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Chapter 144 The Ruler’s Visit

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 Before anyone knew it, the inter-school competition was coming up the next day

 Chihiro and the other representatives of Shibahou Academy have a brief meeting, confirm the meeting place and time for the next day, and then disperse

 ”Kurohane-senpai, would you like to have lunch with us?”

 ”Yes, that would be nice. Then, please do so”

 Chihiro and Hana, acting somewhat bland, decide to go home with Yotsuba

 They leave Kamishiro, who says he will stay behind to train, and Marika, who says she will stop by the student council office before going home

 As they were about to go through the school gate

 ”Nice to meet you, Izumi Chihiro-kun”

 ――A man’s voice came

 Although the view is somewhat obstructed by the school gate, the place is reasonably open

 Naturally, there was no one nearby

 But suddenly a man’s voice was heard

 It was not a whisper, but it was not loud either. And yet, it reached Chihiro’s ears strangely clearly, without seeming to interfere with the sound of the wind or the rustling of the trees

 It was like, yes

 It was as if the person had the power to attract all eyes, ears, and interests to himself

 And then, Chihiro stops and looks back

 There he is

 The man looks to be in his late twenties

 Dark hair, dark eyes

 His face is handsome, but there is nothing special about him except for his color. According to a theory Chihiro has heard, the ultimate beauty or good looks is a form that has lost its features and has been averaged out

 His slender figure is exactly what one should call a kind of perfection

 Basically slender. But he is not unreliable, and he maintains a certain amount of fleshiness. He is considerably taller than Chihiro, in the mid-170cm range

 Needless to say, Chihiro recognized him

 He must be “that person”

 ”Fukami, Kaito”

 Hana muttered beside Chihiro

 She stood frozen, staring aghast at the man standing a few meters away


 Yotsuba, who had guessed the situation from Hana’s muttering, steps forward to protect Chihiro

 Kaito, the man, smiled

 ”Yes. I am Fukami Kaito, Maria’s brother and a rank S [Lost Item]. And the leader of [Absolute]”

 It was a smile that reassured those who saw it, a smile that would be attractive enough to a young woman

 ”It’s okay. I’m not going to hurt you. So, please don’t worry”

 ”…Do you think I can believe you?”

 Yotsuba’s voice was faintly trembling as she responded

 (Nii-san, this man is dangerous)

 Suddenly, Chisato whispers in Chihiro’s brain

 (How can I say this? I almost trust him just by talking to him. Just like that girl said the other day)

 Just the mere recognition of his presence, voice or figure is irresistible

 More effective on women than on men, those affected eventually become his slaves, even their personalities distorted. Such an unreasonable ability

 When it was used by Kaname’s [Terminal], it did not make any sense, but apparently, when it is used by the person himself, it is much different

 If even Chisato in Chihiro is affected, then Yotsuba and Hana must be affected

 ”Mishuku-san, Kurohane-senpai. Please leave here now”


 ”He’s supposed to be here for me. There is no need for the two of you to be here”

 Above all, Chihiro doesn’t want to see these girls dominated by others

 And the girls must have sensed Chihiro’s thoughts behind his words. However, Hana and Yotsuba remained silent, hesitating


 ”Under the circumstances, we can’t leave you here”

 Their eyes told Chihiro it was dangerous

 It’s Saturday, lunchtime, in front of the school gate

 Most of the students have already gone home. So, at this moment, there is no one but Chihiro and the others, and if Hana and the others leave, Chihiro will be left alone

 However, Chihiro does not want to change his opinion

 It would be easier to reduce the damage if he alone confronts Kaito, who is relatively easy to resist Kaito’s ability


 ”There’s no need to talk. You can’t escape anyway”

 ”Huh, there’s a voices behind me, too!?” Chihiro thought

 Of course, there was no one there either

 But when, Chihiro turn around again, and there are two girls standing there

 It seems that the voice belongs to one of the girl, whom he has never seen before

 She has short hair in a rough style and is wearing a traditional sailor uniform, the uniform of Shibatsuru Academy

 Judging from the fact that the uniform is thin and short-sleeved, she is probably wearing a summer uniform

 ”You didn’t even notice we were here, huh?”

 She smiles at Chihiro, and there is another person beside her

 This is a girl he knows, dressed in a winter sailor suit

 This is Ibusuki Kaname, a self-proclaimed idol of the bizarre and brutal type

 ”It’s been a while, Izumi-kun. Did you wash your neck and wait for me?”

 She says, and smiles fiercely, showing her teeth

 Kaname’s eyes were not smiling, but glistening with murderous intent toward Chihiro

 It was natural, after all Chihiro had done to her, but it seemed that she had a lot of grudges against him


 Three people suddenly appeared where no one was supposed to be

 If it had been only Kaito, it could have been carelessness on the part of Chihiro and the others

 But if they missed three people, it is natural to assume that there was some kind of power at work

 The opponent is Fukami Kaito, the ruler of [Absolute]

 And two students belong to Shibatsuru Academy

 Then, the cause of the miss is probably..

 ”…the ability to make people unaware of their surroundings”

 ”Not exactly. Although the recognition direction is correct”

 The voice came from Kaito

 He shrugged his shoulders lightly as he looked back at Chihiro and the others again

 ”You don’t have to look so scared, do you? I’m the one who came all the way here to say hello to you”

 ”Do you think we can trust you?”

 Hana repeated what Yotsuba had just said

 As if finally freed from the spell, she quickly got behind Chihiro. Their backs touch each other through their uniforms


 Her slender fingers intertwine with Chihiro’s left hand and hold it

 ”Hmm. You’re really into this guy, aren’t you?”

 ”Yeah, it seems so. Hana-chan, you have such bad taste, don’t you?”

 Kaname answered to the girl

 Both of their voices are strangely cheerful, which is frightening

 Just as the other day Kaname ordered Maria and the others to rape Chihiro – It’s likely that these girls can hurt people with a smile if Kaito orders them to do so

 ”Don’t do it, Kaname, Saki”

 ”Yes, Master”

 When Kaito gave the order, the girls obeyed and kept their mouths shut

 And they did not hesitate to say “Master” in this public place

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