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Chapter 27 Maria and Wear Sex ★

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 The material of the garment is somewhat stretchy, so it didn’t hurt. As Maria had said, it was a moderate restraint, and he could feel the warmth of the human body through the fabric

 The feeling of holding a human being but feeling like a fake and the feeling of being wrapped in human flesh even though the part being touched is artificial, it feels good

 Really, it felt so good

 It’s the first time he’s ever felt such a sensation

 ”Does it hurt Maria?”

 ”No. I’m wet enough on the inside. I think I’m gonna get addicted to the tightness”

 ”Okay, I’ll move”

 Chihiro confirms and gets a silent nod of the head. Then Maria leans over Chihiro and stares into his eyes

 Her lust is shared

 It’s not enough. She wants harder, more intense, more pleasure. It’s nice to be rushed, but she wants him to fuck her like crazy at the same time


 Shortly answering the silent insistence, Chihiro began to move

 Because of the fabric between them, his movements in and out were limited. Therefore, he would rather stir in circles, or thrust up instead of pulling. He gives her pleasure by pressing her flesh in and out


 Maria shouted, matching Chihiro’s movements. She wriggles her vaginal flesh, squeezes it tightly and presses herself against the p*nis

 The semen Chihiro has just released lubricates it and helps them move together

 Nothing is stopping them

 And now with face-to-face position, Chihiro and Maria wrap their arms around each other’s necks, pressing their bodies together and as they continue to move, Chihiro ejaculates first, and then Maria climaxes as well. After that, they slumped down with Maria on top of Chihiro

 *Pant* *Pant* *Pant*

 When her body calmed down, Maria whispered softly to Chihiro while they were still connected

 ”Hey, Izumi-kun, do you have any chance of winning tomorrow’s battle?”

 It’s not a s*xy topic for a conversation, but it seems like her

 Chihiro did not reply immediately. Instead, he stared into Maria’s eyes. The stormy lust had faded away, and is now swaying gently like the deep sea

 ”…Not without a fight, I guess. Even if I do win, I’m sure it will be a lucky chance”

 ”…I see”

 At Chihiro’s answer, Maria narrowed her eyes and exhaled

 ”I hope it goes well. Not for the match itself, but for what you want”

 She means to take Aika away from Kamishiro

 Not only her body, but her mind, her attention


 After nodding, Chihiro suddenly had a question

 And thinking it would be a good opportunity, he said it out loud

 ”…Maria, you don’t object, do you? Not just when I got revenge on Riko, but also this time”

 Maria doesn’t oppose Chihiro’s feelings for other girls, but encourages his actions. Perhaps it’s wrong to apply the general subtleties of emotions to the relationship between Master and slave, but…

 Normally, it would be inevitable to be jealous of Riko and the others

 However, ..

 Maria chuckled and replied

 ”I’m not trying to monopolize you. In fact, I would be delighted if you would behave as you desire”

 It’s a sign that Chihiro is slowly coming to terms with Maria’s darkness


 Maria’s arms are still around his neck, and he feels a faint pressure on them

 ”Unless, of course, you choose to forget me. If you do, I won’t forgive you for any reason, and I definitely won’t forgive “someone” for making you like that”

 Chihiro and Maria made a pact

 They swore to fall into the darkness together

 So, it’s not acceptable for one of them to live in the light now

 In a voice as sweet as a whisper of love

 Maria gives Chihiro the chains of a strong and heavy curse

 ”Don’t worry, I understand”

 Chihiro also smiled and nodded

 He has no intention of forgetting her or leaving her

 Just as Maria couldn’t live without him, Chihiro couldn’t imagine his life without her either

 Right now, Chihiro’s mind is at ease

 The fact that he feels comfortable being tied down is proof of this

 ”I want to add Takatsuki-san as a new slave. That’s why I’m going to fight Kamishiro”

 ”…Yeah, right. I’m sorry, that is a weird thing to say”

 Maria narrowed her eyes just a bit sadly and closed them

 Her whole body relaxed and she put her weight on Chihiro’s chest. Unable to resist, Chihiro reached out and patted Maria’s hair

 Not for s*xual gratification, but just for love

 Then it slowly moved down. He caressed her cheeks, neck, chest and navel in the same way

 Maria did not open her eyes to Chihiro’s caresses. She writhed tantalizingly, but eventually calmed her breathing and began to breathe regularly

 When Chihiro saw that she is sleeping peacefully, he closed his eyes too

 They slept together, and are awakened in the morning by the loud voice of Riko, who came to check on them

 ”Why are you guys sleeping like that!? Are you stupid!?”

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