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Chapter 151 The Second Event – Okonomiyaki Big Eating

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 ”Now, the second event – let’s begin!”

 Oil was simultaneously spread on the hot griddle, and the ingredients were dropped onto the griddle

 The griddle was a little small for grilling two pieces side by side. It seemed as if they were going to cook side by side until the first one was done, but they were already moving

 ”It’s too much trouble to cook them one by one”

 ”Heh, we’re on the same page”

 Lucille and Minamoto immediately put in the second batch of ingredients. Instead of two pieces lined up in a row, they made one large piece to save space

 Seeing this, The Osaka Shibaryuu Academy team booed

 ”What a bad idea!”

 ”Okonomiyaki is adjusted to a size that makes it easy to cook and flip over, so what’s the point of breaking it up?”

 Lucille and the others coolly ignored these reasonable arguments

 The rest of the school was more blasphemous


 Madoka smiles with satisfaction as she spreads one piece in a square instead of a circle

 The expanded area would have made it easier to heat up, but the Shibaryuu Academy students were not happy to see this

 ”Is this an imitation of Monja? This is why Tokyo people are so bad!”

 ”No, I’m from Hokkaido”

 ”… You mean that kind of okonomiyaki is popular in Hokkaido?”

 ”No, no… Don’t compare us with her!”

 Saki mutters with half-lidded eyes

 ”Madoka did this for a reason.”


 Oribe looks up and frowns

 The lady with the ringlet curls smiles at the concentrated gaze, and holds up her hand to her okonomiyaki

 It seems to be a preliminary move to use her ability



 ”…It seems that the heat is beginning to pass through from the surface as well”

 Marika shouted and Yotsuba looked at Madoka and muttered

 Grilled on both sides

 It may not be as hot as the back side using a stove and a griddle, but if it can be done, the time it takes to cook will be greatly reduced

 ”Fufu. My ability is [Heating]. It is useful not only for the nasty insects that try to touch my good looks, but also for baking these foods”

 Unlike Shuka, who is good at manipulating heat inside the body, this ability is mainly used to heat the outside of the body and the surface of the body

 This is also a very troublesome ability, since the fact that it is hot to the touch may be useful in a fight or a duel

 Madoka looks at the okonomiyaki and reaches for the spatula

 ”Then, if you’ll excuse me first…”

 ”Aren’t you going to flip it over?”

 Well, somebody can eat okonomiyaki even if it is a little undercooked

 It’s a good strategy, considering that the okonomiyaki is designed to be heated to some extent without turning it over, and that it will be cooked through before being eaten

 Oribe watches with regret as Madoka takes about a sixth of the flat okonomiyaki and begins to eat it with an elegant hand, but soon after, he starts the process of flipping the dough over

 He does it over without any hesitation

 [As expected, the real deal is different]

 ”But I’m sure Lou is no slouch either”

 Because of the larger size of the dough, Minamoto and Lucille took the spatulas in their hands a little later than Oribe

 The larger dough should also affect the difficulty of turning it over

 ”This is not going well”

 ”There we go…”

 Minamoto struggled here

 Lucille, on the other hand, by some magic or technique or other, manages to turn the dough over with a hand comparable to that of Oribe

 An all-around [Genius]. This is a real feat of genius

 Thus, the work of each school varied after the first sheet

 Madoka, who was ahead of the others, slowed down with her elegant meal. Nevertheless, it was the fastest to finish the first piece

 Oribe came in second. He quickly finished his okonomiyaki, which was cooked orthodox and neatly, topped with dried bonito flakes, green laver, sauce and mayonnaise, and cut into a grid pattern

 The third place goes to Lucille. It is also cut in a grid pattern, but each piece is a little larger than Oribe’s. She threw them in one after another, calculating how many she could fit in her mouth

 The fourth was Minamoto. He was a good eater like a gymnast, but he lost a lot of time when he turned over the okonomiyaki and took time to cool down the hot okonomiyaki, which made him very late

 However, Lucille and Minamoto eat two pieces of okonomiyaki at once, so it is hard to tell how fast they are eating

 [The second piece]

 ”…I wonder how much they eat. To be honest, two and a half pieces is about right for me”

 [I’m limited to two pieces]

 The four of them finish two pieces of okonomiyaki neatly

 Again, Madoka is the fastest, thanks to her [Heating] ability, but her pace begins to slow down even more around the middle of the second slice

 While holding her hand over the third piece, which she started to grill in the middle of the second piece, she mutters to herself

 ”…It’s strange. I was planning to disturb the pace by upsetting them with [Heating]”

 ”I’ve eaten this one countless times since I was a kid. How can I slow down now?”

 Oribe replied with a disciplined manner and proceeded to cook and eat as he had said. His nonchalant and unhesitant movements are saving time, and since he is a boy, he seems to be able to eat more

 ”I’m getting tired of the taste. Do you have any Tabasco?”

 Lucille asked, this time flipping over a third slice that had been dropped in as usual. The staff responded well to her mutterings, offering the red condiment

 And then Minamoto said,

 ”…Hey, can I eat slowly?”

 ”Yeah. Go ahead.”

 The bespectacled student council president of Shibakkou Academy nodded his head in resignation

 One person is eliminated from the dead heat, and the candidates for victory are narrowed down to three

 Oribe, who had been eating consistently, tended to stop after the fourth piece. With little time remaining, the key to victory was whether or not the player could attack the fourth piece

 Madoka and Lucille did not rest after the fourth piece

 With three minutes remaining, Lucille overtook Oribe, and Oribe, seeing this, tried desperately to eat the remaining half, but he could not recover his pace. It is now a duel between the two schools

 ”…I don’t think I’ll make it in time…”

 Lucille muttered in a small voice that only her allies could hear

 She continues to eat without giving up – in fact, she even refrains from putting sauce or mayonnaise on it, as if it were too good to put on, but while she is trying to finish the fourth piece, Madoka is finishing the fifth piece

 The pace is definitely slowing down, but Madoka doesn’t stop

 This is the reason why the gap between the two is not closing

 ”…I know you must be in a lot of pain”

 ”Yes. But I’ve experienced this kind of pain many times. Besides, we can’t lose. Since you dared to give us a victory, we must do what we said we would do”

 Shirosaki Madoka continued to eat until the end of the time, keeping her smile, but with sweat on her forehead and her eyebrows lowered. And――

 ” In the second event, the winner is Shirosaki Madoka from Shibatsuru Academy!”

 Lucille lost by a mere one-eighth of a piece, a narrow margin

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