were chosen as the representatives are now to nourish their energy in their own ways

 (I will cooperate as much as possible, Nii-san)

 (Yes. I’m counting on you)

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