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Chapter 145 The Ruler’s Invitation

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 ”Kaname, Saki… take off everything you’re wearing right now”


 Chihiro was absolutely mortified when the order was uttered so casually

 Hana and Yotsuba did the same

 While their eyes were wide open and they were unable to respond, the two girls’ voices chanted in unison

 ””Yes, Master””

 Kaname and Saki stood up at the same time

 They put their hands on their sailor uniform as if it were a matter of course


 ”…What? You don’t have the right to give us orders, do you?”

 Saki said annoyed as she stopped

 Her sharp gaze pierced Chihiro’s heart as she blamed him for stopping her from undressing. Her gaze reminds him of the old Riko’s, and it is always exclusive

 Still, Chihiro managed to say what he needed to say

 ”It’s not right to be naked in a place like this”

 There are still some customers left in the restaurant

 And due to Chihiro’s voice, some customers turned their attention to them

 Considering the nature of the restaurant, the customers are much older than Chihiro and the others. In particular, there were many elderly men

 Saki, however, snickered lightly

 ”What’s wrong with that?”

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”I don’t care where it is. But Master’s orders take precedence over everything else. That’s all I want to talk about!”

 She puts her hand on her sailor uniform again

 Chihiro had no choice but to look at Kaname

 ”Ibusuki-san, if a celebrity does something like this, it will be a problem”

 ”Maybe you’re right”

 In case someone knows Kaname’s face, and if rumors spread, it might hinder her entertainment activities

 ”Anyway, if rumors spread, that is”

 Kaname, with a sly grin, follows Saki

 Chihiro tried to stop her, but she was across the table and there was a man in front of her who was in the way

 Kaito, who was sitting down on the cushion, says quietly

 ”After the customers leave the restaurant, the events that took place here will become vague. The memory will be a dream or something… Oh right, like this, a young customer who came later told you to leave and you obeyed him”

 That is one of the effects of [Ruler]

 If a person has acted against his/her own temperament due to Kaito’s order, even if he/she recalls it after escaping from the influence of his/her ability, the explanation is not clear and a sense of discomfort remains

 And if it was only a short period of time, the person may just say “it was a mix-up” in order to convince himself/herself

 ”If you still feel uneasy – everyone, please forget what you saw and heard in this restaurant”

 The latter part of the sentence was addressed not to Chihiro and the others, but to other customers

 The customers nodded silently at Kaito’s words and returned to their somewhat hurried meal. The previous order has now taken effect, and Kaito and the others’ actions will not be remembered – or will they?

 What a forceful trick!

 Everything is going exactly as Kaito wants it to be

 No matter what he does, people always follow up and are never accused him. No matter the place, no matter who he is with, he is allowed to behave as he pleases

 And that was his power

 Kaito himself only commands

 He does not even have to use violence to get his way

 ”――Thank you, both of you”

 While Chihiro was shivering, Kaname and Saki were completely naked

 They were not wearing sailor-uniform, underwear, or even socks. They were standing on the cushions in the tatami room as they had been born

 Their hands were lightly folded behind their hips

 Kaname was hairless as Chihiro had seen before, and her tattoos representing slavery were still there

 Saki, whom he had never seen before, had a similar tattoo on her smooth crotch as Kaname

 This is a different physical treatment from the one Chihiro gives to the girls

 Seeing this, Yotsuba lets out an exasperated breath

 ”I can’t believe you’re doing this to a minor”

 ”I’m taking it into consideration. A mature slave wouldn’t get away with this too… well, most women have bigger tattoos, pierced nipples and clitoris. All willingly, of course”

 It’s crazy

 ”You’re the one who brainwashed them”

 ”So what? Since they want it and are willing to do it, what’s the point of the process? There’s no reason to blame me when I’m not hurting anyone”

 This man doesn’t even think of people as people

 ”People, women, are not disposable tools”

 ”Of course, they are not disposable. I use them to the limit as long as they have value”

 Kaito smiles and lifts his hands, placing his fingers on Kaname and Saki’s secret places



 A muffled gasp escaped from the girls’ mouths

 They did not seem to feel any pain. Looking at them, their vaginas were moist with their love juices, though not to the point of overflowing

 They were ready to receive a man, no, Kaito

 Maybe they were aroused by the undressing, or maybe..

 ”They’re getting wet just by being with me”

 Kaito laughed, as if anticipating Chihiro’s thoughts

 ”What do you think? Don’t you envy me?”


 He can have all the women he wants

 He can twist their personalities, their thoughts, everything, and turn them into slaves for his own convenience

 Kaname was originally a follower of Kaito, but Saki was apparently acquired by Kaito. He had her for the sole reason that she possessed useful abilities

 What happened to Saki as a result can be seen by looking at her in front of Chihiro now

 ”Your organization, [Absolute], is it like now?”

 ”Hmm? Yeah, that’s right. It’s run by a group of women that I “obtained” using my ability, [Ruler]. It’s a simple job where I just need to give them simple instructions and the rest will come out even if I don’t tell them anything”

 The organization grows and grows

 Those who oppose him, those who stand in his way, he can bring to his side by force

 Even if the government or the police consider him dangerous, they will not crush him unless he openly opposes them

 His organization has gained power to the extent that there is a big risk to destroy it

 It is powerful

 ”I’ll say it again. You’re like me. You know why [Absolute] is exist, right?”

 He will not be accused of unethical behavior

 He will be allowed to walk alongside and protect the girls he cares about

 ”So become my person. I’m not asking you to give up the girl who is already yours. You will obey me and fulfill your desires with my blessings”

 Obey him

 Join [Absolute]

 It was a sweet temptation

 ――Kaito’s words are deeply moving

 In fact, it is not a bad thing

 What is important to Chihiro is Aika, Maria, and all the other girls he has been involved with

 To protect them, to satisfy his own desires, Chihiro has been willing to do unethical things

 There is no pride that can be cured just because he agrees with Kaito now

 If he follows him

 He doesn’t have to worry about unnecessary things anymore

 Neither Principal Ootori nor his sister Kaede will be able to touch Chihiro easily

 They can even make Yotsuba break off her engagement with Principal Ootori and live with the family

 ――Kaito has that much power at his disposal

 And then, Chihiro looks at Hana and Yotsuba

 They were looking at Chihiro with a worried look on their faces

 The reason for such a look is because Chihiro does not have enough power

 ――If he had the power..

 Who knows what will happen?

 And does he have any reason left to refuse his invitation?

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