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Chapter 143 Lesbian Play between Chisato and Hana ★

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 The nipples were pinched tightly, and Chisato let out a squeal

 ”Fufu. Chisato-chan’s nipples are very sensitive”

 If the sensitivity is high, it is most likely due to Hana

 Hana kneaded her fingers around the nipples, which were small for a man, to make them erect, and blew on them


 A shiver runs down the spine

 Then Hana’s face came close to the nipple and she took it in her mouth

 She rolled it around on the tip of her tongue, which made Chihiro, who was inside the body, feel indescribable. Chisato, who is experiencing the same pleasure, puts her arms around Hana’s body as if she can’t help it

 Still, Hana does not stop

 Her tongue wriggles around, looking at Chisato’s reaction, trying to find a weaker way

 ”Ah, ahhhh!?”

 Chisato’s body twists and turns

 A light urge, similar to a climax, rushes through her. Hana smiles in satisfaction, and exhales as if to let out her pent-up sensuality

 ”The one who is doing the work and the one being done can feel good together, huh…? I hate to praise Izumi-kun, but it’s a perfect ability for girls to have with each other, isn’t it?”

 Having shared the same pleasure with Chisato, Hana was getting the same amount of pleasure as Chisato was getting

 In the sense that both parties can feel good without changing the relationship between S and M, or rather between “friend and cat”, [Stimulus Sharing] is certainly compatible with lesbian play

 However, while this act is lesbian play, it is clearly different from ordinary lesbian play

 ”Um, Hana-san”

 Chisato lifts her hips and insists on pressing the “it” against Hana’s lower abdomen

 ”My part is very sad”

 There, of course, was not a female organ but a p*nis

 Since Chisato is not wearing panties now, Hana must have a direct feeling of the erection

 Hana receives it with a complicated expression on her face and asks Chisato

 ”Do you want to do it? Chisato-chan”

 ”Yes. I want to. I want to be inside you, Hana-san”

 ”…I understand”

 After a moment’s hesitation, Hana nodded her head as if she had no choice

 Their positions reversed

 Hana lies on the bed and opens her legs. Chisato reached Hana’s lower part, rolled up her skirt, and put her hand on the inside of her panties

 They were of different shades on the front and the sides, and had a ribbon on the front

 ”That’s a cute pair of underwear. Where did you get them?”

 ”A lingerie store in front of the station. I’m a little embarrassed”

 Hana’s face looks happy even as she says this

 If Chihiro asks her the same question, it must have a totally different answer from now

 ”Well then, Hana-san”


 Hana is demurer than ever

 Leaving her legs open, Hana waits for the penetration of the p*nis. Her eyes seemed to be moist with anticipation

 Her secret place is already wet and trembling with expectation

 (Fufu. Nii-san, don’t you think it’s a bit of a perk?)

 (That’s, well…)

 Normally, Chihiro wouldn’t normally see Hana this submissive

 (But I think it’s also because Hana-san is expecting Nii-san’s p*nis. Because…)

 Hana has been accepted many times and has become familiar to Chihiro’s body

 And now, without daring to say anything, Chisato put the p*nis against Hana. As she sank her hips down, the sensation of both inserting and being inserted hit her at the same time

 ”Ah, this is…”

 ”It’s more than I thought it would be…”

 The two girls mutter to each other

 Hana, who had left her mouth open, exhaled with a moan

 ”This is… This pleasure of the p*nis becomes a habit, it is Izumi-kun’s fault…!”

 The expression on Hana’s face as she grips the sheets tightly is endlessly adorable

 (Chisato, please make Hana feel good)

 (Yes, of course, Nii-san. I’m going to do it even if you don’t tell me)

 Chisato slowly moves her hips

 She inserts the p*nis up to the root, and then pulls it out to the tip. Every time Chisato moves her hips a little, the pleasure of both the p*nis and the vagina comes over her, and her body shakes a little

 At this rate, it might come out soon

 Such a thought arose in Chisato’s mind, but surprisingly, the piston movement continued for a long time

 Apparently, a woman’s s*xual sensation does not directly lead to ejaculation

 The girls were gradually becoming lewd and debauched, partly because Chisato kept the movements as far as she could control it

 And so, the girls never stopped

 Chihiro, whose body sensation is only indirect now, does not know whether he is the one who is holding them or the one who is being held by them


 ”Hana-san, you’re so cute…”

 Love and longing, such things overflowed

 Before long, Hana was shaking her own hips and drowning in this unusual pleasure

 The pleasure is sent to the p*nis intermittently and is stored in it. It consumes them, or rather the three of them, with the woman’s ecstasy that envelops their whole bodies


 ”Hana-san, I-I can’t take it anymore…”

 ”Me too, I can’t take it anymore, let’s come, let’s come together, okay…?”

 Their movements quicken

 Their lower abdomens collide with each other, seemingly without thinking of the consequences, and the bedroom is filled with the sound of their pounding. And Chihiro now is mixed in with them

 Suddenly, their unique world without the presence of a man is thrown off balance..

 ”Ah, ahhhh――!”

 The girls screamed at the same time

 Something burst deep inside their bodies, in the area where a woman’s womb would be. Chisato and Hana each arched their backs, and their genitals exploded beyond their limits

 Spurt! Spurtttt! They spurt out a lot of liquid in succession. The liquid seems to have accumulated as much as they were rushed

 Pant, pant..

 Chisato pulled out the p*nis while breathing with Hana

 ”…It felt good, very good”

 ”I’m glad. Chisato-chan was pleased”

 Hana then slowly raised herself up

 She reaches for the p*nis, saying that Chisato should just lie down since she had just climaxed

 ”Here, let me clean this up for you”

 ”Ah, then, please let me do it too”

 Chisato nodded and pushed Hana down again into a 69 position

 The girls continued to make love until they got tired and Riko came to call for them

 ”You two! You can do it, but make sure you take a bath, okay? And don’t you make a meal out of it forever!”

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