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Chapter 143 Lesbian Play between Chisato and Hana ★

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 It was Hana who peeked out

 She was dressed in plain clothes, and when she saw Chihiro’s reflection through her glasses, she squinted her eyes and exhaled

 ”It seems not. Thank goodness”

 Chihiro is in there, too, but that’s probably too much to ask

 Also, neither Chihiro nor Chisato, who oversaw the body, dared to point out what Hana should have understood

 And so, Chisato tilted her head as she moved her legs and flopped down on the bed

 ”Hana-san? What’s the matter?”

 Chisato looked perplexed. Even Chihiro, who was inside the body, could tell it

 Well, although she was embarrassed to have the p*nis seen, she did not reject Hana’s visit. It just a subtle subtlety of her mind

 Anyway, before Hana answered, Hana closed the door and walked toward the bed

 Their gazes do not move apart as they move. So, Chihiro’s [Mind-Reading] is activated through Chisato, and Hana’s feelings are transmitted to the siblings

 It is a faint emotion like longing

 Though Chihiro is at a loss as to how to describe it, if he had to guess, he would say that there are lilies blooming in the background

 ”I thought, “I’m sure this is something that will happen””

 Hana walks around the bed and puts her glasses on the dresser chest beside her

 She then removes the extra items and leans back on the bed

 ”Did Izumi tell you to do it? It’s okay, you don’t have to do everything just because he tells you to”

 Slowly but surely, Hana walks up to Chisato and grabs Chisato’s – or rather, Chihiro’s – hand

 Her eyes are as gentle as her voice as she gazes into Chisato’s still sticky palm

 ”I’m sorry for doing this to your hand…”

 Hana opens her mouth as her hand is yanked away


 A soft tongue licks off the semen. Despite a faint frown of bitterness on her face, Hana did not stop, and she continued to clean Chisato’s fingers one after another with her tongue

 The siblings watched her with a subtle, ticklish s*xual sensation, and soon the palms were completely clean


 Hana exhaled and looked at Chisato again

 ”That’s better”

 ”Thank you very much. But I wanted to do this”

 ”Then, let’s do something more comfortable, shall we?”

 Hana leaned forward and kissed Chisato


 ”Huh, ah…”

 Suddenly, Chisato’s eyes widened, but she did not resist the movement

 Her lips were split open, and her hands were wrapped tightly around her own waist, but she remained still. Rather, she lay down on the bed to support Hana’s movements, while she herself intertwined her tongue with Hana

 After a few moments, Chisato’s arms were loosely wrapped around Hana’s neck, and Hana slowly covered Chisato’s body with hers

 Sucking, sucking..

 For about a dozen seconds, the kisses that seemed to circle around Chisato’s mouth came in succession

 Chisato takes a breather at each time, so she doesn’t feel suffocated, but her thoughts are tossed about by the dizzying movements

 Such a pleasant feeling

 And at the same time, Hana kept her eyes open during the kiss

 Her cheeks are faintly tinted red. She is in a similar state as Chisato. If it were Chihiro himself, he would be a little hesitant to look at her regardless of the shame he feels

 ”So, this is a sweet lesbian kiss,” Chihiro thought

 This gentle kiss, which is different from his directed submissive kiss or the Hana-directed reprimanding kiss, seems to be an expression of Hana’s love for Chisato


 ”Fufu. You’re so cute, Chisato-chan”

 The kissing continued

 Each time, for a few seconds at a time, the overlapping of the lips increases in length

 This creates an illusion of time, and makes them think that the long kisses are only momentary. More and more of this debaucherous time is demanded, without limit

 And it feels good

 The girls devour each other’s lips as they press their bodies against each other

 (Ah… right, Nii-san is left out of this…)

 In between acts, Chisato sends Chihiro a thought

 (Sorry, Nii-san, I was about to get carried away. Would you like to take my place now?)

 (Hahaha. Don’t worry, just keep going. This is fun too)

 Chihiro doesn’t want Hana to resent him when she finds out later that they switched

 And sometimes, it would be good for Hana to have this kind of perk. Also, from now on, they will spend more time with her than before

 With this thinking, Chihiro adjusted the range of [Stimulus Sharing]

 He cuts off the sharing with the other girls, and makes it two-way sharing only between Hana and himself. In this way, the pleasure of both parties should blend and dissolve

 Even Chihiro’s body, which has male genitalia but no female genitalia, will be able to experience the girl’s pleasure

 In fact, the quality of the pleasure changed by changing the way of sharing

 It was like, but much slower than, the waves of climax that he experienced when Kaede, his big sister, forced him to climax. The pleasure that made him feel as if his breath and voice would leak out spontaneously became numb and ran through his body

 Perhaps it is like receiving a massage while lying on the bed

 Chihiro, who was in a position to simply accept Chisato’s pleasure, let himself be carried away by the waves, and let his mind be swayed

 A few minutes later. The girls stop kissing and exchange a few words

 ”*Pant*… Hana-san, you’re a good kisser, aren’t you?”

 ”Thank you very much. The other day, Takatsuki-san gave me a compliment too”

 Chihiro remembers it. That was when he first started using his new ability for s*xual intercourse

 Aika was moaning prettily when Hana caressed her. Although he doesn’t care about the play between girls, he feels a little bit jealous of it

 ”Fufu. So, did you say that Aika-anesama feels better than Nii-san?”

 ”…No. She said she prefers kissing Chihiro-kun”

 Hana answers Chisato’s question with a sigh

 Huff… Chihiro was relieved by her answer. Even if Hana had no bad intentions toward Aika, Chihiro could not help but feel depressed if he was inferior to Hana

 However, he secretly thinks that he should practice kissing more

 ”It can’t be helped. Aika and Nii-san are lovers”

 ”Then, how about Chisato-chan? Who do you like better, me or Izumi kun?”

 ”That’s a difficult question. I mean, I can’t kiss Nii-san”

 As long as they coexist in the same body, there is nothing they can do about it

 Chisato laughed softly and continued

 ”I don’t intend to make a lover. However, if I had a body of my own, I would like to have a child with Nii-san”


 Hana’s face quickly clouds over

 ”But I love Hana-san, too”


 Chisato’s voice was interrupted by Hana’s voice and she snuggled closer to Chisato

 She then separated herself and started to undress Chisato’s upper body

 ”Oh, Hana-san, it is embarrassing…”

 ”It’s okay. Chisato-chan has a beautiful body”

 The girls are getting quite into the play, but Chihiro wonder if Hana will want to die when she looks in retrospect

 Anyway, he doesn’t want to interfere because Hana might kill him if he points it out

 In no time at all, the sweater and bra are off

 What is exposed is, of course, Chihiro’s flat chest. But still Hana lovingly runs her fingers over them


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