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Chapter 24 Dyeing Riko ★

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 ”Well, it’s quite a long time for us to be over there, isn’t it?”

 It was almost dusk when they got on the train and returned to their apartment. And they talked about it when the three of them put their belongings on the floor of the living room and exhaled

 But soon, Maria immediately began to rummage through the belongings

 ”What’s wrong?”

 ”Yeah, I just couldn’t wait”

 She pulled out a collar for herself

 She carefully unwrapped it, gently took out the contents, sniffed it, and held it to her chest

 ”…This is my first collar, isn’t it?”

 ”You’re so excited about the collar”

 Riko mutters while touching the choker with one hand, her face twisted. Maria, however, ignored her and turned to face Chihiro

 ”Master, would you put it on me?”

 ”Are you sure?”

 ”Yes, of course”

 With that said, Maria kneels down on the spot, offering the collar

 This seems to be an important and essential ritual for her


 Chihiro nodded slowly

 He unfastens the collar, making it ready to wrap around her neck, and bends down in front of Maria

 And as he gazed straight into her jet-black eyes, her emotions synchronized. It’s a feeling of immense happiness. Then, while feeling so, he wraps the collar around her neck



 Maria gasped as Chihiro pulled lightly on it to fasten it. But she doesn’t seem to be in pain, so he slips the strap through the hole

 ”Does it hurt?”

 ”…No, I’m fine”

 She looked like she was having a hard time answering in a different way

 Still, Chihiro nodded and attached the lock that came with the package. Maria’s eyes grew more and more luminous, and tears of joy welled up in her eyes


 ”…Ah, ha… ah!”

 With a faint voice, Maria’s body falls forward. When Chihiro hurriedly held her in his arms, he could see that she is shivering and trembling

 Apparently, she’s climaxing

 The feeling of the restraints around her neck, that alone, made it difficult for her to sit up but she’s climaxing

 ”What is happening? Why is she like that?”

 ”…Well, Maria is a little special…”

 Chihiro answered Riko’s murmur with a wry smile

 Maria, who seemed to have gotten used to the situation, looked up and replied to Chihiro’s words

 ”…But even Nishizaki-san can be like this. As long as you gain experience and deepen your desires, right?”

 ”I-It’s not like I want to be like that”

 Despite what she said, it’s clear that she is getting lustful of Maria’s lasciviousness. She couldn’t take her eyes off her completely, glancing at her and rubbing her legs together

 Around her neck is the choker that Chihiro had given her. The plate around her neck sways faintly as she moves

 (…I wanted to be a little mean…)

 As Chihiro thought that, he said

 ”Riko, what are you to me? “

 Chihiro ask while looking back at her body. Riko, who hears that, shuddered and looked at Chihiro

 Her lips moved hesitantly a few times, but then a small voice escaped

 ”I’m Izumi’s slave”

 ”Then take off your clothes and sit there”


 It’s hard to resist when he orders her

 But because of her usual strong attitude, she looks even cuter when she’s obedient. The same goes for the way she removes her clothes one by one

 Her shame prevents her from taking them off roughly, and as a result, it becomes a delight to the eyes of the viewer

 When she finished taking off her underwear and socks, Riko tried to put her hand on the choker around her neck

 ”Wait. You don’t have to take [the collar] off”


 A resignation fills her eyes

 Riko nodded her head and sat down beside Maria in a girl’s seat

 She then stared back at Chihiro, looking up at him like a small child, and felt a sense of anticipation

 It seems that the pleasures he had given her in the past few days are making her more open to lewd games

 That being the case…,

 ”Master, what are you going to do?”

 Chihiro nodded to Maria’s question and ordered Riko

 ”Riko, I want you to masturbate in there”


 Riko’s moist eyes widened

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