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Chapter 154 Third Event – Word Seeking Part One

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 Marika and Lucille’s voices echoed

 Then, Kamishiro reports a little later

 [I found a blue ball with a “Y” on it]

 All different alphabets

 There seem to be two kinds of balls, red and blue. Although three balls are found at a surprisingly fast pace, the number of balls is far short of the number needed to establish the regularity

 It may be a good idea not to make Hana run, but to let her play a role in organizing the information

 Instead, the search for the third floor has been stalled

 ”Oh right, you’re happy to have a girl in your house, aren’t you?”

 Kaname, who has backed away, extends her hands. Chihiro, sensing the attack on his neck, brushes it off. And this time, he rushes forward with his body

 Naturally, his body is in close contact with Kaname’s, and he can feel the softness of Kaname’s body all over his body


 At that moment, a female student stood at the entrance of the empty classroom

 She looked inside the room and turned on her heel to go to the next classroom. She must have been a student of Shibaryuu Academy

 Feeling that he was lagging behind the other schools, Chihiro was worried about how she might have interpreted what she had just seen

 ”Is this a time to be looking away?”

 A low whisper came to him

 At the same time, Kaname’s body started to heat up. The heat exceeded the range of normal body temperature. The heat is felt more than enough even through the clothes

 In fact, the lack of direct contact with Kaname’s body is like a steam that distracts Chihiro from his thoughts

 Chihiro tries to shake Kaname off, but Kaname puts her arms around his neck and comes even closer to him. Although it is not a technique, he is not able to remove Kaname’s arms from him

 ”Is this Shirosaki-san’s ability…?”

 ”Yes. This is the effect of [Heating]”

 It seems that Kaname is relaying Madoka’s ability this time

 Since the power of the [Heating] is reduced to C rank, it does not have enough heat to burn foodstuffs, but it will slowly drain the strength if it continues

 Before, Chihiro tried not to harm Kaname as much as possible, but in this case, he had no choice

 He forcefully grabs Kaname’s wrist. And when Kaname is startled by the pain and relaxes his grip, he tries to pull away, but she resists further

 Then, she leaned forward and kissed him


 Is this a perk? No…

 Currently, Kaname’s whole body is burning up as much as or more than when someone catches a cold. Her lips are no exception, and the discomfort comes before the excitement of the sensation

 Chihiro tries to push Kaname’s stomach to push her away, but she pulls him down with her arms around his neck

 But then…

 He falls to the floor of the empty classroom, with Kaname under him. The restraints suddenly loosened, so he managed to pull Kaname’s arms and lips away from him

 ”You’re doing this to a guy you don’t like…?”

 ”Haha. I’m used to this kind of thing. I’m not like sweet girls like Maria-chan or Hana-chan, okay?”

 ――Did she talk about “pillow business”?

 Perhaps Kaito will do whatever it takes to expand [Absolute]. So, how many times did he order Kaname to have sleep with others in order to make her famous as an idol?

 ”But that doesn’t mean you have to sell yourself short”

 ”I told you. I only have Master. The way he taught me is the right way”

 Her way of thinking is fundamentally wrong

 Everything starts from the idea that Kaito is great and right, and no matter what other people say, she don’t listen to them


 ”What Ibusuki-san wants…?”


 Kaname, who is still lying on the floor, looks up at Chihiro

 Her eyes are sharp, as if she wants to kill him just for that

 ”The Ibusuki-san I saw before when using [Desire Exposure] was not like that. I saw Ibusuki-san and that man hugging each other like lovers…”

 ”Shut up!”

 With a jerk, she grabbed Chihiro’s neck

 Her slender fingers dig in, and it becomes difficult to breathe to him


 Chihiro gripped Kaname’s wrists and continued to speak, but with more force

 ”Ibusuki-san, who had admired Fukami Kaito since she was a child, must have had purer hopes… Ggh…”

 Kaname got up with a mighty force and pushed Chihiro down

 Now, Chihiro is in a mounted position, unable to completely break free of Kaname’s hold on his neck. Furthermore, the difference in readiness to injure the opponent has been making the situation worse since a few minutes ago

 ”Okay. It’s too much trouble, so let’s kill you already. But I don’t want to get disqualified for killing someone. Then, let’s put some small cuts on you and make you suffer”

 Chihiro’s words seemed to have touched her adversely

 After all, Kaname’s eyes looked down at him with complete seriousness

 She strangled Chihiro with her left hand and groped for his stage costume with her right hand

 (Ah, geez, Nii-san, switch with me!)


 Immediately, the left arm is thrown up as hard as it can, and hits Kaname in the face

 Then, as soon as the neck restraints are loosened, Chisato pushes Kaname as hard as she can. Kaname fell and her head hit the leg of a nearby chair lightly


 (Why should you give mercy to a girl who is trying to kill you? Besides, it’s girl to girl for me, so I won’t hold back)

 Chihiro or rather Chisato stood up, breathing hard, and walked up to Kaname and took her hand. Even if Kaname tries to resist, the man’s strength will win out

 And so, she easily succeeds in taking Kaname’s hands behind her back

 ”…Now. Let’s see what I can use to tie you up…”

 Chisato removes the headband from her head and wraps both of Kaname’s wrists with it temporarily. Then, using the apron of the maid’s uniform, she tied her up more tightly

 She also made an improvised gag with a handkerchief

 After Chisato is done with the work, she switches with Chihirom and Chihiro looks down at Kaname with a wry smile. Then he couldn’t help to think, “This scene made me feel like I was doing something very bad to someone I had raped before, even after all this time”

 ”I’m sorry, but would you mind keeping quiet for a while?”

 Call him naive, but it’s not in his nature to hurt a girl unprovoked with no hard feelings

 Anyway, Chihiro gently hid Kaname, who was glaring at him with a hateful gaze, behind the teacher’s table


 Just then, he finds an orange ball placed there

 The ball has a “B” written on it, and Chihiro gets up to continue his search

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