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Chapter 144 The Ruler’s Visit

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 (It’s crazy)

 (…yeah. But I’ll never lose my mind)

 In the first place, it was a kind of hostile action when they came to block the way for Chihiro and the others to leave

 And it is impossible to honestly believe that they do not intend to hurt them. Besides, even if Kaito intended to use his ability to brainwash the three of them, he would not have “hurt” them

 If they know they are going to be brainwashed, they can be prepared for it

 Although they don’t know how far it will work, it should be much better than nothing

 Still, they will take all possible countermeasures and try to make the situation go away peacefully

 ”Why are you suddenly here?”

 Chihiro, who had settled on a plan in his mind, looked at Kaito intently


 As soon as their gazes meet, a faint pain runs through his chest. At the same time, Kaito’s emotions flowed into his mind, but they were so hazy and unclear that he could not understand their meaning

 Involuntarily, he frowned

 Whether Kaito noticed Chihiro or not, he chuckled and looked at Kaname and the others in the back

 ”I’m their chaperone. Tomorrow, there will be an inter-school competition, right? We’re going to be competing with you guys, so we thought we’d say hello”

 ”…I see”

 In a sense, it could be called a declaration of war

 They do not intend to crush Chihiro and the others with the full force of their organization. However, they will not hesitate to fight fair and square in accordance with the rule of law in a given situation

 Rather, this group is willing to use its own pawns against them aggressively

 ”We were told that representatives from each school would arrive in the afternoon”

 After all, they are coming from Hokkaido, Osaka, and Kyushu

 Because of the long travel time, they will be staying at the school’s facilities from today, the day before the event

 That’s fine, but the students who represent the school will have classes. If they come after taking the classes, they will not be able to come at this time

 Or maybe they were excused to prepare for the competition

 ”It’s called “anticipation”. Kaname there has a lot of time off for work. Saki… well, I let her take time off for my own reasons”

 ”Don’t worry about it. Master’s business is more important”

 Chihiro glanced back and saw a girl, Saki, smiling at Kaito. If she had a tail, she would be wagging it

 Kaito looked at her without any surprise and nodded

 ”Good girl. Well, I’ll give you a reward later”

 ”Whoa. Thank you so much!”

 Perhaps the “reward” is a s*xual act

 Almost embarrassed by the unusualness of the conversation, Chihiro managed to keep his composure and asked more questions

 ”Um… Well… Do you want to continue the conversation here?”

 ”Hmm? Oh, yes, that’s right”

 Kaito finally realized it when he was told

 He nodded in that tone, and he laughed and told Chihiro

 ”Well, let’s talk over a meal or something”

* * *

 It is about a ten-minute walk from the school

 Chihiro took them to a private soba noodle restaurant based on Kaito’s request

 It might have been the restaurant where Principal Ootori had taken a delivery service

 If so, the taste is quite good

 But still, why soba?

 Chihiro wanted to say something, but he and Kaito were not in that kind of relationship. So, he only let out a light sigh and followed Kaito who went through the curtain first


 ”Yeah. We’d like to reserve this place for ourselves, is that okay?”


 Kaito declared as soon as they entered the restaurant, which had tables, a tatami room, and several counter seats, and Chihiro stiffened, not understanding what he was saying

 It was lunchtime. There are a number of customers seated and eating

 It would be impossible for anyone but a top entertainer to come out of the blue and ask to reserve the whole restaurant for himself

 But what was even more incomprehensible was the owner’s reaction


 The owner answered lightly and without a flaw

 The customers in the restaurant, who must have heard the conversation between the them, took this as a cue to start eating at a faster pace

 ”Oh, there’s no need to panic. Just leave before our order arrives”

 Kaito extended his hand as if he were an influential figure offering generous treatment

 There is no doubt

 He had done something to that people

 After the six of them had gathered around one of the tatami rooms――Kaname, Kaito, and Saki sat at one end of the table, and Hana, Chihiro, and Yotsuba sat at the other――Chihiro first asked them to sit first. Then, he asked what his concerns were

 ”Is that what you were doing earlier?”


 Kaito answered very easily

 ”That’s my ability, [Ruler]”


 ”It may have a similar naming to your [Domination], but it’s a completely different ability”

 Kaito smiles proudly

 He picked up the menu and looked at it happily as he continued

 ”Just by me being there and talking to people. Just by looking into their eyes. It makes people like me. And they want to do what I want”

 ”You mean, control their mind?”

 ”Yes, you’re right. The effects of the ability get stronger the longer it’s in place. If it’s temporary, like with the people in this store, it’ll wear off soon, but if I like someone, it doesn’t work that way. I take my time and dye them thoroughly”

 ”Like these girls,” Kaito said and grabbed Saki’s chin with his free left hand

 He stroked her chin casually. Then he plays with her mouth and tongue

 He did all this without looking at her

 Saki, on the other hand, is not disgusted but ecstatic

 When Kaito’s fingers leave her mouth, he exhales and wipes his fingers with a handkerchief that he has taken out from somewhere. There was no hesitation in this action

 ”What a terrible thing to do”

 Yotsuba muttered quietly

 ”Terrible? But that guy there who enslaves you is just like me…”

 ”No, he’s different. He doesn’t play with people’s hearts lightly. Never”

 ”Well. He’s just trying to keep up appearances. If his innermost self is exposed and he behaves as he pleases, he’ll be just like me. Isn’t that right, Izumi Chihiro-kun?”

 His calm eyes shot through Chihiro

 He is saying the right thing, or at least he believes so, which is why they are so calm

 And in a way, he may be right

 Chihiro thought that if he behaved completely according to his desires, he would be the same as him

 So, that is correct

 (But, Nii-san is different

 Chihiro answered Chisato’s voice in his mind, shaking his head and nodding his head

 ”I’m not like you. I don’t want to be like you”


 Kaito’s eyes narrowed

 He stares at Chihiro for a moment, then exhales softly

 ”Can you really say that after seeing this?”

 Then he ordered Kaname and Saki to do something unexpected


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