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Chapter 25 Decision

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”Come to think of it, don’t you make your own lunch?”

 Riko asked Maria casually at breakfast on Monday. She said that while she is changing into her school uniform. It seems she is going to school today

 (…Now that she mentions it)

 Chihiro tilted her head at Riko’s words too. After all, when he had asked Maria for lunch, it must bread from a convenience store, and she hadn’t packed a lunch since then. It’s not that she can’t cook, but why?

 Maria replied without hesitation

 ”Well. I’m not going to make one at the moment”

 ”Why not?”

 ”Sometimes I’m busy in the morning and it’s too much trouble to cook rice on a bread day. So, I won’t make it from the beginning. Also, I don’t want the school to know about our relationship”

 The last reason is mainly based on Chihiro’s wishes

 ”…I see. Then, is it okay if I make it for myself?”

 ”Yes, of course”

 Riko had been bringing her own lunch until recently, and would like to continue to do so if possible

 After getting Maria’s approval, she and Maria are discussing about the amount of rice to cook

 ”…I think I’ll cancel my contract with the dormitory. Not right away, though”

 ”Yeah. You can think about it later. I’m sure it’s due at the end of the month”

 It’s been almost a week since Chihiro met Maria

 Gradually, a new life was taking root among the three of them

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 ”…See you later”

 ”See you in class.”

 Riko, Maria and Chihiro parted ways at the entrance of the apartment building. They went together to the middle of the street, and separated at the end of the street

 Before parting, Riko said, “You want me to wear it anyway, right?” and wore the choker on her way to school

 Shibahou’s school rules are rather lax, so she should not be blamed for that

 And so, she arrived at the classroom without any trouble

 ”Riko, did you have a cold or something last week?”

 ”Uh, yeah. I had a little trouble with it. I’m fine now”

 ”I see”

 (I guess I don’t have to be afraid of Riko’s voice and eyes anymore)

 When Chihiro saw Riko talking with her friends, he thought so

 Also, he said this to her, “In the classroom, we try to be as usual. However, don’t reenact the punching, kicking and ridiculing me”

 So, there’s no need to pay attention to what they’re doing, but if Chihiro listen to their conversation for some reason..

 ”Hey, what’s that?”

 ”Eh? Oh, yeah, just a little stuff”

 The conversation turned to Riko’s choker

 When Riko didn’t say anything, her friends started to pursue further. They seem to like such topics

 ”Oh, is it a gift?”

 ”From a guy?”

 ”No. It’s not like that”

 ”Oh~, you’re blushing~”

 After that, all that could be heard is an illicit argument, so Chihiro stopped listening

 He looked in another direction and saw that Aika is talking to a female student

 ”Aika, shouldn’t you go to Kamishiro-kun’s place?”

 ”Geez, stop it. It’s not like we’re dating yet”

 ”Heh. Not yet, right?”

 ”T-That’s just wordplay!”

 Aika’s face turned red

 But her mouth is loose, as if she doesn’t feel bad


 A faint jealousy burned in Chihiro’s heart

 ☆   ☆   ☆

 In the afternoon, the class is training for battle. The results remained the same. However, the habit of running away before a fight is getting a little better, and Chihiro thinks he has become a little stronger against pain, but his fighting ability is still lacking

 So, whether his mind-reading was successful or not, Chihiro is eventually beaten down by his classmates

 Then, a match is arranged with Aika

 She stood in front of Chihiro, wearing a white outfit and a gray gym uniform

 ”Take care of me, Izumi-kun”

 ”Take care of me, too”

 They bowed to each other lightly, took a breath, and then the teacher shouted

 Immediately after, Aika stepped forward. Looking straight ahead into her eyes, Chihiro felt a thrust from the front

 Should he evade or intercept?

 He prepares his stance while pondering

 Aika’s speed is surprisingly fast. Her steps are firm, and her experience in fighting is evident. It seems that she attended a dojo for self-defense for three years in middle school. In terms of skill, she is probably a better fighter than Riko

 But, in actual training, she seems to be at the mercy of Riko’s illusions, and her results are not good

 However, Chihiro cannot play any tricks on her. In the end, he decides to evade and strike a blow, and moves his body. He read the trajectory of the attack with his mind reading, and moved to a line where he could dodge it


 Aika closes her eyes for a moment, half a second, and then opens them again

 Once the mind reading is cut off, when it is resumed, the plan of attack has changed. She stopped a step-in front of him and did a spinning kick


 Chihiro guards the kick, which is heavy for a girl, with his arm. But, while feeling the impact, he takes a step forward and makes a fist

 Aika narrowly avoided it, and thumped the floor hard with her returned foot

 She quickly swung her fist into Chihiro’s arm, which is crossed in front of his chest. The impact on Chihiro’s guarded arm made it lightly numb

 On the next attack..

 As Chihiro tried to look at Aika, she kept her face down to prevent the reading of her mind

 And Aika pulled her arm back, and immediately afterwards, turned around to show her back

 For a moment, Chihiro is slow to react and is hit in the side of the head by a back kick

 ”…I give up”

 Frowning at the pain in his side, Chihiro announced that he gave up

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