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Chapter 24 Dyeing Riko ★

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 Perhaps she hadn’t thought of that, after wiping her eyes with her fingers, Riko glared at Chihiro with a strong gaze

 ”You idiot, I can’t do that in front of people…”

 ”Oh? I’m sure you’ve already done more embarrassing things”

 Maria’s thin hands gently restrained Riko as she shook her head and tried to stand up. She didn’t use much force, but it was enough to bring Riko’s movements to a halt

 At the same time, she didn’t defy the senior slave who put her face close to her ear

 ”If you won’t do it, shall I take your place? In that case, of course, you are useless to Master. You also won’t be able to feel good about it”

 ”…That’s …That’s”

 That’s a crazy assumption

 But normal logic is of no use in this situation. It is Chihiro who has given the order, and Maria has agreed to it, so even if Riko refuses, there is no one on her side

 If she refuses, Chihiro and the others will play their trump card

 If she wanted to defy them, she should have done so earlier

 ”…I understand”

 After a long hesitation, Riko nodded reluctantly

 Seeing this, Maria smiled and whispered in her ear again

 ”Good girl. …don’t worry, just do what you always do. The embarrassment will gradually turn to pleasure”


 Riko bit her lip lightly and raised her hands. At the same time Maria moves away from Riko

 ”Maria, can you lick it?”

 ”Fufu, certainly”

 With that said, Maria brings her face close to Chihiro’s pant as he sits down shallowly in the chair. She bites the center of the belt with her mouth and tries to pull it off several times. Even though the belt is sticky with drool, she did not succeed, and eventually she reached out apologetically

 Meanwhile, Riko is caressing her own breasts gently with both hands

 She wrapped her palms around her breasts and rubbed them with light pressure. She pressed her fingers into them and moved them in a circular motion. She gazed at Chihiro and Maria with resentment as her mood gradually increased

 Eventually, her nipples begin to harden

 Riko stops and brings her fingers to her nipples. She strokes the tip with her fingers, and when it becomes more erect, she presses it with her fingers and stimulates it


 ”Fufu, you’re very good at this. So lewd…”

 Maria murmurs, glancing back at Chihiro, and takes his p*nis out of his pants. She kisses it and caresses it gently with her fingers

 Meanwhile, Riko has shifted to pinching her nipples with her fingers

 The hard-pink nipples are crushed by her thin fingers, and her breath becomes ragged with each crush


 Riko must have been feeling much better. While playing with her breasts with her left hand, her right hand moves to her crotch. As her finger sinks into the bush, which is neither thin nor hairy, a small sound of water is heard

 It’s wet

 It seems she’s slightly aroused by being ordered to masturbate while being watched

 On the other hand, while Chihiro is glued to Riko’s movements, he can feel Maria’s tongue crawling between her legs

 ”Ah… Nnn…”

 The sound of water became stronger as Riko traced and scratched inside her vagina. Some of it is due to the increasingly unrestrained movements of her fingers, though

 ”Why are you doing this…”

 Noticing Chihiro’s gaze, Riko didn’t stop her fingering, and finally touched her clit, gasping for air

 Her body shuddered

 Shaking again and again, Riko stimulates her clitoris and nipples constantly. She stimulated her clitoris and nipples in small increments, seeking her climax

 Maria must have sensed it from the noise. Therefore, the movement of her mouth with the p*nis in her mouth quickens. Chihiro, aroused by Riko’s lasciviousness and Maria’s service, rapidly built up his s*xual sensations

 And then

 ”Ah, ah, ahhhh!”

 Riko made eye contact with Chihiro and pinched her clit, causing her to climax. A breath later, Maria sucked Chihiro’s p*nis, leading Chihiro to climax as well

 *spurt* *spurttttt* *spurttttttt*

 Chihiro felt as if he were about to shower Riko with semen, but in fact, he poured it into Maria’s mouth. Maria, reflecting on her previous experience, held the base of the p*nis tightly and caught all the semen in the back of her throat


 After swallowing all of Chihiro’s semen with a gulp, Maria looked back at Riko

 Riko also looked at Chihiro and the others blankly as she basked in the afterglow of her climax

 And then, Maria giggled

 ”Didn’t that feel good, Nishizaki-san?”


 Riko seemed to have heard it, but she didn’t show any reaction. I guess she is too embarrassed to answer honestly

 Well, that’s all right

 ”Master, we should give Nishizaki-san a reward”

 ”…I guess so. Riko, what do you want me to do?”

 Chihiro look down at Riko with the strongest, most resolute attitude

 The girl’s reply is very brief

 ”…Hold me”

 And so, Chihiro gave her what she wanted. He hugged her, kissed her, caressed her carefully and penetrated her in the normal position. They had s*x like normal lovers

 Throughout the act, Riko moaned sweetly and is at Chihiro’s mercy

 After a few ejaculations, Riko became quiet and hug Maria. Maria seemed to be comforting herself while watching the two of them, and demanded to be fucked hard

 By the time they finished, they are all exhausted, and so they took showers, cleaned up their belongings, and finally had dinner around ten o’clock in the afternoon

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