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Chapter 27 Maria and Wear Sex ★

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 Since then, Maria and the others have been doing it every day

 Occasionally one of them would not participate, but there never came a day when neither of them would. And by the time he realized it, it had become part of his daily routine to use Maria’s hands, mouth, and vagina for his sperm disposal

 At first Chihiro was worried about whether his body would be able to handle it, but eventually he got used to it. Again, the benefits of recovery ability are great

 ”…This kind of thing isn’t bad either”

 The palms of his hands, covered by his training clothes, soak up the lotion and cover his bare p*nis

 The coolness of the liquid and the smooth texture, different from bare skin, gave Chihiro a fresh stimulation

 With one hand squeezing his rod and stimulating his sack and the other focused on the glans, Chihiro ejaculated in less than a few minutes, excited by the unusual sight of Maria

 Maria used both hands to catch the semen shooting out of her, then licked it off her fingers with her tongue

 ”Good thing you used lotion that’s safe to put in my mouth”

 After dinner, which is pork cutlet for good luck food, Chihiro stays in the bedroom again and indulges in an affair with Maria. And, since the laundry would be done on the weekend anyway, he decided to change things up and hold Maria in her workout clothes

 The menu is a full course meal

 ”Okay, let’s try this next one”

 Maria’s saliva-filled mouth wrapped directly around the cock. After two weeks, Maria had a pretty good grasp of Chihiro’s pressure points, and she sucked him with precision and urgency

 The mixture of lotion and saliva made it more watery than usual

 Chihiro, who has been sucked, feels as if he is being preyed upon by some other creature, and yet the solid pleasure makes his p*nis erect and leads him to climax

 As the semen is ejaculated into her mouth, Maria gulped it down again

 Maria’s expression is not one of disgust, but one of rapture, as if she is a succubus, and the gap between her submissive gestures and her own creates a strange atmosphere

 ”Breasts, huh… look a little difficult to do”

 With that said, Maria begins to apply lotion to her cleavage

 Although Maria’s breasts are firm and elastic, they are not as full as when she is completely naked due to the constraints of her outfit. In addition, it is difficult to adjust the position of her breasts because the clothes are made of a material that sticks to the skin

 As a result, she had to squeeze her breasts together and use her entire body to handle the p*nis

 *squishy…* *squishy…*

 Maria’s twin mounds are sandwiching the p*nis tightly together, giving it some stimulation with the lotion-soaked fabric. The irregular paizuri took more time than a hand job or a blow job, and is performed in a way that slowly increased the s*xual sensation

 But, as soon as Chihiro’s p*nis is hard and towering, Maria took the tip in her mouth and moved her body up and down rapidly. Soon, the white slime is released three times, down Maria’s throat and into her stomach


 Maria lets out a small burp as she releases her mouth and her breast

 She seemed to think it’s a bit of a letdown, and with a rare look of real embarrassment on her cheeks, she moved on to the next service

 The service is a sumata in training wear, in which she uses her crotch to handle the rod, which is slick with cum, saliva and lotion

 ”Ah, haa, ahn”

 Maria is so aroused from swallowing so many sperm that she starts to breathe hard and shake her hips wildly. She kept on stimulating Chihiro’s p*nis, but at the same time, she focused on rubbing the parts of her vagina and clitoris

 Before long, she seems to be drenched in sweat

 The room is well soundproofed, and thus feels very airtight. Also, the fact that she is wearing a garment that covers her from the neck down also makes Maria’s body hot

 Even the texture of her private parts, which Chihiro could feel through the clothes, had become quite moist

 ”Even if it’s washed like this, it might leave a smell”

 ”…Fufu. Then you’ll have to tense up every time you train so that people around you don’t notice.”

 Maria smiled happily as she kept her hips moving. It is typical of her that she does not think of preparing something new

 ”Maria, I’m about to cum”

 ”No, wait, together”

 Her thighs squeezed tightly, stimulated by the three points. At the same time, Maria’s pleasure seemed to be getting through to her, and she moved her hips several times in small increments, pressing her crotch against the rod with greater movements

 And so, the area between her legs covered by her clothes turned white with semen


 Her body twitches as she slumps down

 She clutched her breasts together to catch the pleasure, and exhaled deeply after lingering for a few minutes

 ”I knew it, this restraint… it feels good”

 ”Yes, it’s unique, isn’t it? Would you like to try wearing a rope or a bondage sometime soon?”

 ”Yes… It’s a shame it’s so expensive that it’s not easy to afford”

 Chihiro, Maria, and Riko are still in high school and not in a position to spend money easily. The cost of amusements, including cosplay costumes and adult goods, is a problem for them because it is difficult to get a part-time job after school, considering their school work

 Maria seems to have some money at her disposal, but it is not good to rely on it too much. For the time being, Chihiro has to make do with his living expenses

 ”I wonder if Izumi-kun will be able to afford more as his rank increases”

 ”I thought the subsidies for E and D are not much different”

 [Lost Item] that are registered with the government are obligated to undergo regular rank judgments, etc., and in return will receive subsidies from the government according to their rank

 Since this is a measure to nurture talented people, an E rank is a mere drop in the bucket, and a D rank is only slightly better. Still, it’s better than nothing

 After a few seconds of silence and contemplation, Maria shook her head and smiled

 ”…Well, there are ways to have fun without tools. Shall we continue?”

 ”Yeah, sure. Um, do you need to take that off?”

 ”No, let’s do it like this”

 And with that, she gets down on her knees and opens her legs wide. She pulls at the tight-fitting clothing, trying to make some space between her legs, and then pushes the fabric into her vagina

 When she succeeded in pushing the fabric into her vagina to some extent, she licked the semen from her fingers

 ”…You’re forcing yourself”

 ”But you don’t mind, do you?”

 Maria said, her voice full of anticipation and excitement, and then Chihiro slowly moved his hips. And to make sure the fabric doesn’t come back, he presses his p*nis further into her, and she resists even more than when he took her virginity

 ”What is this?”

 A strange feeling of closeness

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