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Chapter 151 The Second Event – Okonomiyaki Big Eating

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 ”What do you mean, Ibusuki-san?”

 ”What do I mean, just as it is? Kamishiro-kun is battered and Hana-chan is exhausted trying to heal him. So how are you going to fight after this?”


 She makes a good point

 A win in the first event is a big deal, but at the same time Shibahou Academy took a lot of risks

 Kamishiro was damaged considerably, and Hana had to use [Healing] on him

 In addition, the combatants of Shibakkou Academy and Shibaryuu Academy also suffered considerable damage

 This result was achieved by Shibatsuru Academy with Saki almost unscathed

 ”But, it’s great that we won one game”

 ”You’re right. But it doesn’t matter. Because we will win all the remaining four events”

 Kaname says, and smiles

 Big words. Although she is most likely bluffing, there is a certain power in her confident words

 In fact, depending on the abilities of the remaining three, four wins may well be enough――

 ”Kaname, don’t talk big. You’ll be looked down upon”

 The quiet words came unexpectedly

 It was a girl with straight hair down to her chest and bandanna who stepped out from the Shibatsuru Academy group and smiled at Chihiro

 If he recalls correctly, she was leading the five students at the opening ceremony

 She must be Arima Shizuru, the student council president of Shibatsuru

 ”I’m sorry, Onee-sama”

 Kaname, rebuked by the president, withdrew from the conversation surprisingly easily

 Chihiro looked at her with incredulity as she bowed her head and took a step back. He had thought that mad dogs only missed their owners

 ”I’m sorry about our first-year student, Izumi Chihiro-kun”

 ”…oh, don’t worry about it”

 For a moment, he was at a loss what to say

 She must also Fukami Kaito’s slaves, judging from the fact that she called him by his name without any hesitation and the fact that she was the student council president of Shibatsuru Academy

 And having such a person talk to him politely to me is a bit of a problem

 As if Shizuru could see through Chihiro’s agitation, she smiled at him

 Her lips twisted in a seductive manner and she spun a flowing sound

 ”Don’t worry. Our school will defeat you head-on, fair and square. That is the mission of the five of us”

 Suddenly, a shiver ran down his spine

 It was not from the cold, nor was it affected by an ability, but his body involuntarily reacted to the pressure Shizuru was exerting on him

 Unlike Kaname and Saki, she was calm and polite

 However, she is still one of the same kind as Kaname and the others – a woman who has devoted her body and soul to a man

 ――There, Yotsuba stood beside Chihiro with her short hair that was beginning to grow longer and longer

 ”Please feel free to do as you please. We will do our best to reach the top for what we believe in. That’s all there is to it”


 The student council presidents of the two schools looked at each other without a word, and a long few tens of seconds passed

 Eventually, Shizuru’s smile fades and she urges her friends to go

 ”Let’s go”

 With Yotsuba, Chihiro watched the girls leave

* * *

 The second event was for one participant. Since there was no need for all the members to go, Kamishiro and Hana were asked to stay behind and continue the treatment

 In the kitchen, which Chihiro visited for the first time, there were alternating rows of tables for four persons and cooking tables

 Four of the cooking tables have large griddles on them, and oil, mayonnaise, dried bonito flakes, and so on are provided beside the griddles

 [It’s a real thing]


 There are several refrigerators in the room, where a large amount of ingredients must be stored in the form of seeds

 Chihiro, Yotsuba, and Marika walk over to one of the four tables, where Lucille is sitting

 ”Lou, how are things going?”

 ”Not bad. It’s a little early for lunch, but I’m feeling nice and hungry”

 It seems that she had been adjusting her stomach condition by activating [Genius] a little bit during the first event

 Then, the only thing left to do now is to pray for victory

 ――Now who will compete from other schools?

 Shibakkou Academy will continue to be led by Minamoto Katsuya. Is this a strategy to leave more energy for one person to bear the burden of individual competitions, or is it just a story that the more they move, the more they are hungry?

 Shibaryuu Academy is represented by one of the three male students. He has a stout body and seems to be a good eater

 ”*Huff* It’s time for me to show you my [Delicacy]”

 ”Do your best, Oribe!”

 ”I wish there was a sewing contest, but I guess that’s just for entertainment”

 ”Oh, so you’re into that kind of thing”

 Appearances are not always what they seem

 Finally, when seeing Shibatsuru Academy, there was a rather out-of-place scene

 Ringlet Curls

 A young girl, a little taller than Chihiro and very ladylike, sits in front of a griddle and wears an expensive-looking apron

 She does not look like she is about to eat okonomiyaki

 ”Tsukasa, I want something refreshing after dinner. Go prepare it for me”

 ”Certainly, ojou-sama”

 The one called Tsukasa is a small girl

 Her sharp frameless glasses leave a strong impression. Her short hair and mature look are a little like Hana’s when she is wearing a headband

 (Then, the girl with the ringlet curls must be Shirosaki Madoka-san)

 (Hmm…come to think of it, her name looks like a lady, too)

 Although this may or may not be the case

 ”It seems that all the participants in the second event are here”

 One of the staff members said to make sure, and the preparations for the competition began

 The griddle is lit. Spatulas for flipping the okonomiyaki and seeds mixed with the ingredients were also prepared

 ”Hey. There are too many ingredients and not enough noodles”

 ”Of course. This is okonomiyaki”

 Minamoto clucked his tongue, and Oribe said with a scowl

 Since the idea came from Shibaryuu Academy, the ingredients are Osaka-style. Chihiro is not particularly particular about it

 Lucille was also not listening to the men’s conversation, but was talking to a nearby staff member

 ”Sorry, can I have two more small plates?”

 The small plate was served with a big dollop of sauce and mayonnaise. The plan was to put sauce and mayonnaise on the plate when necessary, since it would be a hassle to put them on each plate every time she cooked

 The other students also tried to adjust the position of the oil and seasonings, and in no time at all, it was time to start the cooking

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